Classes & Workshops

Healer’s Level 1: Intro to Channeling

Aug. 30 – Sept. 1

Do you feel called to be of service to humanity?

This is an excellent opportunity for those seeking to learn how to connect to Source and strengthen their intuitive abilities. This can be used for themselves, their families, or for those aspiring to be healers, or already have a service in practice.

This training will support you in understanding your natural connection to Creator, that we all have psychic abilities built into our human design & provide experiential practice to build your confidence in channeling to receive divine guidance for yourself or others.

Channeling is a core skill needed to live in alignment with the Universe because it teaches you how to communicate with all life, physical and non-physical, around you and within you.

This course provides a community-based container for you to develop & sharpen your innate soul gifts, connect with other like-hearted individuals to build a sense of support, align to the truth of your Higher Self & Guides, & can offer you direction toward your purpose.

In this course you’ll also learn how to create energetic boundaries, awaken service into your heart, understand more about being an empath, and understand how to be a vessel for healing.

Many of us often feel this call but do not understand how or where to begin. This training will guide you to discovering your unique expression as a healer. You will learn how to be a clear channel for the Universe with a safe space to practice expressing your intuitive senses, feelings, & thoughts, and receive feedback on your findings. 

The only thing that is required of you to attend this training is a desire to be of service. Everyone in the world can channel. It is not for a select few with special gifts and abilities. Whether you currently have a healing practice you are looking to deepen and enhance, or you are just beginning your journey discovering who you are as a healer, this training will help you find what you are seeking.

Learning how to channel will teach you how to connect with the Universal energy of source and be a conduit for your intentions of what you’d like to call into your life and receive from the world. Channeling allows us to meet the need of whoever or whatever may be in front of us, including ourselves. It is the ultimate connection to finding solutions to our suffering and to receive clarity to our questions because this energy does not come from us. It transits via direct communication from Spirit in its pure form, free from our ego’s judgment and bias. All that is required of you is to show up, trust, and be open to the process.

People from all walks of life have taken this course. They include, massage therapists, teachers, nurses, doctors, chiropractors, TCM & acupuncture practitioners, birth & death doulas, counselors & therapists, energy workers & psychics, artists & musicians, and many other unique expressions. Channeling is something that can be added to any practice to enhance and deepen it.

Training Topics:

  • Create energetic boundaries for yourself
  • Learn to feel and interpret the energy around you
  • Enhance your meditation and breathing practice
  • Create an empowered trusting relationship with your intuition
  • Practice giving channeled intuitive & psychic readings
  • Awaken and understand your inner healer
  • Strengthen your connection with Spirit & develop your psychic senses


Friday 5:30 – 7:30pm

Saturday 12 – 6pm

Sunday 12 – 6pm

You are required to attend each session in full. May not come late or leave early.

Cost:  $500.  Venmo to @LisaLola or Cash.  Preregistration is required, space is limited.

Deposit: $100 to secure your spot. Venmo to @LisaLola. 

Registration:  Email me to secure your space,

Location:  This training is held in person and can also be offered on Zoom for those who are not local to Kansas City. Training will be held in healing space within the KC metro. Address provided to registered participants.

Certification: You will receive a certificate as a Healer and a Channel of the Universe through the Be Love School of Healing upon completing this course

Healer’s Expansion Retreat

Copan Ruinas, Honduras

February 1 – 8, 2025

Are you a healer who is ready bring more light into the world?

The Healer’s Retreat is an opportunity to expand and level-up your healing practice while deepening your connection with yourself and Spirit. This will align you to your soul’s authentic purpose – to be of service in the most impactful and fulfilling way.

All of the parts of this retreat have been designed to create an energetic activation within you, awakening and expanding more of your light body so that you may share your work from the most alive and joyful place of your heart. This is an opportunity for you to receive the Love, care and connection with yourself to grow into the most authentically aligned healer you are here to be.

We will gather and stay at a beautiful retreat center called Hacienda San Lucas in Copán Ruinas, Honduras. This is a sacred space held within the mountains that is known to create a magical container for your deep healing and expansion to occur. The seclusion and privacy of this space provides the perfect container to bring your focus and awareness back to you and bring clarity and discernment to your work.

This retreat will consist of a combination of workshops, group excursions, healing experiences, sacred rituals and activations, and free time to spend however you would like.

