November Newsletter

Hello Beloveds,

Happy Thanksgiving and deep bow of gratitude to you for being on this path with me!

Did you know that Gratitude vibrates at 540 MHz and that being grateful falls on the same level as love? When we feel gratitude we are experiencing one of the highest vibrational frequencies we can be at, and the more time we spend in gratitude and love, the more our body’s frequency raises and the healthier our bodies become.

That’s right, practicing gratitude keeps us healthier, more joyful and experiencing the energies of love, peace, grace, and you-name-it positive emotion! That’s pretty freakin’ cool isn’t it?! I’ve been playing around with practicing more gratitude since I returned home from Costa Rica about a month ago and I’ve got to say, its working. 

Every day I practice thinking thoughts of gratefulness for the people, things and experiences in my life. I couple that with feeling gratitude in my heart for said things, and I focus my attention on unifying my mind (thoughts) and body (feelings) on gratitude. I then ask my heart to turn up the volume so that I can really feel the oneness of gratitude in my whole being. I stay there as long as I can and my state usually changes. I come out feeling all tingly and damn near giddy at times with all this zest and energy for life! When this happens, we are literally changing our state! Aka, our genes and DNA as we’re conditioning ourselves to love.

Ever since I started doing this I have been feeling happier, healthier, more alive and vital and also in this beautiful state of awe and wonder for life. It’s no wonder most religions include it in their pillars of practice and intent. It’s a powerful tool for living close to God and in alignment with the Universe.

What about when we’re having a not-so-great day and gratitude is far from reach? That’s the time when we need it most. To be reminded of all that we are blessed with and to focus our attention on what we have, not what we don’t. When we focus our thoughts on gratitude (love) and away from lack (fear) we are literally priming ourselves for more abundance because we attract not what we want, but who we are. If we keep our vibrational state (our thoughts and feelings) in a state of peace, forgiveness and compassion, we will attract like-energies right back to us. And the opposite is true. If we live in a state of doubt, greed and guilt, we’ll attract those like energies to us as well. 

People who have the most abundance in their lives have that because they’ve figured out that gratitude (love) attracts more of the same. 

I wish you a wonderful holiday season of gratitude, peace, joy and an abundance of love beloveds!

All my love,

October Newsletter

Hello Beloveds,

Happy Fall. I just returned home late last night from 1 month in Costa Rica. What a blessing to wake up to the changing of the trees this morning! As I write I am looking directly out my window at this tall green beauty changing to burnt orange….ahhhhh my favorite!!!

I initially went to Costa Rica to receive my Reiki Masters Training on the southwestern Pacifica side of the country in a town called Manuel Antonio. The retreat was beautiful and deep and challenging in all the right ways necessary to stretch me into the expansion of my Sovereignty, which was the collective group intention of what we were really up too. 22 women were taking back and claiming all the parts of ourselves we’d given away through people pleasing, making ourselves small for the comfort of others, punishing ourselves for not being “perfect”, not allowing ourselves our own magic and all the ways we’ve withheld our voices, hearts and wombs from the planet out of fear of safety and scrutiny. All the ways we’ve condemned each other and put our pain on another person for fear of being crushed by our own weight. All of it. Reclaimed and owned. It was no small thing and you could feel the tension build throughout the week, to crescendo into a massive release as multiple monkey’s scavenged for food in our home during our Reiki Master attunement process. Yes, we were blessed by monkey’s running about while being attuned into this next chapter of spiritual ascension!

