Classes & Workshops

Classes & Workshops

Healer’s Workshop Level 1 : How to Channel

Jan. 12 – 14, 2024

Do you feel called to be service to humanity?

Many of us often feel this call but do not understand how or where to begin. This workshop will guide you to discovering your unique expression as a healer. You will learn how to be a clear channel for the Universe expressing healing and Love in the world. The only thing that is required of you to attend this workshop is a desire to be of service. Everyone in the world can channel. It is not for a select few with special gifts and abilities. Whether you currently have a healing practice that you are looking to deepen and enhance or you are just beginning your journey discovering who you are as a healer, this workshop will help you find what you are seeking.

Channeling allows a person to connect with the Universal God energy of source and be the conduit for that Love, Light and Healing as it flows into the world. Channeling allows us to meet the need of whoever or whatever may be in front of us, including ourselves. It is the ultimate connection to finding solutions to our suffering in life because this energy does not come from us and our own experiences. This Light comes directly from Spirit in its pure form, free of judgment and bias. All that is required for you is to show up and surrender, allowing healing to flow to whatever your intention guides it to.

People from all walks of life have taken this course. They include, artists, teachers, therapists, psychics, energy workers, musicians, nurses, massage therapists and many other unique expressions. Channeling is something that can be added to any practice to enhance and deepen it.

Workshop Topics:

  • Create energetic boundaries for yourself
  • Learn to feel and interpret the energy around you
  • Enhance your meditation and breathing practice
  • Create an empowered trusting relationship with your intuition
  • Practice giving Channeled Psychic / Medium Readings
  • Awaken and understand your inner healer
  • Develop your psychic senses


Friday 6 – 8pm

Saturday 11am – 5:30pm

Sunday 10am – 4:30pm

You are required to attend each session in full. May not come late or leave early.

Cost:  $500.  Venmo to @LisaLola or Cash.  Preregistration is required, space is limited. Note*** Repeat Students of Level 1 Channeling receive a $100 discount.

Deposit: $100 to secure your spot. Venmo to @LisaLola. 

Registration:  Email me to secure your space,

Location:  KCMO area.  Exact address will only be released to registered participants. This class will be in person.

Certification: You will receive a certificate as a Healer and a Channel of the Universe through the Be Love School of Healing upon completing this course.

Healer’s Workshop Level 2 : Advanced Channeling

Sept. 23 & 24

Level 2 Advanced Channeling is now open for registration! Are you ready to take the next step as a healer?

Channeling is the core skill needed to be a vessel of healing for others. Channeling allows us to step our ego out of the way in working with others and supports us to be a clear, compassionate, container for the unfoldment of others.

This course is designed to advance, sharpen, and deepen your channeling abilities even further than you thought before. In order to strengthen your psychic skillset, you must practice and train your awareness to lift from the dimension of helping, fixing, and doing, to receiving, allowing, and trusting. 

Being of service to others isn’t about inserting yourself as the authority in their life and giving advice. It’s about creating yourself as a space of love and healing and allowing Spirit to come through you on behalf of someone else. 

In Level 2 we will practice the core skill of connecting to Spirit and learn how to sift and sort the vast amount of information that comes through from this wide and infinite plane. You will receive experiential training and guidance in how to form what you’re seeing, feeling, and sensing into words and how to communicate what’s coming through in an eloquent, potent, and connected way. We will also expand your psychic connection to read animals, auras, plants, and how to channel for manifesting. This course is known to build your confidence as a healer and channeler of the universe.

This course will build your confidence as a Channeler, Psychic Reader, Medium, and Healer of any kind (body worker, therapist, parent, manager, yoga instructor, artist, etc. just to name a few) Every student that’s taken this course has said they are so glad they did because it helped them build the confidence to channel for others that they didn’t have before and couldn’t quite get to in Level 1. 

Even if you’re not a healer, these courses are great to take. Channeling can be used in all areas of your life to enhance your living and bring greater clarity to life’s challenges. Channeling isn’t just for those who want to serve others, channeling can be used as your own guide to living a life in flow with the Universe and energies around you. Channeling allows you to stop trying to “figure things out” and use the intelligence of Spirit to guide you. It’s a much more pleasant way to navigate life, in my opinion 🙂 

You must have taken Healer’s Level 1 : How to Channel in order to take this course. If you’ve already taken Level 2 and would like to repeat, you receive $100 off. 


