March Newsletter

Happy March Everyone!

Historically I have always liked March because the season starts to change. The weather typically starts to get a little warmer, you begin to see nature come to life, and my mood usually shifts for the better. I often begin to feel lighter in body, which makes me feel lighter in mind, and more joyful in Spirit.

Although for the last 4 weeks or so, I have definitely not been on the lighter side of things. Life has been “hard.” I’ve been running into my shadow all over the place (the uncomfortable and sometimes downright terrible parts of yourself that are challenging and triggering) and I’ve struggled to find the light – even though “I know” it’s there.

The light lives in our hearts, in the silver lining of things, the positives, in gratitude for what we do have. However when we’re feeling very low resonating emotions such as Guilt, Shame, and Fear, it can be incredibly difficult to pull ourselves out and reconnect with the light inside of us and all around us.

I have SO MUCH  to be grateful for! I have a BEAUTIFUL life!! However yes, I still do experience feelings like the ones I listed above, and at times – like lately – I have felt them in the ugliest of ways. Last week I came into head-on contact with a core wound within me named Guilt. If you know anything about core wounds, they are the deepest and the most sacred.

Guilt and I have had a relationship since I was a young girl. I can remember at about 4 years old feeling my first experience of Guilt. I didn’t know what it was at the time, but I remember feeling Guilt for the people around me. Guilty if they were hurting, Guilt if someone had done something to them, if things weren’t fair for them, all of this Guilt for other people that I had no part of! What was wrong with me?! Already an empath at 4 years old, most likely born one.

Guilt and I reconnected last week and we’ve been dancing for days. It has been terrible. Lol. And humbly beautiful. Guilt has reminded me of my human-ness, to take better care of mySelf and those around me that I love; to be kind, and clear and gentle with my words, to speak from my heart and speak the truth.

I notice inside of my experience with Guilt that it feels EXTREMELY uncomfortable. Like I want to pull off all my skin and run for the hills. It is extremely hard for me to sit with, which I know is the only thing that will allow it to pass. All of our feelings wish to be felt, are like a child needing our attention and desire to be seen.

I can feel this Guilt I’ve been experiencing runs deep, generational, and has lived within me for a long time, beyond my time in this life. It is something I brought with me, making it a sacred teacher. Sacred wounds are the ones that will teach us the most about ourselves and our lives in this existence. Although there is a lot of fear in addressing them and discomfort in feeling them, they hold the keys to our greatest transformation and liberation.

So I’ve been sitting, and crying, and meditating, and journaling, and getting upset, and pushing away, and coming back, allowing myself to work through the process of healing this Guilt. I can feel that the transformation of this Guilt will open up so much for me. I can feel in the commitment to my freedom, it must be addressed.

Do I know when I’ll be done processing this Guilt? No idea. Could take years. Could take days or 1 more time. Our generational healing is not in the outcome, it exists within the process. So I let myself journey.

Light and love to all of you experiencing hard times and those who are already on the lighter side of things this Spring ~ <3

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