Then I went on to the south Caribbean side into a small beach town called Puerto Viejo, near the Panama border for 3 weeks. Wow. This portion of my trip, which I thought was supposed to be my “vacaciones” was not that. No, Spirit had other things in store, and like I tell many of my clients, we may not get what we want, but we get what we need. This portion of my trip turned into one long healing process. I came to the country with much on my plate. Lots of stress. Lots of overwhelm. Lots of fear. Lots of loss. Lots of unrest. My first full day in PV I went to the beach and I was just barely hanging on by a thread. I went into child’s pose in front of the ocean and sobbed and just let all the fear I had been pushing down to rise up out of my body and I let it take me over. This energy needed to come out, and pretending like it didn’t exist or that I wasn’t bothered by it I could no longer do. I was out of my reiki retreat and I finally felt like I could let go. And let go I did. For many weeks I had a lot of practice in letting go, grieving, breathing into a lot of discomfort and learning how to hold all the dark scary places within myself I see that I’ve put on others. Mostly men and specifically, men I’m in partnership with. 

I “got to” revisit my father wound again and really feel all the ways I didn’t feel met or seen or loved by him, and how much pain that story brings me, and that I don’t have to tell it or think about it that way anymore. The truth is, my father loved me and did the best he could. I like what my friend and Reiki teacher Christy Marsh said, “my relationship with him just isn’t a problem anymore.” Yes, I always have a choice, and I’m choosing to see the blessings my father’s attachment style gave me – which was pretty avoidant and emotionally unavailable – as not a problem and as the perfect medicine I need to be my best self. 

My life needed to become very simple in Viejo. Every day I walked the beach and swam in the ocean and gave my tears to the water. I sobbed on that sand daily and wondered if I would ever come out, if the energy would ever shift and contemplated if I needed to change my entire life. It was one long dark night of the soul. I felt very recluse and guarded and unsafe for many weeks. Walking around feeling like the boogy man was going to jump out and get me, wanting to connect with the locals and other travelers, and whenever anyone else would get close I’d start to feel really awkward, seeming to have lost all social skills and I’d withdraw and continue my isolation. It was difficult to navigate the energies at the time. Feeling like I could really use a shoulder to lean on, and also feeling like that just wasn’t the right thing to do. That I needed to lean on my own shoulders and create a wider container to hold myself. Whew. Uncomfortable stuff, but necessary.

The flip side is that Spirit blessed me with a space and place to be away and do this deep inner work for myself, and ultimately, the planet. I’ll be honest, had I been home with all the distractions of work and a functional cell phone, laptop and internet, I know I wouldn’t have done it to the degree that I did. I got to go away and heal on miles and miles of ongoing ocean and jungle, and get back into latin dancing and activating my Divine Feminine energies of allowing and receiving, and really just being. There was a lot of “being” on this trip. 

Now that I’ve returned home I honestly feeling the most peaceful I have in a very long time. In retrospect I see that I needed to go through the non-peaceful places to return to that peaceful place in my heart that was there underneath the fear and uncertainties all along. That the uncertainties are my creation, no one else’s, and that I’m a conscious creator —— everything in my life I created, and to get more conscious about what I want to create. All the recent adversity Spirit gave me was an opportunity to develop a peaceful place within myself for my own head to rest. Reminding me that the only way out is through and to heal, we must feel, and then pull ourselves out of the suffering and look at the palm trees, remember the good, see the beauty in what life is offering us. The ability to go within and take inventory, then come back out and laugh and talk about it is the way we heal. 

As I look back at this time, I recall spending a great deal laying on that sand underneath the palms and dreaming, dreaming of my new life and allowing my soul to reveal what it wants next. 

Peaceful blessings to all of you dear ones. I hope the changing of the seasons, the shortening of the days, the falling of the leaves is softly bringing you into a place of peace and rest for your heart and soul – regardless of what the outer world is offering. 

All my love,

August Newsletter

Dear Ones,

Sweet people. Sisters and brothers. Beloveds friends. Mi amigos, papi’s and mami’s.

I too, can get lost in the currency of fear and let that over power and over shadow what matters to me most. 

I too, can get so caught in my own pain and fury and victimhood of “this shouldn’t be happening to me, I can’t believe this person is doing this to me” and lose my way.

