Lisa Lola Healing Arts Website has Launched!

Lisa Lola Healing Arts Website has Launched!


It is with much anticipation, inner strength and joy to announce the launch of my new business and website. I couldn’t feel more on purpose with this work. I truly feel the healing arts is my calling and sacred work in this life time:  I am open, operating, and ready as I’ll ever be. Lisa Lola Healing Arts is now live at

What is Lisa Lola Healing Arts? It is an alternative healing modality company that provides energetic balancing and supportive services to assist individuals along their own spiritual, emotional, mental, and physical journey’s. It is essentially the services I provide as a healing channel. My purpose is to help people heal themselves so they are free to power-fully choose and live the life they desire.

I offer and combine a list of services that have been shown to assist people in their own healing through chakra balancing, channeling, access bars consciousness, guided meditation, journal clearing exercises, and essential oil massage.

Who do I serve? The type of service I provide is for anyone in search of alternative healing. Whether the person is looking to heal deep emotional wounds, destructive mental thought patterns, physical trauma, relationship distress, or they are simply looking for spiritual communication and guidance, I help people connect to their energetic body and the spirit realm, open their consciousness, and expand their relational field for deep and transformative healing. 

This is a very summarized description of my business, what I do, what I offer, and who I can help. For more detail on the services I offer visit my Services page. If you’d like more in-depth information and would rather discuss please don’t hesitate to Contact me at to schedule a phone consultation, 319.310.2747.

I am so very happy, proud, and full of gratitude to finally be sharing this large part of me, essentially all of me, with you. I started seeing clients part time in August 2015, and felt the call right away to soon leave my 9-5 job as a producer for commercial advertising to pursue my business full time. I took the plunge mid October 2015 and have been building a client base since.

As you can tell, my business is not just my business, it is me. Launching this business required that I take everything I thought I knew about myself and turn it on it’s head. It took a full, unified effort from every single part and aspect of myself – my heart, soul, spirit, body, mind, all of my personality traits, my quirks and qualms, my cognitive processes and patterns, mental structures and thought patterns. I had to tear down my whole identity so I could rebuild an identity that works for the greater whole. I’ve had to revaluate relationships, the roles I play in them, and what I can offer. Building this business had me question my beliefs, God, Spirit, humans, animals, religion, right and wrong, good and bad, and if I had any business starting a business. I’ve had to face the deepest depths of myself, visiting all those dark, fearful places none of us want to go, riding a roller coaster of emotions that none of us want to feel. I’ve had to evaluate my ability, my capacity, my strength, my light, my connection my very being.

And I am so glad enduring all of that got me to a place where I can be serving others as who I am. It is my passion to meet people on their path, however they show up, and assist them along their journey energetically, spiritually, mentally, emotionally, and physically. I have experienced it first hand and truly believe that as we help others heal, we help heal ourselves and the world.

We cannot do it alone. I am open and here, ready to assist you on your journey.

Love and light,




The largest and warmest thank you to my very good friends, Jordan Walker of Gusto Website Design for a beyond beautiful website and graphic branding; and to Samantha Levi Photography for her extraordinary talent behind the camera, capturing the look of the photos even better then I could have imagined. I have so much gratitude and love for you both. Thank you for contributing to my dream.