May Newsletter

Hello Beloveds,

I’ve recently experienced the power of stopping the search. 

When we are seeking for answers and expect something, say an apology or an answer, we slow down and even block the blessings from reaching us because we’re not trusting the process and allowing it to unfold naturally. The Universe contains it’s own natural, completion process, and if we’re patient, and exercise restraining our egos from acting out, we lower the resistance in our field to allow the healing to reach us. 

For example. You know when something challenging happens in your life, and it really messes you up? You wonder, why me? Why did that happen? What did I do to create that? Did I do something wrong? How can I heal from this? You have some demand energy going on. They should apologize. They should tell me they were wrong. This could go on for minutes, hours, days, weeks, months or even years. And if we keep searching for the reasoning, expect the other party to do something for us, we block the blessing.

Why is this? Because what we resist, persists. And the Universe is just mirroring back your current state. When we are resisting, we’re in a state of pushing, pulling, trying, and forcing things to go our way, and this is typically from fear. When we are acting, thinking and speaking from fear, we are out of alignment, and therefore will only receive more “out of alignment” experiences. 

However, when we stop the searching for blame, surrender it all to Source, and admit we don’t know, but we’re willing to see our own accountability, and keep returning to our hearts, the energetic space around you is open and clear for the wisdom, power, and love of the Divine to swoop in and complete the pain cycle. But we must be willing to let go of our need to be right. Our justified belief that the other person was wrong. We must do our inner work to process the part of us in pain that wants to punish the other person for hurting us, misunderstanding us, and trust that Source is always taking care of us and everything. 

I’ve had this happen recently to me in a very large way. Something that happened in my life a few years ago just came full circle last week, and I didn’t get any validation until then. I didn’t receive an apology until long after I ever let go of wanting one. In fact, I had completely surrendered to the idea of ever receiving any redemption at all. And then sure enough, long after I’d completely let the situation go, given it to God, forgave and released everyone, did the blessings come. 

When we are seeking for answers, solutions, and to “know” the cause of something, we limit our options because our ego’s have very boxed in perspectives based in right and wrong, good and bad. The Spirit realm is infinite and not based in duality. It’s loving and neutral. It has infinite possibilities for resolution and healing, but when we are pushing for answers, feel justified and act out of self-righteousness, we aren’t trusting that Spirit has the situation handled and block the space for healing.

We live in a self-correcting Universe. We needn’t play victim, keep ourselves condemned as persecutors, or use our energy to punish those who have hurt us. When we grow our patience, continuously practice surrender, stay centered in our hearts and trust in the Spiritual process, one day, at some “random” point in time, we will be vindicated for the pain imposed upon us and redemption will validate what we knew all along. The Truth always reveals itself. And it always, returns to Love.

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Aho to the most high working within me and through me. May this be a vessel for thy healing.