What creates the feeling of being lost? Fear does. When that which scares you shows up in your life, our conditioned reaction is to go to our heads and “figure it out” in order to control and protect. Without a practice  of awareness or community that reminds us of the ultimate truth (which is love), we will loop and spiral in the fear. 

What does looping and spiraling in fear look like? It looks like pushing, striving, forcing, justifying, excusing, anxiety, depression, collecting evidence to support the fear, making others wrong, shaming and silencing that which doesn’t support our fear. 

And we suffer. Oh we so greatly and deeply suffer. 

We suffer because we are disconnected from love. Our righteousness has taken over and it feels as though if we are not validated as right, we may die. And this is a true feeling. It is the death of the ego. The ego lives in right / wrong, duality consciousness, and it can’t live in love. Because it lives in fear. So it will grasp and pull and prank to exist. 

When we’ve lost our way, how do we “find” our way back to our hearts? Compassion. To see that whatever hurt has been projected onto you, is because that other person, place or thing, has pain and is scared. Compassion is to see the “rightness” in everything that everyone does. Compassion sees that we’re all just trying to get our needs met, and that whatever we’re doing – even if it hurts someone else – is because there are feelings of being scared/hurt/mad/sad and unmet needs of love/understanding/connection/belonging.

When we feel true compassion in our hearts for ourselves, the other person, our neighborhood, our government, magic happens. Because we are all so divinely connected, that other person/place/thing will FEEL that frequency of compassion held for them in our hearts and the energy will shift for them. Whether how conscious and awoke they are or unconscious and asleep they are, their state will change. They will soften. They will reach out. They will loosen their grip. They will stop pushing. They will offer to meet. They will be willing to listen. 

Why does this happen? Because the part of them that was hurting you was also hurting them and needed love. Once love is given, they relax and their hearts open back up.

There are limitless possibilities where love is present my friends! LIMITLESS!!!!! 

I’ve witnessed it and experienced it countless times beloveds and it is absolutely miraculous!!!! 

Each time I experience it I feel like I literally just saw Spirit in action and my trust in love grows. And we have to be WILLING to put down our swords of righteousness and see the humanity in each and every one of us. That each of us has feelings and that no matter what has happened or the transgression or disagreement, that everyone deserves respect and more love, not less. 

I promise you that if you practice this you will see that everything gets worked out in the heart space. It just does. Because why???

I’m going to say it again.


Because why???

Because the frequency of love is so powerful and strong it can stop and heal all of the pain, illness, dis-ease, fear programming and suffering on our planet. 

Yeah that’s how big love is. 


I love you.

Go love your enemy and watch your life transform into all the overwhelming love and joy you’ve dreamed of.


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To the limitless possibilities of love,


July Newsletter

Dear Beloveds,

I am in a current state of aggravation and frustration as I feel the energy of unconditional love wanting to move up through me. It feels like an abrupt, forceful energy that projects up my shashumna, through my anahata, and is meeting resistance in my mental space.

I’m left with a very unsettled, scattered, terrified, anxious feeling. I want to cry and run away by how scared I feel in facing this current reality shift from fear to love. I notice that I thought I knew love. I thought I understood her neutrality, her inclusion, her everything-belong-ed-ness, but I didn’t know. Or perhaps what’s more accurate to say is that I knew the current state of my own reality of love, and now Spirit is throttling me into this next “phase” of expansion.

What I’m hearing and viscerally feeling is that love wants to expand through my body, heart and consciousness, and that it has NO ROOM for restrictions and limitations. Love is telling me that her natural design is to continue to generate more love, and to do that, more realities where love doesn’t exist, must be addressed.

This feels like a double-edged sword, because the love I knew was dictated by right and wrong. Reward and punishment. Should or shouldn’t. How aggravating, and enlightening, and humbling of an experience to see that love is just love. Love is not responding with the pain projected onto me. Love is not an eye for an eye. Love is not, “do this, then I’ll love you.” Love is not, “if you love me, you’ll do this.” Love is not, “there’s not enough to go around.” Love is not scarcity. Love is not, not enough. FUCK!!!!!

