June Newsletter

Dear Beloveds,

I did a meditation this morning on expanding my happiness and really tuned into all the joy I have in my life. Throughout the time sitting I incrementally increased the amount of joy I allowed myself to experience and saw that, “wow, there’s a lot here.” That I have a beautiful life and all I wanted to then do was share it. I saw myself gifting my love and gratitude to friends, clients, strangers, it was wonderful. It was a good reminder of what we focus on, grows. As I left my seat I felt super chipper, energetic, and fulfilled — sans my morning cup of joe 🙂 

In the healing work I do for others, the majority of my time is focused on people’s pain, blocks, judgements and the guilt/shame cycle. And I love it. I love being a mirror of empathy, acceptance and love. It meets my needs for contributing to life and fulfillment. For humanity as it is, and beauty and relief in the absolute terror. I also notice I can easily get stuck there myself. Always striving to get myself and others to the next tier of healing and evolution so I / we can be happy and free. 

This pushing and striving is not nearly as imprisoning as it used to be. I can definitely pick things up and put em down with much more ease; and, I’m present to the fighter/warrior wombyn inside of me who isn’t the greatest at tapping into the beauty and joy available in each and every moment. That everything is perfect as it is right now in it’s God-given nature, and to enjoy “the dash.”

I recently heard a poem about a man who was looking at a tombstone that listed the date of a person’s birth, then a dash, and then the date of his death. The poem asked how well the dead person had lived “his dash.” Our bodies all have a beginning and an end. The challenge is to enjoy the middle. Our souls chose to incarnate to experience all of the love, joy, peace, and beauty available on this 3-dimensional plane within the pain, sorrow, and sadness. To the ego they seem as if they are the opposite. To the soul, they are one in the same, found within a web of connection to each other. 

When we consciously live our lives in the awareness that there is no such thing as right or wrong. Good and bad do not exist. That there is oneness within acceptance of our light and shadows. That our feelings and needs matter, and that they are creating and contributing to our lives; we become true alchemists of our Earthly path and Spiritual transcendence naturally occurs.

Be aware of how you are living your dash today.

In Deep Devotion to the Spirit Path,

Workshops & Trainings this Year:

Healer’s Level 1: How to Channel. Sept 30 – Oct 2. Click HERE for more info.

Healer’s Level 2: Advanced Channeling ~ NEW! Coming up July 15-17. Click HERE for more info.

Energy Healing Training: Oct 21 – 23. Click HERE for more info.