June Newsletter

Hello Beloveds,

Happy Father’s Day to you and yours! 

As I think about what this Day stands for, I feel immense gratitude for my biological Father, Father God & Sky, Grandfathers, along with all the Father-Uncles, Father-Cousins, Surrogate Fathers, Father-Partners, Father-Teachers, Father-Friends of all genders, and my own Divine-Masculine Father growing within me. I’m deeply humbled and grateful for my connect to my Father now who lives in Spirit and is my primary Guide. Without his transition to the other side, I’m not sure I’d be here writing you today in this way.

So often in the spiritual community, the conversation revolves around the Father wound and toxic masculinity we’re all exposed too and have within us due to the authoritarian, power-over, capitalistic society we live in here in the West. 

While this is true and a very complex and not so black-and-white topic to label, I’d like to take the opportunity today to share about and Celebrate all the ways the Father holds us, provides and protects us, and Gives to us. 

I was fortunate to have a Father and Father-like extended family around me who displayed many healthy masculine-father qualities growing up and still to this day, like:

  • Steadiness & Stability
  • Grounded-ness
  • Patience
  • Protectiveness
  • Providers
  • Strong Work Ethic & Character
  • Reliable & Responsible
  • Trustworthy

As I reflect on these Father-like figures in my life, I feel called to extend love and healing to them by naming the ways I see that they were hurting and therefore, thwarted in giving me what I needed:

  • Told to “toughen up” that boys don’t cry and not be a sissy
  • A general non-allowance for Father’s to have Feelings, aka, emotional repression
  • Invalidation of the Father’s Needs
  • A lack of support for Father’s, silo-ing them to where they can only rely on themselves
  • Strong & heavy pressure to keep going at all costs
  • To place making money the priority above all

I feel an immense sense of compassion and empathy for all the Father’s who are asked to step up in all the ways they are without the support to do so. I see how this divide has wounded my ability to Father myself, and I am also hearing from Spirit that much of this can be cleaned up quickly by intentionally connecting with Father-God-Creator-Energy and allowing that pure Source to love our Fathers and Father-wounds back into Wholeness. 

Remember that Energy Follows Intention. Doing a simple awareness practice of sending empathy and acceptance back in the generational line will create healing in the ancestral line forward that you no longer need to carry.

Thank you Father God, for Fathers.

If you need support in healing your Father-wound, connecting to Source energy, or would like someone to hold space for your unfolding and help you process your own repressed emotions, you may book a 1:1 here. And check out my workshops by clicking here.

Aho to the most high working through me. May this be a vessel for thy healing.