What is love if it is not all these rules of so severely limited ego consciousness that I have learned?!?! Where is the black and white? You mean love truly is all colors of the rainbow? You mean love is inclusive? You mean love is allowing people to be themselves? You mean love is not withholding? You mean love has space for all of it? Seriously, all of it??

I am rubbing up against such notions of truth in my heart and mind. My body feels activated. It feels like I’m onto something, like a new reality of truth has been presented and downloaded into my operating system. And this new reality is crumbling the rules and laws of ego love that I have learned, as have most of us. I notice I feel scared to fully step into this unconditional love, because I fear I won’t be met. I fear I’ll be alone and lonely. I fear how this will scare my beloveds and have them project their own fears of limited love onto me.

I fear to vocalize what love wants to do through me, because what if others aren’t okay with it? What if they turn their backs? What if they don’t agree? What if they don’t want me like that?

And I hear Spirit say, “that is more of what is not love.” 

I feel humbled, and graced, and exhausted, and relieved, and afraid, and inspired by this new realization. Although my needs for relaxation, sleep, ease, harmony and belonging have been drastically unmet this past week due to the stress of this awakening, my needs for consciousness, learning, growth and to know evolutionary love are being met. I choose to focus on the latter.

Blessings to you beloveds. Spirit directed that I share this with you immediately this morning. The time for unconditional love’s expansion is here. We mustn’t wait a moment more to act on her behalf.

If you’d like heart-expansion coaching and spiritual mentoring in making the shift from fear-unconsciousness to love consciousness, click link to schedule HERE.

To the expansion of love,


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June Newsletter

Dear Beloveds,

Happy belated Father’s Day.

There is soooooo much I could share in this month’s newsletter. The reoccurring theme that keeps presenting itself from the Universe has been Expansion. Expansion. Expansion.

So much so that I just hired 2 people within 2 days. I find it funny. I had been complaining and whining to my best friend that, “I’m so busy” “I’m running constantly” “everything is moving so fast” “every moment is filled” and he said to me a few times, “yeah when a business grows, you have to hire people to support that growth” (or something like that). Regardless, I didn’t like hearing that, whined some more, and pushed it aside.

After that conversation I kept hearing Spirit tell me the name of the 1st person I was to hire. I finally did after taking a few weeks to receive the message. Then started to hear the second person’s name after I finally hired the first.

Once I surrendered and trusted, space opened up and the momentum of the first hire made hiring the second super swift and easy. I find that so interesting. How like-energy will carry momentum and intelligence to recreate more of that same consciousness. Fascinating. I also feel sooooo happy and grateful to have these two beautiful souls joining me in creation and supporting me in my purpose. I already feel like things aren’t so hectic and I’m able to catch my breath. Thank you Spirit!

For the past 4 months I have been feeling an upgrade coming, but I hadn’t really thought about how I was going to meet the level of upgrade once it got here, just that it was coming and I was excited-scared for it! In hindsight, of course I was going to need help!

The Universe truly does abhor a vacuum. When something is needed a space opens up and it must be filled. This energy will pull us into our creations out of need, want and desire, and when something new is made, like energy attracts to support it. From this remembering, we really don’t need to work so hard. The Universe is designed to support us and deliver. Trust in in this inherent energy is required for operations to function properly and efficiently.

As we continue to deepen into the Age of Aquarius, we’re being commanded to stop the pushing and striving   energy and step into our innate receptive-attraction ability. Where the scale of our frequency is in direct proportion to that which we create and receive. Most of this work is in the inner-space of our hearts.

To reconcile back to love, ask these questions:

How much love and light am I embodying?

How much fear-energy have I integrated and transformed back to love?

Have I mourned my own feelings and un-met needs?

How much neutrality am I offering?

