May Newsletter

Hello and Happy Last Day of May Beloved’s!

I wanted to share with you a podcast where I was interviewed by my friend Sara who created a podcast called Intuition Today.

Sara describes this podcast as Finding Your True North: Learn how to recognize your intuition and develop it as the tool it was meant to be.

When I found out Sara had started this project, I was immediately excited for her and wanted to share my story since the majority of what connected me to create Lisa Lola Healing Arts was using my intuition.

To hear me talk about how I developed and strengthened my own intuition to help heal myself, create my own passionate business, and facilitate my clients along their own healing journey, listen here: Lisa Lola – Creating Sensory Bookmarks.

Intuition Today is available on iTunes and Soundcloud.

May we all use the divine, all knowing voice that lives in each of us to connect to the innate wisdom within, to create a life we love; full of magic, vibrancy, and prosperity.


Upcoming & Reoccurring Events
*Journey through the Chakra’s
4 Part Series
June 17th, 1-3pm: Part 1 ~ Overview & Chakra 1 (Root)
June 17th, 4-6pm: Part 2 ~ Chakra 2 & 3 (Sacral & Solar Plexus)
June 24th, 1-3pm: Part 3 ~ Chakra 4 & 5 (Heart & Throat)
June 24th, 4-6pm: Part 4 ~ Chakra 6 & 7 (Third Eye & Crown)
Take one class or all. To register, click the link above.

*Deep Stretch + Chakra Balancing Meditation: Sunday Evenings 6-730pm @ Karma Tribe Yoga.

*Slow Flow Yoga + Meditation: Wednesday Evenings 6-730pm with KC Urban Yoga @ Heart of the Dove 2nd Floor Event Center. $10

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