November Newsletter

Dear Beloveds,

Happy Thanksgiving week! Isn’t it incredible that we devote a whole day on the annual calendar to give thanks? Whomever decided to do that I believe knew how important Gratitude is as a Spiritual tool to living an awakened, aware, peaceful and joyful life. 

I’ll often hear clients say to me that they:

“don’t feel like they’re doing anything Spiritual with their lives”
“feel like they’ve fallen off their Spiritual path”
“feel lost, distant, aloof, and alienated from anything meaningful in their lives”

Being in spaces like this a person often has questions come up like, “what’s the point of my life?” “what value do I have?” “what is my purpose?” Without a deeper meaning to this whole human game, a hungry longing can arise that literally yearns for God. With strong aches and pains over this seeming disconnection. 

Well, one of my favorite teachers always told me, “Connection is a fact, not a feeling.” We can’t be separate from God (aka Love, Universe, Spirit) and our ego’s can do a really convincing job that we are. 

So, how do you return to this feeling of connection with the Universe? A simple and easy way is to Give Thanks. For everything. The good, the bad, and the in-between. 

I also sooooo love and appreciate Gratitude because it is a completion energy. When we can feel true gratitude for a challenging/painful thing in our lives, that means we’ve learned the lesson and the energy is no longer stuck in fear and isolation and we’ve completed the cycle. Then we are freed up to move into higher frequencies like joy, peace, compassion. 

One quick and cost-free way to live Spiritually is to live in Gratitude. 

May you enjoy a wonderful season of Gratitude beloveds and include it in your Spiritual practice. 

Peace and Blessings to all!

In Deep Devotion to the Spirit Path,

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