April Newsletter

Happy Full Moon in Scorpio amigos,

This is a time of deep healing & psychic amplification. It’s an important week to create comfy spaces for yourself to reflect inwardly & allow yourself to go into your depth. Within each individual exists an underworld. The Full Moon in Scorpio will shine a light into your shadowy caverns & reveal what has been stirring. Perhaps some creep-crawlies &/or valuable gems thriving in the dark. I extend myself to those seeking extra support during this transformative week & provide you with an update of the life-changing process I’ve been undergoing the last 6 months. 

I’ve recently discovered that I’ve been in a decades-long metamorphosis when it comes to transformation in the areas of my creative expression, delight & romance in my life. I knew I was blocked in these area’s before, I was aware of it. But I didn’t feel like I had access or the inner resources to clear the stuck energy. It was just there. Un-moving, unchanging, & seemingly out of reach. 

Now, after a series of what I’d call master initiations, I cannot be slowed down. It’s taken me a long time to get here, where I’m including my needs & unapologetic in my desires for peace, pleasure & intimacy. I’ve been stuck & stagnant in these sectors of my life since I can remember, so do not have the space or time to remain still any longer. 

I must honor the driving energy I feel inside of me to go forward in the pursuit of love, passion, self-expression & creativity; & have made a dramatic shift in no longer allowing anyone or anything to stand in my way – including myself.

I have noticed a major release of people-pleasing take place in the last month – thank you North Node in Aries & South Node in Libra –  as well as getting out of my own way. The experience has literally felt like turning a light switch on & off. A very simple & seamless action. I feel more free, honoring & respectful of mySelf than ever before. Allowing for the dissolve of my & other people’s judgements & opinions of me has dropped a dramatic weight off my shoulders. I have sensed this energy for a long time, but was unaware of exactly where it was coming from. Most likely lifetimes & generations of co-dependency & trauma-response.

Now, no longer holding the energy of what’s not mine, I feel a renewed & vast serene, spaciousness for my next evolution of becoming. I feel ecstatic, excited energy propelling me forward into what’s next that Source has in store for me. Open & curious to opportunities coming from new & different sectors I wasn’t aware of or interested in prior. I notice an up-leveling of autonomy & choice in the design & creation of my life. As well as pure awe & wonder of the fruits of my Spiritual labor over the past 15 years I’ve been on the awakening path. Doing the inner, intentional, self: connection-healing-learning & loving work, truly pays off. And it takes time.

After all these years of compassionate practice & devotion to Truth, I have a defined system of self-care that enlightens my frequency to the point where now I can see & implement how to manifest what I truly desire & serves my highest & best; & have embodied the courage, clarity, values & ethics to do so. 

Now, in clear knowing of the process in how to co-create with the Universe after a multitude of attempts from my own personal needs for understanding, health & healing, I am of the capacity to take right-action that aligns with my soul-purpose to model & share the Frequency & Freedom that Love is. With this world. At this time.

Feeling so keenly aligned to the reasoning of my being-here has given me meaning-making that supports & expands my life, instead of contorts & contracts it, as the current over-arching model of fear & power-over systems deludes. It’s so easy to get lost, confused & resigned. To awaken the heart requires many attempts of surrender & pursuit. The patience for mistakes & error. The trust to not-know & try again.

Devoting myself to Love’s path as a student & now also, as a teacher & spiritual counselor, has provided me the true nourishment that all human’s require to feel alive, happy & free. I feel such gratitude to be resourced with the service & devotional energy to share this “return to home” process with others.

I thank you, from the depths of my heart & being. For being here, & walking along with me. I thank you for your own personal trust & surrender process to awaken yourself & the world around you to Mas Amor – More Love. It is no small measure to open-heartedly contribute to life. 

If you’re ready & yearning for support in the awakening & evolution of your Heart & Spirit, I am here, honored & pleasured to support you on your path.

A good place to start or continue working with me is in my Spiritual Counseling service. Preferably, 75mins or 90mins to provide us the spaciousness to cover all of your needs for healing & expansion. To schedule click the links above.

In Service of Love & Spirit,