October Newsletter

Aloha Beloveds!

I just got home from Maui, it is soooooooo beautiful there! That place consistently lit up my heart in a way I’ve rarely experienced. It felt like my heart was radiating out joy for the entirety of my trip, sometimes I could barely contain my enthusiasm!

During my trip, it felt like the land was constantly speaking to me, like I could hear Mama Maui guiding me toward love in a whole new way. For weeks I experienced being fully guided from Spirit with little mind direction or control. It was blissful. It felt like I took myself apart, softened any hard edges, and put myself back together again. I could feel my system upgrading, taking in more light frequency and raising my vibration. Requiring the old to be released in order for the new to come in. She assisted me in completing a lot of old patterns and healing karmic wounds held for lifetimes. It felt good to let go and follow essence. I feel lighter upon returning home.

Maui is known as the heart chakra. When I found this out I squealed in joy. It made So. Much. Sense! My first two weeks in Kauai felt like Spiritual surgery. Kauai feels like an ancient grandmother, full of wisdom and holding. It was as though she went into my operating system and moved things around, took energy out and completely opened me up. Then upon traveling to Maui it felt like healing and recovery time from a younger, joyous energy. Maui’s heart regenerated my field and enlivened my Spirit, assisting me with the transition to this new, higher relational space. Into this new place of deepened love, joy, and psychic awareness.

The land is so rich in the Hawaiian Islands. Everything is so alive. Which made me feel ALIVE! I could literally FEEL all of Mother Nature’s energy. So vibrant, free and flowing. Retreating to a place that has so much diverse plant life and natural blessings has SUCH a tremendous healing effect on the body, mind, and Spirit – Did I mention there are 9 days left to sign up for my Guatemala Magic Yoga + Healing Retreat?? 🙂 Click here and see info below!

For example, when I looked at Haleakala – Maui’s biggest volcano – I felt this sense of such wisdom and sovereignty. When I listened to the crashing waves of the ocean, I felt Father Sea washing away emotional turmoil and angst. When I felt the sun shining down on my skin, I felt the old burning away. When I felt the sand between my toes, I felt the grounding and holding of Mama Cocha – our Great Mother.

I have such gratitude for those lands. They offer so many blessings and teachings – all free of charge – if you get quiet, trust and listen. I rarely listened to music or watched anything. The abundance surrounding me was more then enough to keep my senses engaged. It was such a unique opportunity to go off-grid and completely disengage from everything outside of me. I went internal, focused on nurturing myself from the inside out. Focused on grounding my new light body, clearing blocks to love, connecting to my Higher Self, and healing my heart.

Upon arriving in Maui, I went through a series of days where I would break into tears. I felt like Maui broke open my heart and new light was shining through the cracks. Tears of sweet release in deep reverence for the land and Spirit. Thank you Spirit, for directing me there. Thank you to mySelf, for listening.

While in Kauai I asked why she brought me to the island. She informed me it was to expand my heart within my energy healing work, so I could be of greater service to humanity. Then I was directed to Maui, to continue the heart healing process in the heart chakra of Earth.

What I learned from this trip, is how important it is to get away and take time to connect with one’s Self. How necessary it is to go into the silence and listen to the beating of your Sacred Heart. To ask your internal guidance what it needs. To ask your Self what it wants. How rich nature is in it’s ability to heal, excite and inspire our senses. How Spirit is always guiding us to exactly where we need to be. How taking the time to heal – even from the day to day – is crucial for our Soul’s growth, health and expansion.

Thank you Kauai. Thank you Maui. Thank you to my partner for supporting me in taking such a long voyage – and joining me for a portion of it! Thank you to my community for believing in me. Thank you to my clients for your love and well wishes. Thank you to Spirit for your beauty and abundance.


Guatemala Magic Yoga + Healing Retreat……
If you also have been receiving the call to travel, there are 9 days left to register for this magical journey with my co-leader Lauren Leduc of Karma Tribe Yoga! Think lush nature, volcanoes, monkey’s, fruit trees, crystal water, and Mother Earth. Sure to be grounding, restorative and healing. Click here to register!

Personal Healing Sessions……
I am back in KC beloveds and have resumed taking clients. If you’d like to receive a chakra balancing, reiki healing, past life regression, or channeling session, I am open and ready to serve from this new space of beauty. I’m no longer at Heart of the Dove and have my home healing space fully up and running in Midtown. Check out my list of services here. Or if you’d first like to chat, email me for a complimentary 20min phone consultation.

You can also catch me leading my weekly Chakra Balancing Mediation at Karma Tribe Yoga resuming Sunday, October 22nd from 6-730pm. (Deep Stretch w/ Hilari 6-7, Mediation 7-730)

Energy Healing Program……
I will also be starting up my Energy Healing Program again for individuals interested in taking a deep dive into their Self-Healing. No matter what the area of focus – be it healing from a breakup, toxic relationship, eating disorder, unbalanced lifestyle, grief, or if you just desire to experience more love and joy in your life and would like assistance in balancing your energy field – this program is customized for each individual’s needs. Through set intention, a series of energy healing practices, reflection and integration, I will assist you in releasing blocks to love through Spiritual guidance and energy tracking. Email me to be put on the consideration list.

If you’d like to see photo’s from my trip, I posted almost religiously to my Facebook Business Page and IG account. So much to feast your eyes on!

Mahalo Mermaids!

Upcoming & Reoccurring Events
*Guatemala Magic: Yoga & Healing Retreat ~ Lake Atitlan. January 6-13, 2018. Still spaces left!

*Chakra Basics Oct 28th: 1-3pm @ Surya Yoga. Olathe, KS. Learn what the chakra’s are and why they are an important part of maintaining a healthy Mind, Body & Spirit.

*Deep Stretch + Chakra Balancing Meditation: Sunday Evenings 6-730pm @ Karma Tribe Yoga.

To stay up to date on my events, check out the new Events page on my website: lisalola.net/events

Contact me for questions or concerns.

Lisa <3