May Newsletter

Dear Beloveds,

Happy May Day. Happy Mother’s Day. Happy Beltane. Happy Spring. The Earth is awakening and it’s my favorite time of year to witness.

I want to speak about the ascension process we are all undergoing, especially those on a healing and spiritual path.

What is the ascension process? Essentially it is moving from 3D consciousness to 5D consciousness. 3D is based in fear and programmed with duality. 5D is the embodiment of love.

Moving out of fear programs that our primate brains have carried for millions of years is extremely gnarly work. In long ago periods when we lived in nature and with the Earth, our awareness had to always be scanning for predators to keep ourselves from being killed. This scanning and negativity bias still lives in our brains today and for most humans, is running the show. It’s a complex and layered system to untangle. It requires repetitive practices, dedication, and awareness to reprogram a fear-based system of consciousness to one of love.

While on the journey of moving from fear to love we experience a myraid of symptoms I like to call “ascension symptoms” that can show up vastly different for different people. But often look like illness, dis-ease, car wrecks, breakups, ego-deaths, real deaths, bankruptcy, etc. The list goes on.

These symptoms especially come online when we are working at “stretching” our capacity for Wholeness. The more light we bring in, the more our shadow feels “safe” enough to make itself known. Humans are self-healing machines. The unconscious mind will continue to bring up what you’ve repressed because it desires to heal.

Moving out of 3D and into a more 5D way of life first starts with the thoughts that we think. Any lack, judgment, shame or fear has to go. Once these start to shift, how we feel about ourselves starts to shift. Once we start to think and feel more high vibe, our bodies start to heal, often by “getting well” meaning bringing the illness or dis-ease to the surface. Essentially moving it out of the body.

I wanted to share this with you to let you know I completely empathize with how grueling this process can be. I get it! I’m living it! It is not easy. It can not be fun. It can be extremely difficult and it will make you question your ability and sanity. It will change you, but it will really only take away that which is not you, to reveal more of what you are. Which is love.

I’m also writing this as a pep talk to myself. To remind myself as I’m navigating my own symptoms, that this is the process. This is what healing looks like. And to see that the more I relax, allow, and trust this sometimes crazy process, the more fun I have and the “easier” it goes. Laughter also helps a lot.

I know living in the 3D matrix is often a rough place. It wears on you. Tears on you. Beats you down and takes you for dead. But your Spirit is strong. It is infinite, multidimensional, and capable of anything you say it is. You wouldn’t be experiencing what you’re experiencing unless you could handle it or were ready for it. You’re much bigger and badder than you think you are. There is a courageous fire deep inside of you that can stand for you no matter the situation.

You’ve got this bae. We’ve got this. We are all getting well. We are all walking each other home. 

Mucho blessings to you on your journey, we got this.


April Newsletter

Dear Beloveds,

I am writing to you today from such inspiration and joy. I know I just wrote and sent out my March newsletter, but April came pouring through this morning and I feel like I have discovered something really exciting and I just cannot wait to share it with you.

Since my time in Mexico and coming home, I have felt the most expansive, joyful, and energized in my entire adult life. Upon spending 3 weeks in Tulum by myself, the unique discovery I stumbled upon was the ability to be the Source of my own joy, delight, and ecstasy. Every day I would walk, bike, skip, dance and play down the streets and by the ocean of this boho beach town and I had So. Much. Fun. with MYSELF!

Growing up I lived in the country, about 15mins by car from any of my friends, so I played by myself and was left to entertain myself often. This was such a gift for me to learn as a child. That I was the Source of my own happiness! Wowzers. I’m blown away that I already knew how to do this, and how lost I got when I began being interested in dating and got into committed relationships. Without even realizing it, I started to source my safety, security, worthiness, joy, peace, happiness, you name it, through someone else. And I didn’t even recognize it. I got so entangled, muddled, confused and swept up in the energy outside of me, and **forgot** about the energy within.

