Natural Healing Synchronicity

I’ve had an interesting synchronicity happen lately. Just before I found out that I had an “alarmingly high amount of asbestos in my lungs” from my homeopathic doctor; I received an email from a guy sharing how he was a cancer patient of, a leading online resource for cancer patients. He had found my work related to the chakra’s and included a link to an article they published on chakra therapy, hoping I might share the information to anyone who may benefit.

The article is Mesothelioma and Natural Chakra Healing and I encourage you to check out this information as any of us are susceptible to the disease.

I had heard of mesothelioma, but wasn’t sure what it was. I reviewed the article and read that mesothelioma occurs from asbestos poisoning. I meant to message the guy back, but life got busy and a few weeks passed by. I kept thinking of the article and asking Spirit why this guy found me and reached out to me of all people about it’s connection to natural chakra healing. There are tons of resources for chakra/natural energy healing workers.

I continued to wait, feeling like the sign would come eventually, I just wasn’t seeing it yet. Then it came time to meet with my homeopathic doctor to receive my test results.  And there it was, the reason why this man with asbestos poisoning contacted me about the possibilities of chakra healing, because I had high amounts of asbestos in my respiratory track as well.

Before I move on let me be clear, LOTS of people have asbestos in their lungs and don’t even know it, and it NEVER escalates to the stage of mesothelioma. Many continue to live normal healthy lives. I believe mine is nowhere close to the stage of mesothelioma, but it is enough to need to “do something” and I’m taking the directions as prescribed by my DR.

I find this occurrence fascinating on so many levels. The first being, NATURAL ways to treat disease! The article states, “many with mesothelioma have turned to alternative forms of treatment, and with great success. Natural chakra healing is a complementary form of energy therapy that is generally used in combination with other treatments.”

This is the kind of thing I live for and what makes me soooooo passionate about doing my work! To see the tables turning back to the inclusion of natural healing methods. To see options beyond harsh chemical therapies, huge medical risks and high insurance claims. To see ancient healing methods used by our ancestors be a credited conversation.

I do believe that all healing starts and ends, within. Our body is made of energy. Our bodies manifest from intention and energy. The chakra’s are the body’s energy anatomy. When we heal the energy centers, we heal the body. Healing the energy heals the ROOT of dis-ease. “Different types of natural chakra healing can potentially help patients with mesothelioma battle the debilitating illness.”

The second thing I find fascinating about this is the all-knowing, connectedness of the universe hand delivering this information directly to my inbox. When we surrender our resistance and allow, the Spirit of energy flows freely  and links us up with everything exactly like we need.

AHO to dropping into the relative field of acceptance, receiving, and healing.