Month: December 2022

November Newsletter

Dear Beloveds, Happy Thanksgiving week! Isn’t it incredible that we devote a whole day on the annual calendar to give thanks? Whomever decided to do that I believe knew how important Gratitude is as a Spiritual tool to living… Read More

October Newsletter

Dear Beloveds, Have you been experiencing all the effects of the New Moon in Scorpio conjunct Pluto – Solar Eclipse this week?? I most definitely have. Scorpio is the Zodiac of the underworld. God of Hades. It holds all… Read More

August Newsletter

Dear Beloveds, I shared in last month’s newsletter that I bought a home. What I noticed about the process for me is that it is very masculine. Lots of paper work, signatures, quick decisions, striving, and lateral movements. Then moving into my home was also a… Read More

July Newsletter

Dear Beloveds, I’ve been in the midst of a very large and new transition, I put down roots in Kansas City and bought a house. This process was challenging from the beginning that’s had me present to being… Read More

June Newsletter

Dear Beloveds, I did a meditation this morning on expanding my happiness and really tuned into all the joy I have in my life. Throughout the time sitting I incrementally increased the amount of joy I allowed myself to… Read More