This is totally normal and a very common attachment style for humans. Some of us cling, people-please, identify with needing someone else to externally validate us, while others are more prone to put up a lot of walls and keep distance between self and other —- both ploys of the ego to keep one safe from the fear of love-death. The survival part of us that believes we aren’t love, we don’t come from love, and that we must go out and “get love” so we don’t die. Woof. Big, gnarly, stuff.

But. And this is a big BUTT (lol, ;p) (humor helps with these intense truths) This is one of our ultimate betrayals of Self in these physical forms. That we don’t recognize our Union with God is how we Source our own everything. That when we team up, get with, and allow Source Energy to move through us, we create our own everything with it. This is the ultimate definition of co-creating with the Universe. When you don’t recognize yourself as separate from God. When you see, feel, sense and know, without a shadow of a doubt, that you are God. You are Source Energy itself. And when you begin sourcing energy from God, the supply is limitless. The love is eternal. That you needn’t anything from anyone, or anything else. That whatever comes from the outside is a gift, a blessing, frosting on the cake. But that you’ve got yourself, because you have learned how to Source yourself from the God within.

How freakin’ juicy is that!!!!!????? What I’ve been finding from this point is that my relationships are getting even MORE amazing, and of course that would be the case. As my relationship with myself expands, so that reflects outside of me. My friendships are growing deeper, the synchronicities and miracles are coming daily and are going off the charts, and my connection to life itself is expanding in more joy, delight and ease than I ever knew possible.

And this type of life is available to you too. It’s not special to me. It does require a true commitment to knowing the truth of who you are, a willingness to be vulnerable and integrate your shadow, and surrender of that which you ever thought to be true.

If this type of healing calls to you and you vibrate with what I’m saying and wish to do this type of work yourself, I am here as a guide to your soul’s highest calling. Respond to this email for Energy Alignment sessions.

Mucho blessings to you beloveds.

To Sourcing from the infinite well of Love from the Universe,


March Newsletter

Hola, Buenos Dias Amigos,

I’m rolling in at the very end of your month again to share that I have returned from my sabbatical in Mexico and that I’m feeling reborn, refreshed and rejuvenated in a whole new way. It feels as if I have more of my life force available to me. Like there is more of “me” here, alive and active. And it feels good!

I feel so fortunate and grateful to myself and my mother for this. Growing up, I would say the attributes my mom modeled the most were independence, adventurous, I-can-do-anything and handle-anything attitude, fun-loving, generous, service-oriented, loyal, and kind. Unknowingly, she gave me exactly what I needed to be who I am today and go after my dreams. One of the things I recall my mother instilling within me from a young age was telling me that I could do anything and be anything. That type of programming for a young psyche can do wonders for a child, because I believe that I can and I am. For that, I send my mother a billion and one thank you’s. Thank you mama, I love you.

Speaking of programming, where is your internal radio dial set? Meaning, where are you putting your focus? Where we put our attention, is what we give our energy. Are you giving your energy to the frequency of fear or love? One great teacher said if you’re not focusing on love you’re focusing on fear. And if it really is that simplistic, can you teach yourself to come back when you’ve set off on another voyage of fear-mongering thoughts? Remembering that our the quality of our thoughts dictate the feelings in our bodies, and the feelings in our bodies determine the state of our health.

Are you rejecting or denying your feelings? If so, somatic science states that anything we do not feel gets stored in the tissues, organs and DNA of our bodies. If we’re not feeling it, we’re not healing it. The only way out of an emotion is through it. I really felt this on my women’s retreat in Mexico. The safe container that was created where all of my needs were met allowed me to dive into the emotional process my heart had been begging me to do, which was feel the heartbreak fully of uncoupling from my recent long-term relationship with the love of my life.

I’m not going to sugar-coat it, it fucking hurt. It was not pleasant. It was extremely uncomfortable. But look, I’m still here and alive to tell the tale, and feeling what needed to be felt worked. After about 4 days of intense grieving (after 3.5 months of doing it in and out of working and living day-to-day life) most of the pain cleared and returned to love. I began to clearly see and understand what him and I were teaching each other and I was able to forgive a lot of it and let go even more. It’s not to say that I don’t still get triggered or feel sadness about him, but going through the tunnel of the shadow of death granted me the wisdom, heart-strength and consciousness I needed to rebirth myself into this newly-emerging Self who is actually more herSelf than she’s ever been before.

