September Newsletter

Bon Voyage, September ūüôā

Hello beauties! I’m currently in the process of getting everything ready for my big trip to the Hawaiian Islands. I leave this Sunday.¬†I can’t remember the last time I felt THIS excited about something!

I love how the universe works, ya know? As soon as I said “yes” to taking this trip, things that have been difficult started to align, the fog began to¬†lift and newfound¬†insight came through,¬†and places where I’ve been feeling “stuck” started to shift. It’s truly¬†amazing¬†to witness what I call, “energy alignment in action.” Where all the forces-that-be¬†finally unite and move together toward the same destination.

When we say “yes” to what we know is right for our deepest selves and most authentic expression, everything just starts to work out, almost effortlessly. We are tapped into the¬†state of “flow” where it literally feels like the universe has our backs, and we may actually feel support and energetic¬†holding from an invisible, intangible, higher power.

Just writing that makes my whole system sream YES!!!!!! Yes to being in the flow! Yes to my highest expression! Yes to universal alignment! Yes to living life as nothing other then mySelf!

What have you been feeling called to do for-ever and haven’t done yet? Could that be what’s keeping you blocked in certain areas of your life? What parts of yourself have you been holding back and not allowing? What if getting support could be exactly what you need to move through some gnarly places that life has thrown upon you?

I’ll be starting up my Energy Healing Program again this fall¬†November 1st for those¬†interested in deep healing and movement in their lives.¬†We will focus on what’s energetically blocking you right now – mentally, emotionally, physically, Spiritually – and create connection, perspective, and healing. Due to the volume of attention each participant receives, there are only a small number of spaces available for this program. Email me @¬†¬†if¬†you’d like to be put on the waiting list.¬†Be on the lookout for more information¬†to come in the next month!

If you also have been receiving the call to travel, there are still spaces left for my¬†Yoga & Healing Retreat in Guatemala with Karma Tribe Yoga owner Lauren Leduc. Think lush nature, volcanoes, monkey’s, fruit trees, crystal water, and Mother Earth. Sure to be grounding, restorative and healing. Click here or check out the link¬†below!

Once I return from my trip I’ll begin seeing clients on Oct. 23rd. Contact me via email to to schedule yours in advance.¬†I’ll be checking my email along the way and will get back to you when I can. Mahalo!

Upcoming & Reoccurring Events
*Chakra + Juice Class: This class that was originally scheduled for 2 weeks ago has been postponed until late this fall or over the winter season. Be on the lookout for rescheduled event email & registration!

*Chakra Basics Class Oct 20th: 7-9pm in Brookside. Learn what the chakra’s are and why they are an important part of maintaining a healthy Mind, Body & Spirit.

*Chakra Basics Class Oct 21st: 1-3pm @ Surya Yoga. Olathe, KS. More details to come.

*Guatemala Magic: Yoga & Healing Retreat ~ Lake Atitlan. January 6-13, 2018.

*Deep Stretch + Chakra Balancing Meditation: Sunday Evenings 6-730pm @ Karma Tribe Yoga. FYI: I will not be teaching this class until I return Oct. 22nd. Hilari Gray will be leading Sept 24. My teacher Dr. Matt Turner will be leading Oct. 1, 8 & 15.

To stay up to date on my events, check out the new Events page on my website:

Contact me at for questions or concerns.

Lisa <3