October Newsletter

Dear Beloveds,

Have you been experiencing all the effects of the New Moon in Scorpio conjunct Pluto – Solar Eclipse this week?? I most definitely have. Scorpio is the Zodiac of the underworld. God of Hades. It holds all of our deepest, darkest thoughts, feelings and secrets. And when Scorpio is conjunct Pluto, you’re guaranteed to no longer be able to push things under the rug. This formation can’t help but reveal what we’ve been hiding. 

Woof. That’s big big energy! Intense energy! Once addressed and processed, can be quite relieving and restorative – but we have to go through it first. I felt pretty good going into this New Moon. Everything seemed pretty calm and grounded. Then BAM. My activation was brought by the people around me and what they were going through. Some mirroring began happening and all of a sudden my weeds were popping up to be pulled from the garden. 

This time of year I always notice a lot begins to be stirred up as the days get shorter and there is a natural inclination to Fall into myself. What has been going inside of me I haven’t been addressing or giving time too? I can easily get pulled into so much busyness trying to keep up with the demand in my business that my inner voice and needs get quieter and quieter. Until I’m drowning her and she has no choice but to claw and gasp at me for air. “Me! Remember me?!” she says.

I got to see earlier this week how I am creating the chaos and setting the fast pace because of my unwillingness to look at personal issues in my own life. My natural propensity is to “run” from things and boy have I been doing that when it comes to myself. Granting myself permission to do so because it’s “in service to others.” Nothing is in service to others if it’s not first in service to yourSelf she says. Woof again. How can I complain about the busyness when I’m telling the Universe this is the speed I’d like to keep? Having a bit of space to ask myself the questions of what is the busy energy providing me showed me quickly and clearly that at times I may choose busy in order to hide from my own shit. But all the astrological events this week didn’t allow for anymore of that. I was given the space, energy and opportunity to excavate my heart and it felt so so relieving, and also, confusing as I navigate all this is coming up.

Eclipses have a way of shifting out the energy we are no longer needing and calling in the new energy we need to stand in how who we are now and they fill the space the clearing left. That to me can feeling like a lot of swirling. Even thinking it and writing it there was a lot stirring in my head and body as I put what I was feeling into words. Haven’t been sleeping well this week? Yep, that’s the Eclipse. Me either. It’s been bringing up a lot of things I thought I had left “in the past.” I guess these things “of the past” are wanting another review. Instead of getting irritated that they’re coming back up, I can ask them why they are here. What is asking to be seen now, at this time? I know that maintaining a curious mind will support me best in moving through the energies, and a lot of grounding. 

It is my sincere desire in sharing my process with you that you can know more about your own. Often the awareness of ourselves is enough to bring healing and revitalization. Sending you all the best during this colorful, crunchy time of year.

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In Deep Devotion to the Spirit Path,

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