Lisa Lola is an Intuitive, Energy Healer, Spiritual Guide, and Consciousness Teacher in the healing arts and higher consciousness industry. She creates a space for people to heal, recognize their truth, find their power, and helps them navigate the terrain from their heads, to their hearts. By being a channel of the Universe she reminds clients of who they are in their soul and how to use their pain for their purpose.

Lisa loves being connected to humanity and is fulfilled by watching others grow and is humbled by the gift she receives when witnessing clients transform. Lisa says, “My work is so wonderful. I feel deeply grateful that I get to connect with people in the heart-space every day. I love my clients. Ever since I was little I have always had this deep desire to care for the well-being of others. I get to know who people truly are, and they get to know me.”

Lisa entered the field of healing arts from her own need to heal from her personal life traumas. She knows first hand what it takes to live a life committed to love and service and walks it every day. “Working in this field isn’t just a job or career or even a lifestyle for me, I know it to be the true purpose of my essence.”

Lisa lives in Kansas City, MO with her two toy poodles, Rico and Rodeo, in a 122 year old home in the historical neighborhood of Hyde Park. Lisa cares for herself with a committed yoga, meditation, and breath-work practice, along with spending lots of time outdoors and seeing her own healers and teachers. Forever a student, Lisa enjoys learning and is always studying something; whether that be Shamanic methodology, Non-Violent Communication, Astrology, Human Design or the Gene Keys – just to name a few of her favorites. Lisa loves dancing, reading, writing, and warm climates. She’s often traveling to tropical lands for lengths of time to hang out with her 3 besties – the sun, beach and ocean. Lisa thrives on human connection so prioritizes sharing time with her wonderful friends and community, and just plain loves to love so is always seeking ways to expand her heart.