Classes & Workshops

Conscious Communications Course: Level 1

June 11 – August 13, 2024

The intention of this course is to shift your consciousness from fear & scarcity to love & abundance to create a more harmonious world for yourself

In this course you will learn:

  • How to connect to your feelings & create allowance, care & permission for your feelings.
  • How to take responsibility for your emotional energy & process highly charged, unpleasant feelings into fuel for greater self-awareness & actualization.
  • The highly effective skill of self-empathy for healing, growth, & deeper connection to your authentic Self.
  • Identify your needs & embody the understanding that they are a natural part of life we all share. Release judgment of your needs & restore compassion for your humanity.
  • Learn how to make clear requests to get your needs met, heighten the quality of your connections & create more harmony in your relationships.
  • Effective communication tools to support the cleanup of upsets with yourself, loved ones, in professional settings, & your community.

Termed the “language of love” this course provides you the resources to communicate more from your heart & less from good/bad, right/wrong, mental strategy-based programming we have been taught in our culture that is draining, depleting & disconnecting. 

This course connects you to your core values & is Life-Giving. Providing you a clear path to share yourself with honesty & integrity, open your self-expression, & empowers you to be more of your Self

This live, 9-week online zoom course offers a container of emotional safety, belonging & how to create a quality of connection that’s missing in our society & is dangerous to our health & vitality.

Class Size is limited to 10 participants to increase nurture & intimacy. 

Class Dates:

June 11, 18, 25

—Skip 4th of July Week

July 9, 16, 23, 30

August 6, & 13

All class dates & times must be attended in full. Please plan to arrive on time or a few minutes early & stay until the end. An absence of 1-2 sessions max for the entirety of the course under reasonable explanations is fine, but in order to get the most out of this course & receive the highly beneficial impacts, missing more than that would be a disservice to you.

Class Times:

5:30pm – 7:30pm CST

Time selection was be based off majority rule of those interested in the class. If this time doesn’t work for you, I will be holding this class again in the fall & will offer a time that works best for those interested. If you have a strong calling to take the course, please contact me at & let me know what days/times work best for you to take the next course offering. I will do my best to accommodate schedules.

Exchange for Course: $333

Can be paid in full or installments.

Deposit of $100 to reserve your place.

Please add me as a friend on Venmo @LisaLola

Then make your payment to @LisaLola

Last 4 digits of phone # if asked are: 2747

If you are a returning student of Conscious Communications you are eligible to receive a $33 discount. I highly recommend this option to previous students. This consciousness is very transformative & can take dedicated study & committed ongoing education to not only learn but embody & live.

Registration: Contact with your interest & your time of preference.

Private Courses: Lisa also offers this relationship restoration & healing method in 1:1 sessions to support you in your relationship & communication with yourself, loved ones, boss, business partners & community.

Taken privately, these sessions aid you in your own emotional healing process so that you can learn how to bring your own feelings & needs online & make peace with the things that you fear & break you down the most.

Her favorite is to support couples in creating deeper presence, listening, & compassion for each other so incompletions can be moved through with more ease, & love can be restored more quickly.

If you are curious about any of these options, please contact to schedule a 20min complimentary consultation call.

Together we can dive deeply into understanding & connecting to ourselves & each other from a compassionate, empathetic perspective, in order to create a more harmonious, fun, & functional world.

To the expansion of bonding, union & love on our planet,


Healer’s Level 1: Intro to Channeling

August 2 – 4

Do you feel called to be of service to humanity?

This is an excellent opportunity for those seeking to learn how to connect to Source and strengthen their intuitive abilities.  This can be used for themselves, their families, or for those aspiring to be healers, or already have a service in practice.

This training will support you in understanding your natural connection to Creator, that psychic abilities are built into the human design, & provide experiential practice to build your confidence in channeling to receive divine guidance for yourself or others.

Channeling is a core skill needed to live in alignment with the Universe because it teaches you how to communicate with all life, physical and non-physical, around you and within you. 

This course provides a community-based container for you to develop & sharpen your innate soul gifts, connect with other like-hearted individuals to build a sense of support, align to the truth of your Higher Self & Guides, & can offer you direction toward your purpose.

In this course you’ll also learn how to create energetic boundaries, awaken service into your heart, understand more about being an empath, and receive how to Be a Vessel for Healing.

Many of us often feel this call but do not understand how or where to begin. This training will guide you to discovering your unique expression as a healer. You will learn how to be a clear channel for the Universe expressing healing and Love in the world. The only thing that is required of you to attend this training is a desire to be of service. Everyone in the world can channel. It is not for a select few with special gifts and abilities. Whether you currently have a healing practice you are looking to deepen and enhance, or you are just beginning your journey discovering who you are as a healer, this training will help you find what you are seeking.

