May Newsletter

Dear Beloveds,

On holidays like Memorial Day and 4th of July, I often think of how we celebrate our Independence, those who fought for our Independence, and also what it takes to be Independent. In order to be Independent, we must overcome the Shadow of Co-Dependence and raise our state of consciousness. To be Independent means to rely only upon yourself, whereas to be Co-Dependent means to rely on outside agencies. 

As primitives we relied on outside agencies such as God/s and Goddesses to state our fate, as we did not have the technology and modernization to keep us safe from dangerous natural threats. Because of this we developed a need for an outside authority and thus, created a Co-Dependent relationship with an outside God. Not realizing that God is located within our own hearts and is us. We come from this Divine source, we are a continuous mutation of it. 

The 19th Gene Key by Richard Rudd states that, “As long as man believes in a God outside himself, the frequency of our planet will remain at the level of the 19th Shadow of Co-Dependence.”

I believe at least a part of what he is saying here is that until we begin treating ourselves, each other, and the Earth with love, kindness, and respect, we will not evolve out of the frequencies of guilt, shame, and suffering, which the Shadow of Co-Dependence emits. 

It is not just enough to become Independent on the Spiritual path, as the ego still tends to get pulled into isolating itself to show how strong it is, loudly proclaiming it has no need for help or support. Or it will get stuck in clinginess or neediness in Co-Dependence, projecting its need to feel needed. True transcendence of this Shadow (Co-Dependence) and Light (Independence) is Interdependence.

Let’s first break down Transcendence: It’s moving through all realms to make Whole. Moving through the Shadow and the Light, including and accepting all feeling states, integrating both, to evolve into a new, higher frequency state. In this process, the Shadow is needed as a contrast to the Light in order to recognize itself. It is a necessary part that contributes to Enlightenment. 

To process the Shadow of Co-Dependence means to trust ourselves to care for ourselves, trust others to do the same, allow Spirit to take the wheel in times of uncertainty, and to hold the parts of ourselves that fear abandonment firmly. Often those with large abandonment wounds will become clingy in Co-Dependence as they truly believe they can’t make it on their own. Then to not get stuck in the Light of Independence we must realize that we are not separate from each other or the Earth, and to sacrifice our ego identities that feel safe in over-isolation.

To reach Interdependence, we must give up our hard-earned Independence that names us separate from each other and the Earth, and trust in totality itself. This means to give up all ego identities and our sense of individuality for a higher vision of our own Divinity. The true state of Interdependence is about entering into a state of union with all beings in the cosmos, AKA: state of love and harmony.

To truly transcend human suffering we must recognize ourselves as one with all. Including the Earth and all its inhabitants. We aren’t free until all beings are free. 

I ode a Memorial to all those who have sacrificed their egos for the Interdependence of all.

In Deep Devotion to the Spirit Path,