Category: 2017

December Newsletter

Happy Holidays Beauties! I love the holiday season, and it also can be challenging. Another year passed without my dad, it brings up so much. I can feel his Spirit strong, just not quite the same without a… Read More

November Newsletter

Hello Beloveds, Last month I spoke about all of the beauty, light and expansion of my trip to the Hawaiian islands. Today, and lately, I have been experiencing the opposite – the ugly, darkness, and contraction. Woof. It’s… Read More

October Newsletter

Aloha Beloveds! I just got home from Maui, it is soooooooo beautiful there! That place consistently lit up my heart in a way I‚Äôve rarely experienced. It felt like my heart was radiating out joy for the entirety… Read More

September Newsletter

Bon Voyage, September ūüôā Hello beauties! I’m currently in the process of getting everything ready for my big trip to the Hawaiian Islands. I leave this Sunday.¬†I can’t remember the last time I felt THIS excited about something!… Read More

August Newsletter

Hello August, big things are happening! Right now I’m really present to how much is unfolding in my life. I’m witnessing myself manifest my intentions, and when I look back, I see that I’ve known what was going… Read More

July Newsletter

Hello Hot July! Life is so interesting isn’t it? Never know what’s coming our way or how things will be presented to us. We think we’ve completed something and then another layer bubbles to the surface. Being human… Read More

June Newsletter

Yay it’s¬†SUMMER! This time of year takes me back to when I was a kid. Running around outside on the farm, riding my bike and¬†jumping on the trampoline,¬†and going swimming at the pool. Anything I could do to… Read More

May Newsletter

Hello and Happy Last Day of¬†May¬†Beloved’s! I wanted to share with you a podcast where I was interviewed by my friend Sara who created a podcast called Intuition Today. Sara describes this podcast as Finding Your True North:… Read More

April Newsletter

It’s April ~ Hooray! I’ve always liked April even more then I do March. It’s¬†getting even warmer, the¬†landscape grows¬†more lush and green, some spectacular rainstorms with lightning and thunder – all the¬†liveliness in the air! What’s been going… Read More

March Newsletter

Happy March Everyone! Historically I have always liked March because the season starts to change. The weather typically starts to get a little warmer, you begin to see¬†nature come to life, and my mood usually shifts for the… Read More