Channeling allows a person to connect with the Universal God energy of source and be the conduit for that Love, Light and Healing as it flows into the world. Channeling allows us to meet the need of whoever or whatever may be in front of us, including ourselves. It is the ultimate connection to finding solutions to our suffering and to receive clarity to our questions because this energy does not come from us. It transits via direct communication from Spirit in its pure form, free from our ego’s judgment and bias. All that is required of you is to show up, trust, and be open to the process. 

People from all walks of life have taken this course. They include, massage therapists, teachers, nurses, doctors, chiropractors, TCM & acupuncture practitioners, birth & death doulas, counselors & therapists, energy workers & psychics, artists & musicians, and many other unique expressions. Channeling is something that can be added to any practice to enhance and deepen it.

Training Topics:

  • Create energetic boundaries for yourself
  • Learn to feel and interpret the energy around you
  • Enhance your meditation and breathing practice
  • Create an empowered trusting relationship with your intuition
  • Practice giving channeled intuitive & psychic readings
  • Awaken and understand your inner healer
  • Strengthen your connection with Spirit & develop your psychic senses


Friday 6 – 8pm

Saturday 11am – 6pm

Sunday 10am – 5pm

You are required to attend each session in full. May not come late or leave early.

Cost:  $500.  Venmo to @LisaLola or Cash.  Preregistration is required, space is limited. Note*** Repeat Students of Level 1: Intro to Channeling receive a $100 discount.

Deposit: $100 to secure your spot. Venmo to @LisaLola. 

Registration:  Email me to secure your space,

Location:  KCMO area.  Exact address will only be released to registered participants. This class will be in person.

Certification: You will receive a certificate as a Healer and a Channel of the Universe through the Be Love School of Healing upon completing this course

Healer’s Level 2: Advanced Channeling

Oct. 5 & 6

Are you ready to take the next step as a healer?

Channeling is the core skill needed to be a vessel of healing for others. Channeling allows us to step our ego out of the way in working with others and supports us to be a clear, compassionate, container for the unfoldment of another’s process.

This course is designed to advance, sharpen, and deepen your channeling abilities even further than you thought before. In order to strengthen your psychic skillset, you must practice and train your awareness to lift from the dimension of helping, fixing, and doing, to receiving, allowing, and trusting. 

Being of service to others isn’t about inserting yourself as the authority in their life and giving advice. It’s about creating yourself as a space of love and healing and allowing Spirit to come through you on behalf of someone else. 

In Level 2 we will practice the core skill of connecting to Spirit and learn how to sift and sort the vast amount of information that comes through from this wide and infinite plane. You will receive experiential training and guidance in how to form what you’re seeing, feeling, and sensing into words and how to communicate what’s coming through in an eloquent, potent, and connected way. We will also expand your psychic connection to read animals, auras, plants, and how to channel for manifesting. This course is known to build your confidence as a healer and channeler of the Universe.

In order to grow your abilities to give Channeled, Intuitive, Psychic, or Mediumship Readings, & strengthen yourself as a Healer of any kind (body worker, therapist, energy healer, yoga instructor, parent, artist, etc.) you must practice the basis of your craft – developing your felt senses. Clear Feeling. Clear Seeing. Clear Hearing. 

Advanced Channeling provides you the space to sharpen your psychic skill set through intuitive exercises in a group setting where you will receive feedback & educate yourself further in the healing arts.

Practice makes progress. As Healers we must devote the energy to continuing our own Spiritual awareness as well as our own healing. This course is a container for both your education & a space for you to be held.

Every student that’s taken this course has said they are so glad they did because it helped them build the confidence to channel for others that they didn’t have before and couldn’t quite get to in Level 1. 

Even if you’re not a healer, these courses are great to take. Channeling can be used in all areas of your life to enhance your living and bring greater clarity to life’s challenges. Channeling isn’t just for those who want to serve others, channeling can be used as your own guide to living a life in flow with the Universe and energies around you. Channeling allows you to stop trying to “figure things out” and use the intelligence of Spirit to guide you. It’s a much more pleasant way to navigate life, in my opinion 🙂 

You must have taken Healer’s Level 1 : Intro to Channeling in order to take this course. If you’ve already taken Level 2 and would like to repeat, you receive $100 off. 


Saturday 11am – 6pm

Sunday 10am – 4pm

You are required to attend each session in full. May not come late or leave early.

Pre-requisite: Must have taken Healer’s Level 1: Intro to Channeling.

Cost:  $500. Deposit $100 to reserve your space by Venmo @LisaLola.  Preregistration is required, space is limited. 

Registration:  Email me to secure your space,

Certification: You will receive a certificate of completion for Advanced Channeling from the Be Love School of Healing accredited healing arts institution by Dr. Matt Turner. 

Location:  KCMO area.  Exact address will only be released to registered participants. This class will be in person.