And, how much patience, grace, and kindness am I offering to others? 

I am here to support you beloveds, in transforming fear back to love! Here’s my link to schedule:

Energy Alignment Session: Spiritual Counsel, Intuitive & Channeled Intelligence

My heart is open to you, mucho gusto!


PS: Be on the lookout!

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May Newsletter

Dear Beloveds,

Happy May Day. Happy Mother’s Day. Happy Beltane. Happy Spring. The Earth is awakening and it’s my favorite time of year to witness.

I want to speak about the ascension process we are all undergoing, especially those on a healing and spiritual path.

What is the ascension process? Essentially it is moving from 3D consciousness to 5D consciousness. 3D is based in fear and programmed with duality. 5D is the embodiment of love.

Moving out of fear programs that our primate brains have carried for millions of years is extremely gnarly work. In long ago periods when we lived in nature and with the Earth, our awareness had to always be scanning for predators to keep ourselves from being killed. This scanning and negativity bias still lives in our brains today and for most humans, is running the show. It’s a complex and layered system to untangle. It requires repetitive practices, dedication, and awareness to reprogram a fear-based system of consciousness to one of love.

While on the journey of moving from fear to love we experience a myraid of symptoms I like to call “ascension symptoms” that can show up vastly different for different people. But often look like illness, dis-ease, car wrecks, breakups, ego-deaths, real deaths, bankruptcy, etc. The list goes on.

These symptoms especially come online when we are working at “stretching” our capacity for Wholeness. The more light we bring in, the more our shadow feels “safe” enough to make itself known. Humans are self-healing machines. The unconscious mind will continue to bring up what you’ve repressed because it desires to heal.

Moving out of 3D and into a more 5D way of life first starts with the thoughts that we think. Any lack, judgment, shame or fear has to go. Once these start to shift, how we feel about ourselves starts to shift. Once we start to think and feel more high vibe, our bodies start to heal, often by “getting well” meaning bringing the illness or dis-ease to the surface. Essentially moving it out of the body.

I wanted to share this with you to let you know I completely empathize with how grueling this process can be. I get it! I’m living it! It is not easy. It can not be fun. It can be extremely difficult and it will make you question your ability and sanity. It will change you, but it will really only take away that which is not you, to reveal more of what you are. Which is love.

I’m also writing this as a pep talk to myself. To remind myself as I’m navigating my own symptoms, that this is the process. This is what healing looks like. And to see that the more I relax, allow, and trust this sometimes crazy process, the more fun I have and the “easier” it goes. Laughter also helps a lot.

I know living in the 3D matrix is often a rough place. It wears on you. Tears on you. Beats you down and takes you for dead. But your Spirit is strong. It is infinite, multidimensional, and capable of anything you say it is. You wouldn’t be experiencing what you’re experiencing unless you could handle it or were ready for it. You’re much bigger and badder than you think you are. There is a courageous fire deep inside of you that can stand for you no matter the situation.

You’ve got this bae. We’ve got this. We are all getting well. We are all walking each other home. 

Mucho blessings to you on your journey, we got this.


April Newsletter

Dear Beloveds,

I am writing to you today from such inspiration and joy. I know I just wrote and sent out my March newsletter, but April came pouring through this morning and I feel like I have discovered something really exciting and I just cannot wait to share it with you.

Since my time in Mexico and coming home, I have felt the most expansive, joyful, and energized in my entire adult life. Upon spending 3 weeks in Tulum by myself, the unique discovery I stumbled upon was the ability to be the Source of my own joy, delight, and ecstasy. Every day I would walk, bike, skip, dance and play down the streets and by the ocean of this boho beach town and I had So. Much. Fun. with MYSELF!

