February Newsletter

Dear Beloveds,

There is so much power in waiting when being advised to wait, and doing nothing when being shown no clear answers or directions. I’m loving the snow storm we are having today in Kansas City. It forces nature and us to be still. I’m growing quite found of this stillness, there’s something eerily quiet and special about it. Like God reigns down and says, “stop, be at peace.” Like a white blanket comes down over the land and tucks us into ourselves. 

I’ve had a lot of opportunities to practice listening to this direction by Spirit over the last year. There was this counter energy happening that was difficult to navigate. Business was picking up, and Spirit was saying equally, to slow down and that I must create space to be still and listen.

As I’ve learned more about Human Design (HD), being a Manifesting Generator with an open Crown, Third Eye and Root energy center, I have a lot of energy to keep going and I am very in tune to the needs and pressures of others and the world. Looking back I see that my service is given if I am invited, and I was being invited a lot. I’m one of those who struggles to say no to things, even if I don’t really want too. I guess it’s part of my Christian, farm-life, midwest upbringing. You help each other out, period.

Aside from feeling this intense, external pressure that just comes in hastily from the outside world without pause or hesitancy, and as uncomfortable as that is, it also forces me into creation, direction and purpose, and drives my soul forward in carrying it’s mission of contributing to life. This is a beautiful thing, a thing I often wish to not impose upon or encumber with my Earthly needs, but it doesn’t work without boundaries. 

Understanding, practicing and instilling boundaries is an ongoing thing for me as a (insert all of my Astrology, HD, Gene Keys, Ancestry, Personality Test, etc.) I once had someone say to me that a boundary has been crossed if it’s affecting my inner peace. Wow, this was quite the concept to me. I had a right to inner peace?? Yes! Exclaimed my Higher Self, you have a right to living in peace too!

I’ve been working this line of energy, strengthening the boundary of peace within me. The more I look for it, the more I see where I am in relation to it and I can now feel in my mind and body when it’s been crossed. I didn’t know that racing, looping thoughts was a signal that my inner peace boundary had been crossed — and this was typically, most likely by myself. No one can cross a boundary that we haven’t already done so to ourselves. If we leave the door to the house open, the neighborhood cats are going to come in. When I look for how and where I crossed my own boundary, I also feel a surge of power as I own my actions and see where I missed my own network of signals, telling me, “hey, too far, you’ve gone too far.” 

What’s really wonderful too is that I’m learning that this whole practice can be done with a lot of ease, Grace, and stillness. I’m learning that I no longer need to punish and torture myself over these deeply ingrained behaviors that I have little control over. (Remember that something like 95% of our actions are sub-conscious and only like 5% are conscious?! So how about we give ourselves a break?? I’m saying this to myself too 🙂 And therein lies a big part of the answer —— Releasing trying to control a behavior and shifting into, “how can I bend, blend, and shape-to, and move with this behavior” ? What does this deeply ingrained behavior need? How can I support it? 

Trusting that I am taken care of by a Higher Power & Order is often step 1
That allows me to surrender and flow is often step 2
A new energy pattern often emerges to support the bending and moving with and results as step 3
Step 4 appears as practicing this new pattern given by Source as opportunities of contrast in my life
Step 5 is Integration = All parts coming together as a Whole

Blessed Snow Day to you Earth Angels! Be Still and Know…… 🙂 

In Deep Devotion to the Spirit Path,