Everything is here for us. Every relationship is a teacher. Every situation and circumstance is providing us the exact medicine required for your liberation. It’s only a matter of re-programming yourSelf to See it this way.

But hold on because once you do, the game changes ~~~~~

Mucho blessings to you beloveds. If you wish to come to know yourSelf as a Spiritual being and desire to better understand how the laws of the Universe work and how to use your pain as fuel for your purpose, I am now mainly doing Energy Alignment sessions online where we clear, activate and harmonize everything “happening” in your life for your highest and best. Reply to this email to discuss!

In honor of our souls emergence <3


February Newsletter

Hola, Buenos Dias!

Happy last day of February! Nothing like waiting until the last minute to send out my monthly newsletter! And I say that with a lot of joy and gratitude. I’ve been such a planner and pusher and doer to achieve and create most of my life, it feels good to not worry and hemmorage energy around when I’m going to get things done and just trust that it will get done, when I have the energy to do it. So here we are!

I write to you from the lands of Mexico mi amigos. I came down here for a women’s retreat that focused on feminine embodiment, sourcing our own energy, love, play, gentleness, slowness, flowy-ness…..and I got to tell you, it was, So. Damn. Good!!!! I love surrendering to the feminine principles of creation after so many years of hyper-masculinity in my system (those energies that push us to go faster, be bigger, do better all the time and work more from a male’s hormonal body than a woman’s) it feels so good to let go and trust.

Speaking of letting go and trusting! I am full on experiencing that it is safe to fall my friends! Wowwwzers and what a quality to learn! Ever since I was little I had this sense that I was meant to know a bigger world. I didn’t know what that meant, and I still really don’t if I try to conceptualize it, but it’s been a known feeling in my body that feels sent from Source that I am meant to live beyond the boundaries of what most would call a normal life. I have always questioned rules, laws, structures and systems, authority and my family can most certainly attest to me pushing the limits and living outside the box.

When we do so we learn that it is safe to live the way our internal gps is guiding us. You know, that nudge you feel to get a tattoo, swim naked, go to bed early when everyone else is staying out late, go back to being a carnivore after you’ve been vegan, lift weights when all your friends are yogi’s, quit your corporate gig and work for a non-profit. We can trust the guidance of our energy. But this inner voice gets hard to hear with so much noise and distraction in our modern lives. It becomes so easy to let the voices of “those we believe to know better than us” to flood our thoughts and curate our beliefs. We truly have no idea what we believe or what we want, and this limits us in so many ways.

It takes away our ability to know the fullness of ourselves and what we’re capable of. It makes us much less creative, has us rely on sourcing outside of ourselves, and frankly, just makes us small.

I’ve been undergoing a pretty intense life-changing process these last 3.5 months that’s required me to work  through quite a bit of resistance. My small self wanting to stay put and not question my conventional living, my higher self calling me forward to a world I don’t know where I feel awkward, clumsy and vulnerable. In this new arena I do not feel in control. Like, at all. It feels quite messy at times and some doubt can creep in wondering if I am safe. If the path I’m forging is the right one.

But then as one sister on retreat reminded me this past week, Empowerment is on the other side of Fear. And after working through many stages of grief and letting go on the women’s retreat, I’m feeling more full in my energy body. I’m feeling more grounded to Mama (Earth), open and free in my heart space, and sharp in my connection to Source. These are lines of energy relationship we all have and are the most natural for us — to the Earth, through our Hearts, Open in our Crowns.

We were all brought in as sovereign beings. The safety to be ourselves is literally built into our DNA. God lives within the soft, supple areas of our bodies and tissues. It is safe to listen. It is safe to follow our intuition. It is safe to surrender. It is safe to let go. It is safe to trust the prana (breath) in our lungs, it safe to trust the beating of our hearts.