Growing up I lived in the country, about 15mins by car from any of my friends, so I played by myself and was left to entertain myself often. This was such a gift for me to learn as a child. That I was the Source of my own happiness! Wowzers. I’m blown away that I already knew how to do this, and how lost I got when I began being interested in dating and got into committed relationships. Without even realizing it, I started to source my safety, security, worthiness, joy, peace, happiness, you name it, through someone else. And I didn’t even recognize it. I got so entangled, muddled, confused and swept up in the energy outside of me, and **forgot** about the energy within.

This is totally normal and a very common attachment style for humans. Some of us cling, people-please, identify with needing someone else to externally validate us, while others are more prone to put up a lot of walls and keep distance between self and other —- both ploys of the ego to keep one safe from the fear of love-death. The survival part of us that believes we aren’t love, we don’t come from love, and that we must go out and “get love” so we don’t die. Woof. Big, gnarly, stuff.

But. And this is a big BUTT (lol, ;p) (humor helps with these intense truths) This is one of our ultimate betrayals of Self in these physical forms. That we don’t recognize our Union with God is how we Source our own everything. That when we team up, get with, and allow Source Energy to move through us, we create our own everything with it. This is the ultimate definition of co-creating with the Universe. When you don’t recognize yourself as separate from God. When you see, feel, sense and know, without a shadow of a doubt, that you are God. You are Source Energy itself. And when you begin sourcing energy from God, the supply is limitless. The love is eternal. That you needn’t anything from anyone, or anything else. That whatever comes from the outside is a gift, a blessing, frosting on the cake. But that you’ve got yourself, because you have learned how to Source yourself from the God within.

How freakin’ juicy is that!!!!!????? What I’ve been finding from this point is that my relationships are getting even MORE amazing, and of course that would be the case. As my relationship with myself expands, so that reflects outside of me. My friendships are growing deeper, the synchronicities and miracles are coming daily and are going off the charts, and my connection to life itself is expanding in more joy, delight and ease than I ever knew possible.

And this type of life is available to you too. It’s not special to me. It does require a true commitment to knowing the truth of who you are, a willingness to be vulnerable and integrate your shadow, and surrender of that which you ever thought to be true.

If this type of healing calls to you and you vibrate with what I’m saying and wish to do this type of work yourself, I am here as a guide to your soul’s highest calling. Respond to this email for Energy Alignment sessions.

Mucho blessings to you beloveds.

To Sourcing from the infinite well of Love from the Universe,


March Newsletter

Hola, Buenos Dias Amigos,

I’m rolling in at the very end of your month again to share that I have returned from my sabbatical in Mexico and that I’m feeling reborn, refreshed and rejuvenated in a whole new way. It feels as if I have more of my life force available to me. Like there is more of “me” here, alive and active. And it feels good!

I feel so fortunate and grateful to myself and my mother for this. Growing up, I would say the attributes my mom modeled the most were independence, adventurous, I-can-do-anything and handle-anything attitude, fun-loving, generous, service-oriented, loyal, and kind. Unknowingly, she gave me exactly what I needed to be who I am today and go after my dreams. One of the things I recall my mother instilling within me from a young age was telling me that I could do anything and be anything. That type of programming for a young psyche can do wonders for a child, because I believe that I can and I am. For that, I send my mother a billion and one thank you’s. Thank you mama, I love you.

Speaking of programming, where is your internal radio dial set? Meaning, where are you putting your focus? Where we put our attention, is what we give our energy. Are you giving your energy to the frequency of fear or love? One great teacher said if you’re not focusing on love you’re focusing on fear. And if it really is that simplistic, can you teach yourself to come back when you’ve set off on another voyage of fear-mongering thoughts? Remembering that our the quality of our thoughts dictate the feelings in our bodies, and the feelings in our bodies determine the state of our health.

Are you rejecting or denying your feelings? If so, somatic science states that anything we do not feel gets stored in the tissues, organs and DNA of our bodies. If we’re not feeling it, we’re not healing it. The only way out of an emotion is through it. I really felt this on my women’s retreat in Mexico. The safe container that was created where all of my needs were met allowed me to dive into the emotional process my heart had been begging me to do, which was feel the heartbreak fully of uncoupling from my recent long-term relationship with the love of my life.