Trainings & Workshops

  • Workshops to learn how to expand and maintain your light body
  • Sacred rituals to invoke your light frequency and bring you more in alignment with your higher self
  • Kundalini Energizations for spiritual awakening
  • Channeling practices to strengthen your connection to Divine Light
  • Movement to integrate the initiations into your cellular structure
  • Meditations to bring presence and awareness to yourself
  • Breathwork to move and clear energetic debris
  • Cacao Ceremony to open your heart
  • Fire Ceremony for alchemy and releasing
  • Acknowledgement circle to create connection and deepen intimacy

Sacred Experiences

The town of Copán Ruinas offers several sacred experiences. This town is home to one of the most important Mayan Ruins in Central America. Because of the ancient lineage and historical heritage held within this land, the town boasts many enlightening experiences that give you the opportunity to expand your psychic awareness and connect you deeper to the magical mysteries held within the land, and therefore yourself. We honor the sacredness of the Mayan people that cultivated the energy of this space and hold gratitude for the opportunity to share in and receive all that is offered in this uniquely exceptional place.

Included in retreat cost:

  • Hot Springs
  • Mayan Ruins
  • Hiking

Additional Costs:

  • Ziplining
  • Horseback Riding
  • Coffee & Chocolate Tours
  • Massage
  • Macaw Mountain Bird Park

Retreat Space

Throughout this retreat there will be free time for you to have to yourself to explore the grounds of Hacienda San Lucas as well as other additional activities that will be available upon your arrival. The grounds of Hacienda San Lucas have been in the family for generations and are even home to one of the smaller Mayan Ruins in the area called Los Sapos. It is a short hike from La Hacienda. We will also visit the the larger ruins or Las Ruinas on a group tour. The ruins of this area is home to the largest written text of Mesoamerica. It is considered to be one of the more artistic sites of the Mayan empire and what it left behind. We will have a tour guide so that we may learn about the particular functions of this archaeological site. It is highly likely that you will see the Scarlett Macaws as well as other animals here at the park. The Scarlett Macaw is the bird of Honduras and was held sacred by the Mayans. After a dwindling wild population of these birds, a local organization in Copan Ruinas has been rescuing and rehabilitating captive birds and releasing them back into the wild. It is a beautiful site to witness. Click here for more photos on Hacienda San Lucas’ website.


This retreat does have a prerequisite. To be eligible, you must have taken:

Healer’s Level 1: Intro To Channeling

This course can be taken with Dr. Matt, Lisa Lola, Dave Witcher or Rebecca Lamthi before the retreat dates. If you want to attend the Healer’s Retreat and have not taken the Intro To Channeling course yet, click here for available dates before the retreat.

King Room:

1 person – $2650

2 people – $2200 per person

Double Bedroom (2 Full size beds):

2 people – $2300 per person

3 people – $2100 per person (3rd bed is a twin)

Cost Includes:

7 nights lodging

3 meals a day

Roundtrip airport shuttle

Group tours to the Mayan Ruins & Hot Springs

Daily movement, meditation & breath-work

Expansion workshops & sacred rituals

Deposit to hold your spot – $500 non-refundable

There are limited spaces available and registration will be open until those spaces are filled.

Payment Schedule:

$500 deposit due upon registration

Remaining amount will be due on January 10th

To Register: Click Here

Flight Details

You will fly in and out of SAP – San Pedro Sula airport in Honduras. Once we have all landed and arrived at the airport we will take a group shuttle to Copan Ruinas which is a 3-4 hour ride. The shuttle cost is included in your retreat cost. Flights are not included, they are separate. Please choose a flight that lands at San Pedro Sula, no later than 1 pm on February 1, 2025 so that we can catch the shuttle in time. On February 8, book your return flight home for 1pm or later. Reach out to Dr. Matt w/ any questions about booking flights.

Retreat Leaders

Lisa Lola

It is my highest heart’s calling for you to know who you are in your soul and to expand your personal magnetism. It is my honor to support you in activating your innate gifts and empower you to be bold and courageous in sharing that with the world. To grow your heart wider and embody the frequency of Love in all of your expressions and interactions. I hope you use this retreat as a container to discover your own unique signature as a healer and let your essence shine. Click for more info about Lisa Lola.

Dr. Matt

My wish for each of you is that you walk away from this retreat with a deeper clarity into who you are as a healer and how to share yourself most effectively in the world. It is important that you have this opportunity in your life to receive and deepen your own healing as you move forward on your path of being of service in the world. This is your chance to be guided by your teachers, two badass healers who are here to support you on your path. You are ready. Click for more info about Dr. Matt.