Saturday 11am – 5:30pm

Sunday 10am – 4:30pm

You are required to attend each session in full. May not come late or leave early.

Pre-requisite: Healer’s Level 1: How to Channel.

Cost:  $500. Venmo $100 to @LisaLola to reserve your spot.  Preregistration is required, space is limited.  

Registration:  Email me to secure your space,

Certification: You will receive a certificate of completion for Advanced Channeling from the Be Love School of Healing. 

  KCMO area.  Exact address will only be released to registered participants. This class will be in person.

Energy Healing

Oct. 28 – 29

In this workshop we focus on the different aspects of energy healing.

You will learn to feel and scan energy and locate blockages and imbalances present in any field of energy. We will explore different tools and practices used to bring these imbalances back into alignment, including channeling energy. 

You will learn about the chakra system and how to use this understanding to help yourself and others heal what is out of harmony with Love. We will discuss the benefits and effects of sound and vibration as a form of healing and balancing energy fields and chakras.

You will learn the importance of creating sacred space within yourself as well as your healing space. We will discuss the Christ healings and the true meaning of Love being the most powerful force for healing. This workshop presents the opportunity to expand your heart space as a tool and force for healing. This is the most authentic space we can exist in healing.

The technique focused on in this workshop is Energy Healing. As a channel for the Universe, you will learn how to expand the ways that you channel energy into matter from Spirit, through your hands. At the end of this workshop, you will have a process and technique to rebalance energy fields and chakras for yourself and others, however you choose to use it. Anyone can learn this process. No special gifts, talents or abilities required.

Workshop Topics:

  • Energy Healing
  • Creating Sacred Space
  • Chakras & Sound Healing
  • Christ Mysteries
  • Healing through Love


Saturday 11am – 5:30pm

Sunday 10am – 4:30pm

You are required to attend each session in full. May not come late or leave early.

Cost: $500.  Venmo to @LisaLola or Cash.  Preregistration is required, space is limited. Note*** Repeat Students of the Energy Healing Workshop receive a $100 discount.

Location:  KCMO area.  Exact address will only be released to registered participants. This class will be in person.


Healer’s Level 1: How to Channel with me. Click here for more dates

Healer’s Level 2: Advanced Channeling. Click here for dates and scroll down on page.  

Registration:  Email me to secure your space,

Deposit: $100 to secure your spot. Venmo to @LisaLola

Certification: You will receive an Energy Healer certificate through the Be Love School of Healing upon completing this course.

Healer’s Retreat

Turtle Island, Belize

February 24 – 29, 2024

With Dr. Matt Turner & Lisa Lola

Are you a healer who wants to go deeper into your healing practice and get more clarity on your soul’s mission?

The Healer’s Retreat is an opportunity to expand and level-up your healing practice while deepening your connection with yourself and other healers. You will get clear on your specific design as a healer by identifying your zone of genius and understand more fully who your niche clients are. This will align you to your soul’s authentic purpose – to be of service in the most impactful and fulfilling way.

This retreat will consist of a combination of workshops on Human Design and Non-Violent Communication (NVC) led by Dr. Matt and Lisa Lola, as well as healing experiences to support your process, island adventures to activate your play and fun, and free time to rest and recover or spend however you would like.

This retreat is held at Turtle Island, a private island off the coast of Belize. Yes, it is called Turtle Island because of the sea turtles in the area!! This space is fully surrounded by the ocean, offering seclusion and privacy to create the perfect container to bring your focus and awareness back to you, along with the space to bring clarity to your work. This, along with the workshops being offered will create an energetic stirring within you, awakening your deeper purpose as a healer. This is an opportunity for you to hone your unique healing expression and gain more insight on how to share that with the world.

Retreat Includes

  • Lodging for 6 days/5 nights
  • Workshops & Healings
  • Sunset Catamaran Cruise
  • Access to island activities including kayaking, SUP, biking & daily complimentary boat rides to – – Ambergris Caye
  • 3 meals a day, snacks, happy hour and beverages including cocktails
  • Charter flight from Belize City to San Pedro/Ambergris Caye and then boat ride to Turtle Island

This retreat does have a prerequisite. Click link below for more details.

Are you ready to step into the depth of who you are as a healer, embody your power, and know your purpose? Click the link below to find out more about this exclusive retreat with 2 devoted healer’s that more than 20+ years of combined experience!

For More Info & to Register, Visit: Healer’s Retreat