October Newsletter

Dear Beloveds, 

I know you don’t know where you’re going right now, & the direction awaits you. 

But soon your soul will find a new rhythm, & the living you called normal will become a faint memory dissolving into the ocean of your past, forgotten & left out at sea to co-create with the life all around you. Patiently waiting to transform & become the dreams you’ve been dreaming.

When we find those things that had only existed as potential possibilities take shape into 3-dimensional form, we at once realize ourselves as more powerful than we previously thought & strengthen our connection to the unknowns path. 

For the not known path is indeed the route we all must travel to know ourselves & discover our True North. 

As scary & horrifying this road can be, not traveling it produces a sense of slow suffocation that deadens the soul over time. Where the light goes dim, eventually resolving into a complete blackness. Where our day-to-day experience can feel like an ongoing darkest, of night. 

A hallow grave of no-thingness. Nothing happeing-ness…just surviving-ness. A life-less automation delivered via disassociation and divergence from the pain of knowing what’s authentic and real.

The Being shifts from organica in nature to robotic. Empty & mechanical. Without empathy in its movements. Without ownership or clarity of mind. Purely driven by external & conditional, survival forces that rob the soul of integrity as fear takes over, hanging on for dear life.

Layered beneath this trauma response is a broken heart that regrets not living while still alive, and those directionless paths you were once scared to walk upon no longer feel close or like accessible options. They exist in a fantasy of some distant future. Options only reserved for others. A time long gone and too far away now to touch or be true.

And perhaps, in some moment. By the Grace of God. The power of prayer. A life-threatening illness. An insight from a stranger or the Sun, a light glimmers into your awareness that ignites your craving for creativity & you seek out knowing that there is no way around the mystery.

That the mysterious paths are the ones that shed the Light & Life required to awaken your soul to courageously once more, challenge yourself to the truth, and approach the path that only you may seek. 

That only you can discover, learn & know, your path of mystery by consistently & courageously showing up for it. Walking day by day, moment by moment, into the directionless path the Universe begs you to permit so that you may receive and celebrate the absolute beauty and stunning elegance awaiting you, in the Unknown. Unique and reserved, just for You.

As we enter Scorpio season, the zodiac of death & darkness. Celebrate All Hallow’s eve today, a pagan religious celebration to welcome the harvest at the end of summer. And are in the midst of revering the Day of the Dead, a Mexican religious holiday where it is said the gates of heaven are opened and All Souls whom have passed may come through to be honored and remembered. We are in potent times to respect and hold high regard for the life that has passed, and the Unknown that is coming. From all darkness, births new light.

May we give gratitude and grace to ourselves and each other. As we walk together, into what only the darkness, may reveal. 

Mucho mucho gratitud mi amors. RIP to the dead and the living.

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