Spiritual Counsel

This session provides a space to examine your life from a Spiritual perspective as Lola will provide channeled guidance on your behalf from years of working with the Spirit realm to bring forth love, healing, and harmony. Bring your fears, grief, confusion, questions and feelings. Lola will draw on her 14 years of devotion and discipline in developing the heart-space and support you in returning to love.

Through her years of studying the Healing Arts, she will use her in-depth training of Shamanic, Ceremonial Practices & Rituals; Spiritual Counseling & Intuitive Reading; Emotional Freedom Technique & Processing, along with Compassionate, Conscious Communication techniques to help you process the heavy stuff to get to the seed of the wound to bring forth healing, repair, and restoration. Prepare to leave enlightened and with a higher perspective.

In these sessions you may come with a specific idea that you would like to work on, or we can let Spirit lead the way and can direct our focus based on what needs you have that day. The renewed sense of awareness received in these sessions provides tools to walk a path dedicated to love, self-healing & actualization, empowerment & transformation.

Select the amount of time based off the complexity and amount of topics you’d like to cover, and how much support you need. Sessions are offered in 60, 75, or 90mins and may be done in Phone, Video Chat or In-Person.

60 Minutes: $125

75 Minutes: $150

90 Minutes: $170

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