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October Newsletter

Dear Beloveds,  I know you don’t know where you’re going right now, & the direction awaits you.  But soon your soul will find a new rhythm, & the living you called normal will become a faint memory dissolving… Read More

September Newsletter

Dear Beloveds, Happy September! I am just about to come upon my new solar year, and I’m feeling there is so much I could say about what I’ve been experiencing, learning, realizing, embodying and what I’d like to… Read More

July Newsletter

Hello Beloveds,  What may be perceived as a loss of love is really redirection toward alignment to our most Truest Self. This truest Self is not static. It’s always moving and changing, organic in nature. The very foundation of relationship is… Read More

June Newsletter

Hello Beloveds, Happy Father’s Day to you and yours!  As I think about what this Day stands for, I feel immense gratitude for my biological Father, Father God & Sky, Grandfathers, along with all the Father-Uncles, Father-Cousins, Surrogate Fathers, Father-Partners,… Read More

May Newsletter

Hello Beloveds, I’ve recently experienced the power of stopping the search.  When we are seeking for answers and expect something, say an apology or an answer, we slow down and even block the blessings from reaching us because we’re… Read More

April Newsletter

Hello Beloveds, What my good friend Grant always says is, “life takes care of life.” I love it when he reminds me of this because it’s so true and strikes me as such a relief every time I hear it…. Read More

March Newsletter

Hello Beloveds, I have been back in KC for 4 weeks now and I’m finally feeling like I’m settling into life back here stateside, after living in Mexico on or by the ocean for 5 weeks. There has been much to… Read More

December Newsletter

Dear Beloveds, Happy Holiday season. I awoke at 4am this morning with mental activity and this need to create and share. Sleep has been sporadic lately and I’m trying to not make it mean anything, all the while… Read More

November Newsletter

Dear Beloveds, Happy Thanksgiving week! Isn’t it incredible that we devote a whole day on the annual calendar to give thanks? Whomever decided to do that I believe knew how important Gratitude is as a Spiritual tool to living… Read More

October Newsletter

Dear Beloveds, Have you been experiencing all the effects of the New Moon in Scorpio conjunct Pluto – Solar Eclipse this week?? I most definitely have. Scorpio is the Zodiac of the underworld. God of Hades. It holds all… Read More