Category: 2016

1 Year Anniversary!

Hello beloveds, I can’t believe it’s already been a YEAR since I first started Lisa Lola Healing Arts – WOWZERS!! To think about everything that had to¬†happen, what had to be thought of, meditated on, dreamt about, imagined… Read More

Being in Love with Me

I haven’t written in a while, and while journaling this morning, I had this message come to me seamlessly. It flowed effortlessly – and almost thoughtlessly. It felt more like it came from the knowing of my essence…. Read More

Getting Healthy, What’s it Going to Take?

I recently had this conversation via text with a friend of mine who is a fellow healer. Odd right? People think as healer’s we have “being healthy” figured out across all realms – physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual…. Read More

1st Intro to the Chakras Workshop, Success!

Last Saturday I had the opportunity to carry out a vision I’ve had since starting Lisa Lola Healing Arts last year, and that was to lead a workshop. It was “Introduction to the Chakras.” This class provided information… Read More

Introduction to the Chakras, 1st Workshop!

I am so happy and proud to announce the first workshop I will be leading through Lisa Lola Healing Arts, Introduction to the Chakras! This workshop is an introductory class that will focus on the chakra basics. We… Read More

Lisa Lola Healing Arts Website has Launched!

Beloveds, It is with much anticipation, inner strength and joy to announce the launch of my new business and website. I couldn’t feel more on purpose with this work. I truly feel the healing arts is my calling… Read More