It is safe, to Fall.

If you’d like to hear more about the life-changing process I’ve been undergoing you can check my most recent IG or FB post where I for the first time vulnerably and outwardly share my heart and a beautiful poem that came through called, Break-up or Break-open? You can follow me at the links below.

Hasta luego mi amigos! Salue to the forever letting-go process and to trusting the safe landing of our falls.



In honor of the wild fem <3


January Newsletter

Dear Beloveds,

In the past few months, life has organized itself in a way that’s allowed my wild feminine heart to emerge.

She is radiant, powerful, expressive, bold, daring, fierce, playful, sassy, seductive, lets things be chaotic and messy, can be dramatic, is connected to the pulse of Gaia, is deeply loving, and of course – WILD.

What I’ve been learning from her is that she takes no bullshit. She sees right through the strategies and manipulation (aka toxic masculine energy, which both females and males have, that isn’t a dig at men) and says No. Thank. You. Or a sassy, “Oh, hell nooooo!” when it’s warranted. I’ve been having fun with the sass ;p

She’s been teaching me all about how to stand firm in my no and what I allow into my energy. The boundaries she’s been enforcing are FIERCE. So fierce they’ve made me break down on multiple occasions, crying into a crumbled pile of guilt and shame while I ask if it’s really okay for me to love myself this much? To the point of not being there for loved ones when they need me? To not overstep the boundaries she’s telling me keep me safe? To not defend or justify my actions to others? To choose myself, above all else??? That’s an option??!!!!!

This has been a complex request for me to understand, make space for, and honor. What does it even look like to not put other’s wants and needs before my own? What will happen when I don’t do what they want me to do? Of course I fear I will lose them. That they’ll take away their love and believe I am some witch from hell with a cold, black heart. Woof. Yeah, that description of the fear sounds accurate. These unconscious beliefs run deep my friends. Tis the result of generational oppression and trauma of all beings. Including the Earth.

And so, this is where the play comes in. I’ve been playing with this energy. What does it feel like to express myself boldly from my wild fem heart? In what ways does She want to move her hips as she walks? What little snicker or sass does She wish to share? Can She own her pointed gaze? How openly will She dare to be seen? How wide can She expand her heart? How much love can She gift, even in adversity? Will She offer her gifts at their full capacity? Or will I allow her to shrink in fear of what others may think? Will I allow the conditioning of shame to silence her deepest expression and the fear of judgement make her mess into a a problem?

Will She melt into a vulnerability hang-over for days after being so expansive, expressive, and open?

How deeply I allow myself to bear witness to these wild, chaotic, feminine parts is the degree to which I know them, embody them, and grant permission for others. I only know boldness by allowing some cockiness. I only understand fierceness by allowing some bitchiness. I only know my full expression by allowing some drama.

I have been daring myself to walk the line of these energies so I know where the line is! I’ve been allowing myself to explore her edges and play with the different expressions of her feminine body. She wishes to be known and allowed to be.

She unabashedly wants to let go, and be free.

And so, I bow to thee.

To see how I’ve been awakening my wild fem heart, check out my social media for some badass posts where I express her through fierce, sassy, and seductive dance and play!



In honor of the wild fem <3


December Newsletter

Dear Beloveds,

Happy Holi-days to you! I wish you tidings of great joy and cheer now and always.

What a year this has been – for all of us – I have been going through a death and rebirthing process right along this darkest night of Winter Solstice and the conjunction of Saturn and Jupiter, and what I’m most present too as I sit down to write you my monthly newsletter, is that I am grateful.

As painful as loss is, I am grateful for it. It has taught me how resilient I am. It has shown me that I am much much more capable than what I thought. It’s pointed to where I lack boundaries. It’s gotten me more comfortable with saying see ya later, not now, and even goodbye. Its granted me a greater connection to the realm of Spirit and shown me just how intricately everything in the Universe is one.

I am grateful to winter for modeling how to let go. To allow change and hibernation and turning inward. For showing us that death is a natural part of the life cycle.

