April Newsletter

It’s April ~ Hooray!

I’ve always liked April even more then I do March. It’s getting even warmer, the landscape grows more lush and green, some spectacular rainstorms with lightning and thunder – all the liveliness in the air!

What’s been going on over here in Lisa Lola’s world? I feel like I’ve been in a holding pattern for the past month after coming out of the Guilt theme that March held. Almost like my body needed time to recover and reorganize itself after moving through so much deep, wrenching Guilt, before it could stabilize and move on to the next thing up in my evolution.

This has left me feeling like I’m waiting around for something. Even while still keeping busy with clients, projects, and upcoming workshops. Not knowing what this “something” is, I can feel it happening beneath the surface of my consciousness. I know I’m not ready to receive it yet, but that I’m in a holding process of preparing for it.

I’m good with that too, not knowing right now. It allows space for me to focus on what I need to be doing, which is holding, pausing……all things that are still actions inside of presence. I presently choose to hold. I presently choose to be inside the pause. Yes, these actions are more passive in being, but active doing-ness or being-ness is not always what our systems call for, and are in fact, a detriment. Making space for the pause allows me to move through the process with grace and ease.

There is an elemental model consisting of 4 phases we work and live inside of throughout our life journey’s. This one operates within a year cycle and separates quarterly. They are Earth, Fire, Water, and Air. Depending on what type of person you are and where you’re at in your evolution, determines what stages you stay in a little longer then others, which ones you may get stuck in, or completely skip altogether.

*The Earth Phase being a time where you may be experiencing “going through the mud,” “chopping wood, carrying water.” All of the down and dirty work that needs to be done. Requires attention to detail. meticulousness, and repetition. You feel like you have little resources to give externally. You’re in the “doing” part of the process that is focused inward.

*The Fire Phase being the time where your creative juices are really flowing and you’re creating things left and right. Your ideas and drive are abundant and you want to go fast. You’re feeling very inspired and it’s hard to relax and slow down. You have more then enough resources to give. You’re in the “doing” part of the process that is focused outward.

*The Water Phase being the time where things are just flowing. You don’t even have to do much work and clients are coming in, things are just working, you’re “in the zone.” Life is full of ease, joy and synchronicity. You have ample resources to share. Balanced amounts of being and doing focused inward and outward.

*The Air Phase being the time where things may or may not slow down outside of you, but you have adjusted to their speed, and you feel more slowed down inside. Almost feels like you’re floating along through life, just existing. This is a time for receiving, relaxation, rejuvination, and celebration. You’re in the being part of the process focused outward or a combination of both.

I feel like I am in the Air phase, which brings some un-comfortability for me. A lot of Earthy, Fiery people find this phase  confusing because they don’t know what to do – which is nothing! It feels uncomfortable because it doesn’t feel familiar. It can feel weird to not know what to do when you hit this phase, especially as a Virgo Sun/Leo Moon person and solo entrepreneur – I should be doing something to move myself and my business forward! What is it?!

I remember when I hit this phase last year and completely passed over it as most people do. It felt so counter-productive to me to not be doing anything that I just pushed through it, with very little to show, (because I was suppose to be relaxing and receiving). And because I wasn’t suppose to create much or “do” much in this phase. This time was meant for me to relax from all of my hard work, celebrate my successes and effort, and allow my body to restore for the next phase.

A few other reasons why this stage can be hard for some: 1) We don’t know how to relax, it feels weird and like we should be doing something. 2) Most humans don’t live in being, we live in doing. We don’t know who to be unless we’re doing. 3) It can feel uncomfortable to celebrate ourselves. It may make us feel egotistical, question our worth, and create judgements of comparison to ourselves and others. But don’t let your lower self fool you, you NEED this stage to heal, create, and prosper!

Much love, awareness and ease to you all as you move through these elemental phases of your life!

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