February Newsletter

Hello and Happy February – Or Not!

Lol. February is one of THOSE months. Ya know, the ones we long to be over and feel like we are just “trudging through.”

Although I have had a hard time with the early months of the year – specifically January and February – for most of my life, (I’m hot weather, sunny, beach-type person) 2017 has probably brought the easiest Jan and Feb I’ve had in a long time. Historically these have been the months where I am struggling the most with depression, hopelessness and fear. And I’ve been hearing similar feelings from clients and friends. However I haven’t been exactly in the same boat this year, not even close really.

This year Jan and Feb have brought about MUCH creation and I’m seeing these months as an opportunity to “go inside” to our Innermost Selves for some house keeping and just Being. There is always a silver lining. If we choose to reside in areas where the winter months can grow long with overcast and cold, we can take the weather as a sign to tend to our inner garden, develop our self care, and drop in to the remembering of who we essentially are.

2017 has been exciting for me thus far. It has been the most tapped into my creative expression in Years. And I do mean YEARS. Creativity has always been something baffling to me once I became a pre-teen. It was something I longed for, however didn’t think I could have since I thought you were only creative if you were a good artist. And no matter how hard I tried, my art projects were okay, but they weren’t phenomenal creations like other kids in class. This continued as I tried and tried through High School and College, not realizing my crazy ability and connection to dance my whole life was my creative expression. Looking back I see that was my outlet now.

Once out of College and more into adulthood, the dancing became less and less, and I never really realized the thing I always felt was missing in my life was, creativity. I never knew being creative was such an important part of being human, and didn’t understand why I felt unfulfilled and stuck a lot without it. I saw that “other people” were creative, but believed that was something God didn’t give me in this life. Fast forward to starting Lisa Lola 1.5 years ago and I realized that THIS was my creativity! That creativity comes in all shapes and sizes, and the healing arts was mine. Yay!

I have had so much fun, connection to my Self and others, and fulfillment from expanding myself through creating my business, creating client relationships and facilitating them on their journeys, and most recently, creating from this fire-y pitta energy I’ve had this year in the form of many workshops!

When it boils down to it, I have learned that if I’m not creating, I’m becoming stagnant and eventually get stuck in my own mud of fear, loathing, and loneliness. As Spirit, Human Beings, we were brought here to create inside of this big, magical world we live in for the connection, healing and expansion of all. Why not get into it together?!

A few tips that helped me get into my creativity:

  • There is no wrong way to be creative!
  • The right way to be creative is your way!
  • You can be creative in any way you like!
  • Creativity comes in MANY forms – perhaps you like or are good at cooking, managing numbers, dancing with a mop, playing the air guitar, writing, communicating – get it?! It can be anything! Not just something “artsy” like painting or drawing, but those are good too!
  • You don’t have to do anything big or change the world, just do something to get the flow going!
  • No judgement!

Check out all the creative events I have coming up listed below!

Calendar Updates
*Opening Your Heart to the Love that You Are: Saturday, Feb 11th from 12-2pm at Heart of the Dove KC. Register
*Creating a Healthy Relationship with Food: Saturday, Feb 25th from 130-430pm at Heart of the Dove KC. Register
*Deep Stretch + Chakra Balancing Meditation: Sunday Evenings 6-730pm at Karma Tribe Yoga. Donation at Door
*Slow Flow Yoga + Meditation: Wednesday Evenings 6-730pm with KC Urban Yoga at Heart of the Dove 2nd Floor Event Center. $10
Contact me at lisa@lisalola.net for questions or concerns.

Love & Light,