May Newsletter

Dear Beloveds,

Happy Spring!

I love this time of year. Everything is turning green & flowers are blooming. I’ve been working in the garden & lawn & loving it. I find it so cathartic to put my feet & hands in the dirt & let myself move my energy into the land. I’m blessed to have a front & back porch, so I hop back & forth from one to the other. Have coffee & meditating on one, writing & having lunch on the other. Grounding in the backyard whenever I want. Being outside makes me so happy & healthy. I love taking extra long walks in the evenings with the pups as the sun is setting. Ahhhh the simple things.

What’s new with me that I feel called to share in this month’s newsletter is that I’ve noticed a dramatic shift in my own personal Magnetism & allowing myself to live in my Radiance and Joy-State. I can feel myself shining brighter & the outer world has been reflecting that back to me through a lot of blessings, heart-felt exchanges of love, compliments, smiles & connection. I know a large part of this is from doing some very deep, life-changing work last year. I finally stood unwavering in my truth & held firm in boundaries I had needed too for a long time. I learned that Love also says NO. ENOUGH. And that I was doing no one any good by enabling unhealthy habits & behavior. Enough space & grace had been given. It was time to take action & finally ‘do the damn thang.’

I had to get real clear with myself so I could get real clear in my relationships. Because they are always a reflection of each other. Once I received the clarity I had been praying for daily, for some periods heavily. In like, all-day-meditational-prayer-typa-things, the answers came dropping in like fallen stars from the sky & because I had been calling on my pride of Lion Spirit animals for courage, I had the fierce-heart energy needed to slay the dragons. It was no small feat but it was worth my life, & saved it. 

Facing our fears is rarely fun & is something we naturally turn away from than toward, but I’ve learned if you want a magical, beautiful, aligned, harmonious life, that typically takes growing your capacity to challenge your own status quo & comfort, be bold & daring, & leap out of your smallness & into the unknown. 

Now being on the other side of that very dark place I’d been in & still consenting too for quite some time, I’ve received the revelation of having access to my Joy. I didn’t even realize I had lost it. But I had, somewhere along the way. Like a slowly dissolving glacier from climate change, it was something decreasing gradually overtime. Hard to notice or capture long enough to realize. I had started to think living unhappily & in distress most of the time was normal.

Now, no longer giving my energy away to the non-sense & drama that fear instills, my life-force is turning back on & turns out, I not only have access to Joy & Living in my Radiance, but I have the autonomy choose it every day — because it is indeed, a choice!

Saying Yes to my Joy & Radiance means saying No to allowing fear or judgment to drive my car.

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To the expansion of Love,