I’m not going to sugar-coat it, it fucking hurt. It was not pleasant. It was extremely uncomfortable. But look, I’m still here and alive to tell the tale, and feeling what needed to be felt worked. After about 4 days of intense grieving (after 3.5 months of doing it in and out of working and living day-to-day life) most of the pain cleared and returned to love. I began to clearly see and understand what him and I were teaching each other and I was able to forgive a lot of it and let go even more. It’s not to say that I don’t still get triggered or feel sadness about him, but going through the tunnel of the shadow of death granted me the wisdom, heart-strength and consciousness I needed to rebirth myself into this newly-emerging Self who is actually more herSelf than she’s ever been before.

Everything is here for us. Every relationship is a teacher. Every situation and circumstance is providing us the exact medicine required for your liberation. It’s only a matter of re-programming yourSelf to See it this way.

But hold on because once you do, the game changes ~~~~~

Mucho blessings to you beloveds. If you wish to come to know yourSelf as a Spiritual being and desire to better understand how the laws of the Universe work and how to use your pain as fuel for your purpose, I am now mainly doing Energy Alignment sessions online where we clear, activate and harmonize everything “happening” in your life for your highest and best. Reply to this email to discuss!

In honor of our souls emergence <3


February Newsletter

Hola, Buenos Dias!

Happy last day of February! Nothing like waiting until the last minute to send out my monthly newsletter! And I say that with a lot of joy and gratitude. I’ve been such a planner and pusher and doer to achieve and create most of my life, it feels good to not worry and hemmorage energy around when I’m going to get things done and just trust that it will get done, when I have the energy to do it. So here we are!

I write to you from the lands of Mexico mi amigos. I came down here for a women’s retreat that focused on feminine embodiment, sourcing our own energy, love, play, gentleness, slowness, flowy-ness…..and I got to tell you, it was, So. Damn. Good!!!! I love surrendering to the feminine principles of creation after so many years of hyper-masculinity in my system (those energies that push us to go faster, be bigger, do better all the time and work more from a male’s hormonal body than a woman’s) it feels so good to let go and trust.

Speaking of letting go and trusting! I am full on experiencing that it is safe to fall my friends! Wowwwzers and what a quality to learn! Ever since I was little I had this sense that I was meant to know a bigger world. I didn’t know what that meant, and I still really don’t if I try to conceptualize it, but it’s been a known feeling in my body that feels sent from Source that I am meant to live beyond the boundaries of what most would call a normal life. I have always questioned rules, laws, structures and systems, authority and my family can most certainly attest to me pushing the limits and living outside the box.

When we do so we learn that it is safe to live the way our internal gps is guiding us. You know, that nudge you feel to get a tattoo, swim naked, go to bed early when everyone else is staying out late, go back to being a carnivore after you’ve been vegan, lift weights when all your friends are yogi’s, quit your corporate gig and work for a non-profit. We can trust the guidance of our energy. But this inner voice gets hard to hear with so much noise and distraction in our modern lives. It becomes so easy to let the voices of “those we believe to know better than us” to flood our thoughts and curate our beliefs. We truly have no idea what we believe or what we want, and this limits us in so many ways.

It takes away our ability to know the fullness of ourselves and what we’re capable of. It makes us much less creative, has us rely on sourcing outside of ourselves, and frankly, just makes us small.

I’ve been undergoing a pretty intense life-changing process these last 3.5 months that’s required me to work  through quite a bit of resistance. My small self wanting to stay put and not question my conventional living, my higher self calling me forward to a world I don’t know where I feel awkward, clumsy and vulnerable. In this new arena I do not feel in control. Like, at all. It feels quite messy at times and some doubt can creep in wondering if I am safe. If the path I’m forging is the right one.

