December Newsletter

Happy Holidays Beauties!

I love the holiday season, and it also can be challenging. Another year passed without my dad, it brings up so much. I can feel his Spirit strong, just not quite the same without a physical body. I do enjoy thinking of him and Christmas memories as a child. Important to hold those loved ones tight.

I’ve been growing so much lately. Last month I reflected on the darkness post expansion that Hawaii brought, and now I’ve moved into the learning phase. I’ve worked through, and “been with” a lot of the fear. Allowing myself to feel it to heal it, and I’ve got to say, I do feel lighter. The only way out is through, dear ones. Something I constantly have to remind myself of, and then I’m always surprised when it works, lol. Silly human 🙂

A trick I’ve been using is embracing my fear. When it shows up, I imagine myself wrapping my loving arms around it and pulling it close. I’ve been seeing that these fears are just long, lost parts of me forgotten along the way, needing my compassion and love, my holding and just being there.

I breathe into the fear. If I feel it in my chest, I try to get quiet, lay down and just breathe into those spaces where I feel the fear. It usually feels like restriction. I imagine it looks like these little (or big) balls and various organic shapes that are dark, smoky in color, sometimes really dense with fog or have sharp textures.

Locating where you feel the fear in your body and describing what the fear looks like, with as much detail as possible, is key. The more we get to know our fears, the less charge they hold. Then they transform from fear to this dark, round, smoky ball in the top left quadrant of my chest. That gives me something to work with. It no longer has a hold over me, I now have a clearer picture of what it is, and I can more easily decipher what it needs.

Then the next step is pretty straight forward, however not always obvious – I just give it what it needs – and if that’s not apparent, I may need to ask what I can do to help. Usually the answers are always the same – attention, breathe, space, compassion, acceptance, forgiveness, love. Really a pretty simple formula, not so easy for most of us to apply, that only get’s easier with practice.

It’s just scary because we’re not taught how to go into our fears. Our natural inclination is toward pleasure and away from pain. So we resist, push under the rug, and they continue to rule our lives in ways that can be hard to see. Through acting out, coping behaviors, addiction, and dis-ease.

The pain is where gold is though. It’s a mine of information, salvation, and freedom. It’s usually the beginning of any new creation – think of how often we are moved to create out of something we’ve suffered from – and it’s included in any process known to man. Pain is just as much of us as love, and we need both to truly live.

I came across a quote on Facebook the other day and although I don’t usually post a lot on my personal page, I was moved to share. “Sometimes we’d never know what’s wrong without the pain.” Isn’t that so true. We would have no idea what parts of us need attention if we couldn’t feel the pounding in our head, the aching of our heart, or the cut on our knee. We need the pain to know. To know what needs tending too. To know what is calling out for love.

So put simply, pain is just a call to love. A call to bear arms around yourself, around another. To love, Love, LOVE with your whole being.

May you feel the love and joy of this holiday season and everyday beloveds. May you share that love with yourself as much as you can, and even more in the face of fear and pain. For they are only parts of you, calling out your name.

Happy Holidays, all my love

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