Dear nature, I am grateful for you. Thank you for showing us humans the way, always.

I’ve been on an internal journey the last few months with not much to share openly or publicly. I’m honoring my hearts request for more quiet, peace, and solitude.

Right now I’m out in the country of Iowa, enjoying the land and space. I’ll be here through the holidays and am grateful to be with my blood kin.

I’m going to go back inward now. I just wanted to come out and wish you well and let you know I’m still here. If you’d like to know more about my transformation process, you can check out my IG where I’ve been spontaneously sharing videos of performing alchemy through dance. It’s been so therapeutic, enlivening, and fun.

Until the New Year beloveds, peace be unto you!

Lisa Lola Instagram

In peace,


November Newsletter

Dear Beloveds,

This past week I have been exploring this fear that lives deep inside my heart. It hurts. It feels tight and contracted. Ancient and new. To be completely honest, it has been scaring the shit out of me. I so badly wish to tuck it away, never to be felt or glimpsed again, but deep down, I know I am meant to feel this.

How do I know I am meant to feel this? Because it’s here. It’s part of me. A long lost forgotten part desiring to be seen, felt and heard. To be gotten in a way that I’ve never known. But my small self says, “this is extremely painful and hard work!” to go toward the thing I most resist…takes great courage, softening, patience and commitment to my Higher Whole.

When I quiet down and listen, I hear it calling me forth to see this fear as specific, unique, information that is liberation for my soul. Whispering, “don’t you dare to know yourself in a way you never have before?” Its roar is loud and can be frightening. If I don’t listen it gets louder….and what’s so freeing is that when I do stop and give it my attention, it calms down.

Oh how freeing it is to go into the internal flames of the soul and come out alive on the other side!! I can see that my fear, these so called dark places inside of me, want to be known, they want to be a part of me, they desire to be integrated so that I can be more of me that I came here to Be. Those same flames that I believe will take me down to my death, are the exact same energies that will fuel my life in new and untold ways.

In deepening into these truths, I feel my chest soften and I give a big, releasing exhale. Yes, this is what I came here for. I’m remembering now. I see that I had forgotten my one undying truth.

That I AM the one I’ve always been looking for. That I hold the keys to everything I desire. And to truly, fully receive the fullness of my Being, I must dive deep, into the coldest, loneliness places of my heart and take care of the one that longs for mommy and daddy to hold her, love her, and tell her that everything’s going to be okay.

I AM my Mother. I AM my Father. I Am my Child, Sibling and Best Friend.

I AM the Romantic Partner I so ignorantly believed could be fulfilled outside of me.

Let it be known that everything I seek outside is to be redirected and found within.

I ask myself to soften into these anxious monsters that live inside my heart and allow them to Be. I breathe and give them acceptance. You are a part of me, it would be so silly to deny your truth. I ask myself to fully receive them.

To no longer run from myself. But to run toward the places within me that need me most.

Hold them. Love them. Give them my compassion and forgiveness.

I unchain myself from the conditioned restrictions, limiting beliefs and cultural pain projected upon me from past, present and future timelines.

I ground, open and exhale.

Everything is material for my liberation. ~Yajrayogini

In celebration,


October Newsletter

Dear Beloveds,

If you follow me on Instagram or Facebook, you may know that I just completed a 7 day Chakra Juice Cleanse yesterday. If you didn’t know that and would like to see how my progress went day in and day out, you can watch my video dairies on my IG page, Lisalolaliving, or see photos of the juices and affirmations on FB, Lisa Lola Healing Arts.

So post cleanse, how am I feeling my first day? I’m actually a little rough this morning. I had a hard time sleeping again last night with some anxiety, and I woke feeling kind of depleted, out of it, and like my moon is  about to start.

As I sat and journaled this morning I saw that feeling that way makes sense though. I went through a huge expansion this past week on the cleanse, and now, I may be contracting some, as the heart does – it expands and contracts – and that it’s a necessary part of the process.

