1 Year Anniversary!

llha 1Hello beloveds,

I can’t believe it’s already been a YEAR since I first started Lisa Lola Healing Arts – WOWZERS!! To think about everything that had to¬†happen, what had to be thought of, meditated on, dreamt about, imagined beyond all realms, pondered and discussed at length, is truly a Miracle.

What’s even more, was developing the ability to trust, trust, and trust again, that it creating this business was going to work out. In the developing months of creating Lisa Lola, I was beckoned to create a whole new relationship with trust – I had too in order to be a success. I didn’t call in trust though, it called in me. And even more accurately, it was like it was always there, waiting for me to align myself with it. Really, trust was not something I saw in my mind that I “had to do,” it felt more like something that came along that I innately knew how to do, and simply did it like I would drink water if I were thirsty. There was this felt sense of coming home, like aw yes, trusting feels right, I’ll go with that – without “thinking” about it.

I have seen within myself, friends and colleagues, this same occurring happen. When one lines up with what they truly believe and feel to be their “work” “mission” “purpose” in the world, trust is right their waiting for you to sink into. Did my mind still go haywire and have doubt, fear, and “all the things” come up? Yes, of course! But what still remained was this feeling in my body that I could trust in myself, in Spirit, in what I felt to be my calling, that it was all going to work for me, in one way or another. So I just kept – and keep – coming back to the feeling of trust I have within myself.

And I’ll tell you what, when you connect with the trust inside of you – which is one in the same as trust in the Universe, God, Spirit, the Divine – the possibilities are endless! And I do mean endless! When you come into alignment with yourself, you’re coming into alignment with God, and inside the God space is where all of the abundance, joy, bliss, Magic and possibility of Miracles can occur! All within the limitless space of the Universe, can we make manifest that which we desire. That is our ability as sovereign beings.

Creating Lisa Lola has given me so much. It established a platform for the building of my Faith. Faith in myself to show up for myself, for others, to be of service to myself and others, and to truly take care of myself inside of whatever experience I was having. Learning to honor myself and my needs moment by moment, to go inward with myself, show myself endless amounts of compassion and forgiveness, something I never had access too before. And by access I mean something I never had full awareness or consciousness of, therefore I couldn’t get to it, it was either fully or partially in my blind spot.

To love, love, LOVE myself in all of my ways of being, in all expressions, emotions, sticky situations, self-sabotage, fear, anger and doubt. To continue to show up for myself, time and time again, even when I didn’t want too. While in the amidst of countless breakdowns, cycles of depression, and daily anxiety, TRUST that all was in Divine order. That I would come out of what I was going through eventually, and I would fully allow myself to be inside of the experience to see, feel, learn, and heal what was crying out for my attention. To hold myself and let go of the timeline I had created for my healing. “I will be fully done with this issue by the end of next month and ready to tackle the next thing.” HA! How many times I fooled myself going around this linear merry-go-round. What a trip! And it still continues to be. A Trip. A Journey. An adventure I savor being on with myself and whomever else I line up with energetically. Enjoying the ride – for however long it goes!

So Happy Anniversary to me! A time of celebration around the holidays. May we all take the time to celebrate ourselves, our accomplishments, our breakdowns and falls into the shadow, only to emerge again, stronger, more embodied then before.

If you’d like to speak one-on-one with me about what is coming up for you on your current soul path or blocks you’re having to trust or anything of resonance, fill out the contact form below.


Love & Light,



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