November Newsletter

Hello Beloveds,

Last month I spoke about all of the beauty, light and expansion of my trip to the Hawaiian islands. Today, and lately, I have been experiencing the opposite – the ugly, darkness, and contraction. Woof. It’s hard being a Spirit in a human body sometimes.

What I’ve been present too lately is So. Much. Fear. Like crazy, crippling, unbridled fear. I’ve constantly been feeling on edge and like the boogy man is lurking in the bushes. My central nervous system and adrenals have been taking a major hit, my sleep has been less and irregular, and I haven’t had much of an appetite. Often we don’t even realize how much stress and anxiety impact us physically. Fear literally contracts the body in to protect, leaving us with stiff joints, sore muscles, a spinning mind and an aching heart.

At times like these I still find myself in moments of questioning, am I strong enough for this? Can I actually hold myself? I think this may be too much for me, I need to bow out. Yet, each time I stand in the heat of fire, 3 things happen.

  1. I prove to myself how strong I am
  2. That I can take more then I think
  3. I see that although the heat hurts, and sucks, it’s just heat.

It’s just a process I’m going through in life, it’s just the next thing up for me to experience, learn, and grow from. May sound easy, but when times get intense, I find myself trying to pull myself back so I can fully see what’s happening. Perhaps I’ve “messed up” in some way. I see that the other person who may be mad, is just feeling and expressing an emotion, and most likely just needs to get it out, and most importantly – that this feeling/experience won’t last forever. Amen to that.

And I grow. It’s often hard and it hurts. I often want to run away and hide, not face the boogy man. I’m exhausted and want it all to go away. But I take a breath, step back, and see this was all brought here for me. This obstacle is an opportunity for my growth.

Happy Fall and Thanksgiving beauties, much gratitude for your love <3
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Lisa <3