I opened up wide and let go of A LOT during those 7 days. I let go of life as I knew it, as I see how much I revolved around my hot morning drink, lunchtime and dinner. I saw how much I’ve been conditioned to plan my life around food, obsess about when I’m going to eat, and make a big fuss when I’m feeling some hunger pains. I see how much this takes me out of the moment and steals my free flow of attention and creativity.

During this cleanse, my whole schedule got transformed. I was no longer chained to the common food routines of shopping, cooking, mealtimes, cleanup….it was so amazing to be free of all these tasks for a week and I got so much more done! Way more than I thought I would as I scheduled in some down time, not knowing how I’d feel. I felt so f’in free.

I also let go of chewing, gluten, dairy, grains, eggs, fish, corn, processed sugar, coffee….it was so cool to see how my cells were buzzing from the insurmountable amounts of veggies and fruits I was “eating.” I then read that a 16oz juice is the equivalent of 2.5lbs of veggies and fruits….WHOA! and I was drinking six, 12-14oz juices a day….no wonder I was zinging right along! Not to mention how wonderful it was to give my digestion a break for a whole week. Outstanding.

Then besides the more physical, noticeable things I let go of, I also let go of a lot of stories I created about my abilities. I really never thought I could do this so easily. I truly thought I’d be hungry and cranky and struggling against my food attachments the entire time, but I wasn’t. It was actually fairly easy. From this I see how I have really limited myself in the past and that I’m far more capable than I ever fathomed.

To me, if I can do a 7 day juice cleanse with nothing else, I can do anything. Challenging my relationship to the thing (food) that gives me so much comfort, connection, calm, joy, safety and stability is one of my greatest victories. I showed myself that I can expand beyond what my mind believes to be possible and that my comfort, safety, joy is not from a source outside myself, I generate that from within. I Am my own Creator. I Am the one that provides me stability. I Am the one that generates joy. I Am…I Am…I Am…I Am the one I’ve been looking for. It feels amazing to take my power back and show myself just how damn powerful I Am!

….And now it has me wondering, “I wonder what else I can do that I previously thought I couldn’t? I wonder what else the Universe has in store for my greatest good? I wonder where else I can challenge myself and tear down some walls?” It’s fun to explore that space and see what pops up.

So now, I’m asking you. Where have you blocked yourself in your abilities? What stories have you made up about what’s possible? What are you ready to let go of that isn’t serving you and do you believe you can? Please please, I’d love to hear your responses and support you in being a space of listening and encouragement to tell you that you can do anything! Anything!

Remember, a belief is just a thought we think over and over again. Start thinking some new thoughts about your capabilities today, repeat that day after day, and you’ll have a new, highly improved belief system.

Because there’s nothing better than setting out to do something you thought you couldn’t do, and doing it. The spiritual progress I was looking for, has been served.

PS:  If you’d like to know more about this cleanse or purchase it, it’s called Living Well from Cafe Gratitude here in KC. It’s based on the 7 chakra system from the yogic tradition, and anyone who purchases in the next 2 weeks and mentions LisaLola receives a $50 gift card to post cleanse foods from them! They’re an all organic, plant-based vegan restaurant and the quality is one of the best in town. I highly recommend them and trust their source of produce.

In celebration,


September Newsletter

Dear Beloveds,

I’m embarking upon another solar year as I look to celebrate the day I was born at the end of this week, some 12,775 days ago! (I’ll let you calculate how many years that is 😉

At this point in my life, I feel really blessed, and also, still pretty stressed. Stressed more than I’d like to admit, as I’m still figuring out how to run a business, manage the high amounts of creative desire I have, keep myself healthy, and maintain the level of relationships that truly feed my soul.

I wish I was at that point where I could say, “I’m too blessed to be stressed” but I’m not there yet. Currently I’m in the midst of really looking at what’s my true Yes and how do I lovingly say, No.

From the beginning, I’ve been very fortunate to have success in my work. But no one really talks about how to manage everything that comes along with it. All the desires and requests from the outside world are exhausting if I’m not keeping my agreements with myself in what keeps me healthy, and holding clear boundaries of No to what just isn’t resonating.

