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Chakra Balancing Meditation Series

Join Lisa Lola in deepening your energy awareness and come to know yourself on a more expansive level, more connected to your authentic Self, and Spirit.

This meditation series is for anyone wanting to learn or deepen their knowledge of the Chakra System and establish a connection with their energy body. You will learn about the intelligence of the Chakra energy centers, how it’s all connected ~ Body, Mind & Spirit ~ as well as how to balance your Chakras from blocks, excessive or deficient energy.

In this series you will receive:

  • Understanding of the Chakra Energy System
  • How the energy we hold in our thoughts and feelings creates a sense of lack, insecurity, openness, abundance or blocks in our body
  • Techniques to balance your own Chakra Energy Centers
  • A felt sense of peace, balance, and synergy throughout your entire operating system

This is a 7-week series that covers in-depth information and experiential techniques of the 7 main chakras from the Yogic Eastern Tradition. Join me for all sessions to create energy coherence, clarity, confidence, grounding, emotional development, heart openness, trust, intuition and expression of your voice.

First half of class will be discussion and application of techniques. Second half will be a Guided Meditation to integrate. No meditation experience or knowledge of the Chakra System required.

Dates: Aug. 26, Sept. 2, 9, 16, 23, 30, Oct. 7

Time: 730-830pm

Cost: $70

Location: Comfort of your own home ~ Karma Tribe Yoga Virtual Studio via Zoom

Bring: Journal & Pen

Please pre-register at the ticket link.

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Energy Healing 101 @ Yoga Brain Wellness Festival 

Tools to Ground, Release, Protect, Open, and Connect

Ever wonder what energy healing is and what the basics are? Do you wish you had some tools in your pocket that you could use on the spot to move energy and shift yourself out of lower frequencies?

If so, then join Lisa Lola for Energy Healing 101 where she will share simple, quick and accessible tools to get grounded, open, protected, and connected so you can move through life’s ups and downs with ease and grace and get back to living in harmony with your Higher Self.

“I created this workshop because clients often ask me for tools they can include as a part of their daily routine to set them up for success, or to use in-the-moment when feeling stressed or triggered. These effective practices move energy, helping us to release what we no longer need and open us up to receive more of Divine’s intelligent Light.”

In this workshop you will receive tools too:

  • Ground your energy
  • Release what no longer serves
  • Protect your field
  • Open your heart
  • Connect to Source

Dates: Sept 26th

Time: TBA

Cost: $30

Location: Yoga Brain will be hosted off-site in Shawnee, KS near I-35 and Shawnee Mission Parkway. Address will be released the week of the event.

Bring: Journal & Pen

What is Yoga Brain? Spread out and spread joy at the first annual Yoga Brain, an outdoor wellness festival inviting all people to flow & focus on the feel-good.

Yoga Brain offers a range of vinyasa, yoga nidra, breath work and meditation classes and workshops by Kansas City’s favorite teachers. This festival is the kick-starter to Yoga Brain, a non-profit that raises money for RYT 200 scholarships. Yoga Brain works to break the stigma of what yoga may look like and focuses on the feel-good for all people.

Please pre-register at the ticket link.

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Chakra Basics Workshop

Interested in knowing the basics of the chakra energy system? Join Lisa Lola for an overview class where we will explore their colors, sound vibration and key traits.

Deepen your awareness of yourself and come to understand how energy lives inside of you. Learn what creates excessive, deficient or blocked energy within the 7 main chakras of the Yogic Eastern Tradition.

This class is a deep dive into truly understanding the vast amount of knowledge of this energy system. Learn what the chakra’s are and why they are an important part of maintaining a healthy Mind, Body & Spirit.

In this workshop you will receive:

  • Chakra Sanskrit Names
  • Colors
  • Bija Mantra Chants (key sounds)
  • Element Connection
  • Physical Location & Connected Organs
  • Physiological Function
  • What creates Balance & Unbalance
  • Chakra Challenges

Dates: Oct 10th

Time: 2-430pm

Cost: $45

Location: This event will be streamed via Zoom. You must sign up by 1:00 PM on October 10th to participate and receive the link. Want to join, but the timing’s not right? We can send a recording of the event.

Bring: Journal & Pen

Credit: 2.5 Hours CE credit for YA RYT’s

Please pre-register at the ticket link. Note: You must create an account with MindBody through KC Yoga Kula to register.

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