But then as one sister on retreat reminded me this past week, Empowerment is on the other side of Fear. And after working through many stages of grief and letting go on the women’s retreat, I’m feeling more full in my energy body. I’m feeling more grounded to Mama (Earth), open and free in my heart space, and sharp in my connection to Source. These are lines of energy relationship we all have and are the most natural for us — to the Earth, through our Hearts, Open in our Crowns.

We were all brought in as sovereign beings. The safety to be ourselves is literally built into our DNA. God lives within the soft, supple areas of our bodies and tissues. It is safe to listen. It is safe to follow our intuition. It is safe to surrender. It is safe to let go. It is safe to trust the prana (breath) in our lungs, it safe to trust the beating of our hearts.

It is safe, to Fall.

If you’d like to hear more about the life-changing process I’ve been undergoing you can check my most recent IG or FB post where I for the first time vulnerably and outwardly share my heart and a beautiful poem that came through called, Break-up or Break-open? You can follow me at the links below.

Hasta luego mi amigos! Salue to the forever letting-go process and to trusting the safe landing of our falls.



In honor of the wild fem <3


January Newsletter

Dear Beloveds,

In the past few months, life has organized itself in a way that’s allowed my wild feminine heart to emerge.

She is radiant, powerful, expressive, bold, daring, fierce, playful, sassy, seductive, lets things be chaotic and messy, can be dramatic, is connected to the pulse of Gaia, is deeply loving, and of course – WILD.

What I’ve been learning from her is that she takes no bullshit. She sees right through the strategies and manipulation (aka toxic masculine energy, which both females and males have, that isn’t a dig at men) and says No. Thank. You. Or a sassy, “Oh, hell nooooo!” when it’s warranted. I’ve been having fun with the sass ;p

She’s been teaching me all about how to stand firm in my no and what I allow into my energy. The boundaries she’s been enforcing are FIERCE. So fierce they’ve made me break down on multiple occasions, crying into a crumbled pile of guilt and shame while I ask if it’s really okay for me to love myself this much? To the point of not being there for loved ones when they need me? To not overstep the boundaries she’s telling me keep me safe? To not defend or justify my actions to others? To choose myself, above all else??? That’s an option??!!!!!

This has been a complex request for me to understand, make space for, and honor. What does it even look like to not put other’s wants and needs before my own? What will happen when I don’t do what they want me to do? Of course I fear I will lose them. That they’ll take away their love and believe I am some witch from hell with a cold, black heart. Woof. Yeah, that description of the fear sounds accurate. These unconscious beliefs run deep my friends. Tis the result of generational oppression and trauma of all beings. Including the Earth.

And so, this is where the play comes in. I’ve been playing with this energy. What does it feel like to express myself boldly from my wild fem heart? In what ways does She want to move her hips as she walks? What little snicker or sass does She wish to share? Can She own her pointed gaze? How openly will She dare to be seen? How wide can She expand her heart? How much love can She gift, even in adversity? Will She offer her gifts at their full capacity? Or will I allow her to shrink in fear of what others may think? Will I allow the conditioning of shame to silence her deepest expression and the fear of judgement make her mess into a a problem?

Will She melt into a vulnerability hang-over for days after being so expansive, expressive, and open?

How deeply I allow myself to bear witness to these wild, chaotic, feminine parts is the degree to which I know them, embody them, and grant permission for others. I only know boldness by allowing some cockiness. I only understand fierceness by allowing some bitchiness. I only know my full expression by allowing some drama.

I have been daring myself to walk the line of these energies so I know where the line is! I’ve been allowing myself to explore her edges and play with the different expressions of her feminine body. She wishes to be known and allowed to be.

She unabashedly wants to let go, and be free.

And so, I bow to thee.

To see how I’ve been awakening my wild fem heart, check out my social media for some badass posts where I express her through fierce, sassy, and seductive dance and play!



In honor of the wild fem <3