August Newsletter

Hello August, big things are happening!

Right now I’m really present to how much is unfolding in my life. I’m witnessing myself manifest my intentions, and when I look back, I see that I’ve known what was going to happen all along. It wasn’t so easy to see in the moment, but it reaffirms that I can trust myself and that I am always being taken care of.

My biggest, most recent manifestation is participating at an intensive in Kauai I’ve been trying to do for 3 years! (Hallelujah!!) As well as creating an extended vacation to visit Maui while I’m over there. My psyche can’t even comprehend the magnitude of this alignment.

Traveling is something I’ve always wanted to do, but have also been scared of. Fear of the unknown and it pushes my control issue buttons. This year I sensed that beginning to instill travel in my life was going to be an important step to take. That I needed to literally expand my horizons and strengthen my energy field by getting out of my comfort zone, and opening up to the pulsation of life. This trip to Hawaii represents so many things for me:

  • Strength: After going through a lot this year that’s left me feeling like I’m on really shaky ground, this trip is providing a platform to reaffirm my inner strength and continue to build myself. To stand stronger in myself and want I want in life.
  • Action: When life gets turned upside down, it can be hard to keep pushing and going when all you want to do is crumble and eat cake. This trip is assisting me in getting back to taking action in my life. To not be a passerby of circumstances, but to really be the orchestrator of my life.
  • Confidence: That yes I can do this! I’m worthy! That I deserve all the joy, glory and bliss in the world!
  • Trust: The biggest piece of creating this whole trip. Trust in spending so much money and resources on something that currently lives as a dream. Trust that the money will come back 10-fold from giving myself this time to heal, explore, and connect to my deeper Self. Trust that I will be taken care of and I will be okay.

Last night I was reminded by Spirit of the phrase, “sometimes you have to spend money to make money.” When we try to hold onto all of our abundance for fear of losing it and not having enough, it creates a block in the field for money to go out, and come in. The universal law of giving and receiving is thwarted. Instantly I saw how I was creating a fear of scarcity, and how allowing the money to flow out for something that will support my growth and abundance will surely come back to thank me in all of her heightened glory 🙂

This isn’t to say I can go around spending money irresponsibility, but to develop a deeper relationship with the energy of abundance. When I’m in integrity with my finances and using my resources for the highest good, I am in alignment to live my most prosperous life.

If you’re in the realm of creating more travel, growth and discovery into your life, check out my Yoga & Healing Retreat in Guatemala. Link below!

Lastly, a head’s up I will be leaving for my trip starting Sept 24th and will be gone 3-4 weeks. Contact me if you’d like to schedule a session before I leave. Mahalo!

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*Guatemala Magic: Yoga & Healing Retreat ~ Lake Atitlan. January 6-13, 2018.

*Deep Stretch + Chakra Balancing Meditation: Sunday Evenings 6-730pm @ Karma Tribe Yoga.

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