I see that if I stay in reality, the answers are clear. They are typically my first instinct, but feelings of guilt often trickle in, where I make myself wrong and put others needs before my own. When we are feeling stuck, it’s not because of anything happening in reality, stuckness is created in the mind of shoulds and should nots. The mind gets stuck because it thinks things should be different. We should feel differently than we do and offer more than what’s naturally there.

Finding that key point of resonance within my body is the sweet nectar to all my questions. What feels good? Is the ongoing inquiry, and the answer cannot be made up, it’s just what arises from pure authenticity.

So as I embark upon 12,775 days, and am “middle aged” by some statistics viewpoints, I ask myself for the love of the Goddess herself Lisa, what feels good to you?

Can we please just try that on for a while?

This is my prayer and intention for these next 365 days. If you’re reading this and see me, I dare you to ask me how it’s going ;p

Happy Birthday to little, medium, and big me !!

In celebration,


August Newsletter

Dear Beloveds,

I write to you from a place called Chugiak, Alaska. I am here on a girls trip with my mother, surrogate mom – the woman who watched me from the time I was an infant to an adolescent – and her daughter, who was like my kid sister as a child, a few years younger than me.

It’s been so fun and interesting to reconnect with these people that I shared daily space with as a child. I have been reminded of many old feelings and memories of them and what it was like to be in their “family.” Many things that make me laugh and are humorous, other things that haven’t changed at all, and new things they’ve picked up through their life. So interesting to see what’s changed and what hasn’t after a 20+ year hiatus.

Alaska is beautiful, and to be honest I hadn’t ever really thought about visiting here. I love to travel and am always thinking about the next place I want to go, but this one just seemed so far off in my mind. But then I got the opportunity when my kid sister came on my Guatemala retreat earlier this year and proposed it to me. I immediately jumped at the invite and we began planning.

What I’m most present to in Alaska is how much space there is. To help you gauge, the Kansas City metro area is about 2.34 million people in 7,952 square miles. Whereas the whole state of Alaska has a population of 731,545 in 663,300 square miles. Alaska is big! Alaska is bigger than Texas, California, and Montana combined. My mind got blown by this comparison, and it really had me start thinking about how much different it feels spatially when I’m in KC, vs here.

Being here and staying at place that I’d call “out in the country” where I’m surrounded by trees and nature, it feels very expansive and open, and my energy body follows that of my environment. I have naturally started to unwind and settle into a slower pace. I’ve slept like a rock here for the most part and my breath has been full and deep.

There’s a silence here that I can’t even put words too, and a stillness that can’t be achieved, it just is. I’m able to access this super stillness when I really slow myself down and tune into the ever present moment of now. This place is calm and my mind has completely harmonized with my being. From this place a natural state of bliss arose where I was excited and ecstatic for the moment. A joy rose from within and a happiness of being. Being here. Being now. Being me.

When I settle into these places of deep content, it feels like the moment could go on forever. Time erupts as my mind has known it and the ever-present-ness of the moment feels ever-expanding. It feels like a retreat into myself without needing to go anywhere. This is the experience of the inward journey. The movement into oneself where everything and no-thing exist. The place that has all the answers, which I’m finding are a series of the same answers each time, yet feel new each time. A few I’m experiencing…

you are the peace that you seek
you have the love that you desire
you are not the anger
you are not the stories
you are the fullness of life
you are no different from the other
you are the teacher that you seek
you are connected to source energy
you are of the same essence of All

These are sayings we hear over and over again on the consciousness path, yet actually experiencing them in a felt sense is totally different. These aren’t concepts I’m trying to convey. They’re witnessing’s of my
I-AM-ness of the moment. Can you tell the difference? Drop down from your head and read the list again from your body.

Giving ourselves space is required to access these truths. They are always there, but in the heavy distractions of modern day living, they can be easily missed and seemingly difficult to experience.

I am grateful to you Alaska, for all the space so that I may remember the truth of my essence. What a wonderful reset this has been.