Being in Love with Me

Being in Love with Me

I haven’t written in a while, and while journaling this morning, I had this message come to me seamlessly. It flowed effortlessly – and almost thoughtlessly. It felt more like it came from the knowing of my essence. I share it with my soul in tact, as an expression of what simply, is.

Being in love with me

Being me is the way to be

Back and forth, round and round

I go, around the wheel of being me

Some days it’s hard, other times not so much

But nothing really changes as I’m still me

In whatever way I be

The truth is I’m still me

Sad, strong, happy, mad

Still me as I be

Not something else

Not something fabricated and unreal

My emotions may be expressive

My attitude may sway

Over the changes that be

But I still stay me

Underneath all the self punishment, hatred, and shame

I am still the best I can be

Deep down I’m still looking for self love

Deep down I long for peace

Around this merry-go-round that is me

I am me

And how lucky is that to be

Me, a person unlike anyone else

Oh what a joy it is, to be nothing but me


My desire in sharing this message, is to reach those who resonate with the merry-go-round of emotions associated with “finding the Self” in each of us. For those deeply entrenched in the journey of accessing Self Love and Being. Being as one in their authentic expression of Self. Loving one Self without limitations, barriers or judgements. The felt sense of Being as one is, is so simple, yet so convoluted in today’s world. How do we break through our ancestral heritage, karmic lives, hurt feelings, societal pressures, advertising messages, environmental influences, peers and familial obligations to access the True Being that we were brought into this life to be?

The way I have found is to get back to the basics. Thinking from Self, listening from Self, speaking from my own heart and not that of someone else. How do you know if you’re thinking / speaking / listening from Self? Drop into the felt sense of your body and see how something you think “feels”. How something you hear “feels”. How something you say “feels”. Does it feel like you? Or does it feel like someone or something else? Something true or  made up? Does it feel Heavy? – Full of criticism, indecision, or should doing. – Or does it feel Light? – Free flowing, full of ease, joy and love.

People often ask me how I came to creating my own business. How did I shift from a traditional 9-5 that I no longer enjoyed or fit me, to being my own boss, making my own hours, and being a direct extension of the loving me?

I got back to Being Me. I discovered that the unique energetic essence of me is unlike any other. That my specific vibration is meant for something Great. And that something great, can be any possibility in the limitless universe that I desire. Anything that resonates for me, that lights up my soul and sings my song. And that creating anything from this space – the Being of my frequency – has no option but to be perfect. To be great. To make a difference and be impactful. Perhaps only to me, a select few, or the whole world. Really doesn’t matter, just so long as I’m a living full expression of Me.

I have been learning that, if I am Being Me, the universe expands, opportunities arise, possibilities are limitless, and life flows with an abundance of ease, joy and glory. All because I am Being Me.

So here’s to you Being You. And me Being Me.

If you’d like to chat more about accessing the Being of your Self and Self Love, send me a message in the Let’s Talk form below, I’d love to hear from you and learn about the beautiful, unique essence that is You.

Love and light beloveds ~~~~ AHO!



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