Month: July 2023

July Newsletter

Hello Beloveds,  What may be perceived as a loss of love is really redirection toward alignment to our most Truest Self. This truest Self is not static. It’s always moving and changing, organic in nature. The very foundation of relationship is… Read More

June Newsletter

Hello Beloveds, Happy Father’s Day to you and yours!  As I think about what this Day stands for, I feel immense gratitude for my biological Father, Father God & Sky, Grandfathers, along with all the Father-Uncles, Father-Cousins, Surrogate Fathers, Father-Partners,… Read More

May Newsletter

Hello Beloveds, I’ve recently experienced the power of stopping the search.  When we are seeking for answers and expect something, say an apology or an answer, we slow down and even block the blessings from reaching us because we’re… Read More