May Newsletter

Hello Beloveds,

Today I want to talk about energy patterning. We all have default patterns of energy – how we move, create, respond, react, express, and decompress – in our lives, and we’re always going through some sort of initiation, whether we’re aware of it or not. There are always “things” going on behind the scenes.

We may be gearing up a new project, commencing an assignment, working through anxiety on one thing, and at the same time, a deeper layer of grief underneath all of that. Perhaps we’ve really been getting triggered by our boss or spouse lately, or we set intentions with the new moon to consolidate our finances, declutter our homes, or spend more time with family. Regardless of what the “things” are, we are constantly processing energy of various levels of intensity.

What I’ve noticed for myself is how certain ways of being I have, begin to develop patterns that support me, and some that don’t support me. Patterns that are “good” – drinking water with lemon upon rising every morning – and those that aren’t so “good” – stressing myself out to the point of adrenal fatigue from all the “stuff” I take on.

We can go to work, and work, and work on trying to manage all the “stuff” but really, that’s only addressing the symptoms, we end up right back where we started. Because that doesn’t address the “root” of what’s at play. It’s not the “things” that I take on and say yes to that is the problem, it’s my stressful response to them and the default system of “pressure” I have in place of processing them.

Through consistent energy healing on myself and working with clients in their energy systems, I have come to recognize that we all have a slightly unique way our energy is setup and organized, and at varying degrees of vibration.

For example, my energy system runs pretty fast. If I’m in balance, I’m an energetic, can-be-fiery individual whose energy moves quick through my head and my heart, which leads me to assimilating information quickly, (crown chakra) and carrying it in my heart (chakra).

I’m energetically very open, receptive, and adaptive, which makes me a prime candidate to process energy for others and hold the healing energy for spaces I inhabit. This is a gift and a curse. It makes me good at what I do in my energy healing sessions – I’m great at holding and understanding trauma, shame and guilt, it’s a joy for me to help guide others into themselves, and I can have true compassion and understanding for about everything under the sun. But because I’m so good at holding others, I can forget to hold myself and have often lost myself along the way in this life.

Don’t get me wrong, this is getting better and better every day. But I have to work at it. Be conscious that this is a pattern I have, develop the keen awareness it takes to tell when I’ve taken something on that’s not mine (someone’s else’s energy) practice the tools that keep me safe, and continue to integrate myself to hold more light. This strengthens my energy body and diminishes the chances of being affected by others toxicity or harsh environments.

All of this is such good information to know. Getting to know your energetic body is just as important as getting to know your physical body or any other body – imo –  because your energy body is the core of all your other bodies creation. Your energy body holds the physical part of you, the mental body, emotional body, heart space, and your etheric field.

When we begin to heal parts of our energy body, we make shifts in our vibration, and when our vibration raises, life get’s better all around. Everything else follows.

Does any of this sound familiar? If you are curious to know more about how your energy is organized, how it flows and where you get blocked, contact me for a session where we can discuss and evaluate your energetic makeup.

Until next time beloveds, I hope you are enjoying this beautiful May weather!


Lisa <3

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