July Newsletter

Hello Beloveds,

What may be perceived as a loss of love is really redirection toward alignment to our most Truest Self.

This truest Self is not static. It’s always moving and changing, organic in nature. The very foundation of relationship is a constant coming together and moving apart, and this movement within the structure is required for relationships to not only survive, but thrive.

As we release the perception that relationship is bondage; an old, ancient, obligational contract that we made from much younger parts of our-Selves. We open the energetic space to allow for people to come and go, with fluidity and ease, returning to the qualia of Bonding in its original form. Bonding that nourishes, instead of bondage that constricts. 

Breaking from karmic relational contracts and unconscious social agreements we’ve made, frees us to release the perceived safety of codependency, and allows for a relationship upgrade that supports our highest alignment. The upgrade turns us toward our-Selves instead of pulls us away. It truly serves our becoming, rather than circumventing our actualization.

Once the upgrade is received and integrated, we release the need to hang on and see that everything that is for us, is always with us, and can never go anywhere. We then find ourselves living in a new vibrational dimension, where relationships easily sync up with our nervous system, provide safety for our natural expression, and allow spaciousness to integrate the human experience.

In this “new” field of relating, we will find the rules aren’t the same. We aren’t obliged to respond by leaving ourselves to care for another. In fact, we are encouraged to do what actually feels best for us, and not reach out just as a means to keep the connection. The guiding energy in this space is to relate from abundance, rather than grab from scarcity. It’s a subtle difference. Check-in.

The people we meet in this field will call us gently at times, and boldly at others, to the full expression of our Divine nature, and somehow know when to do which. This calling is unique in its essence, being it’s purely from the heart, and not from fear. What was ownership and oppression, is now agency and sovereignty.

These relationships will walk the path of evolutionary love with us. Bravely breaking down the barriers we’ve made to our own love, and expanding our hearts past our previously known capacity. They truly trust the Spiral of Life, Surrender to the Spiritual path, and can maintain the Test of Time. 

Aho to all my like-hearted friends in the field of authentic inner-navigation. Your pursuit is courageous, you will be rewarded and met, with the beauty and unity, of bigger and bigger, Love.

In Spiritual Service,