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Inner Peace & Comfort Meditation Series

It is rare to find a human being that knows how to self-soothe and comfort themselves in times of stress and emotional duress. Many of us turn to external influences to provide relief from all of our painful parts. Only to have the same patterns be repeated and relived.

Over-indulging in social media, food, alcohol and substances is a common way to distract and numb the hurt. So is over-working, over-sleeping, shopping, over-exercising, filling our time with “helping” others, anything to fill our spaces from feeling what’s going on inside of us and taking care of ourselves. Pushing the possibility of peace farther and farther away.

I created this series because I am one of these people and I know how scary it can be to face our-selves without some vice to provide relief and to feel like inner peace is some far-fetched idea when feeling activated and triggered.

If you also struggle with slowing down, getting quiet with yourself, listening to what you need and taking applied action, join me because we’re going to do just that!

What you will gain or learn from this investment:

  • Practice in identifying your feelings
  • Practice in listening to your needs
  • How to self-soothe yourself through pain and into comfort
  • A renewed sense of how capable you are to access inner peace

Dates:  May 5, 12, 19, 26

Time:  715-815pm

Cost:  $40 if registered by 4/30, after price is $49. Free for True Love Yoga Members. Members use code MEMBER for free admission.

Location:  This online series will take place via Zoom in the comfort of your own home. Please subscribe to the True Love Yoga emails upon registering to receive your link for class!

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