April Newsletter

Hello Beloveds,

Happy April! I think??

Today I’d like to talk about Feminine Energy. I’m currently taking a 10-month course called, “Turn on Your Feminine Magic” – how fun, right?! – with a wonderful teacher and friend, Laura Wolf. If you don’t know her, or haven’t heard of her, look her up. She’s a FORCE of feline magic, out to balance her masculine and serve us all. I’ve been truly learning a lot from this woman, and I’ve been getting really intrigued with what Feminine energy really is, I had no idea what all it entailed!

A lot of the time when we hear “feminine” and “masculine” we think male and female, and construct them mentally as separate. I know my brain likes to do that, and I’m constantly working at re-wiring it to understand that we all have both. Female’s have Feminine (Fem) and Masculine (Mas) energy, and same goes for males, and if we’re out to live a more conscious path, it’s imperative that we get to know both.

The very first thing that whopped me over the head about these energies, is how they exist in the world. I’ve known for quite some time that the Masculine principle of energy is Doing, and the Feminine principle of energy is Being. But I didn’t realize how much my Fem energy was drowning in a sea of exhaustion, depletion, and confusion, due to the endless to-do lists, pushing to get things done, and not allowing myself rest when I needed it. My Masculine was, and still is (it’s a work in progress) driving the ship most of the time, forcing me to go-go-go even when I don’t have the energy for it, and all alarm systems in my body are telling me to stop.

It’s easy to fall into this type of mentality in our current day world run by the patriarch. Culturally and socially, we value less sleep, downing 32oz of coffee, not seeing our kids or family if it means we got the job done on time. And it doesn’t work. Not for very long at least. We forget that we are human. We do get tired. We need more then stimulants to fuel our day, and our home life doesn’t work so well if we’re not there.

This is not a post about downing the patriarchy. This is a post about reconnecting to our needs, our wants, our desires —-> ALL Fem Energy! ——> and returning to a balance. A balance of work, rest, and play. A balance of Masculine AND Feminine Energy.

You see, the Feminine takes her time, the Feminine is spacious. She has nowhere to go, and all day to get their. The Feminine strolls, she lingers, she moves from her pelvic bowl, low to the ground and connected to her great Mother, her Earth. She feels at home in her body and therefore free in her mind. She receives the energy that life has to offer, as the Masculine so graciously offers it.

You see, this is just a return to where we come from. Following the natural cycles of how energy flows. The Feminine receives energy in from her pelvic bowl, goes up and gives out through the heart. The Masculine receives love in from his heart, goes down and gives out from his penis.

As I write this I become in tune with this natural flow of giving and receiving energy and I feeeeeeelgood. At once, I feel at ease. I feel myself soften. I feel my body drop down closer to the Earth, and notice my lungs open wider, taking in more fresh prana. I feel the Shakti energy coursing through my blood and I feel Alive!

And isn’t that what we want?? To feel more Alive!!!??? I know I do. I came into this life to live, and to thrive, so let’s do it!

I can’t say enough about how this course is so good for me. I notice how connecting with my Feminine energy is helping me continue on my healing journey in the most subtle, yet profound ways.

I’m slowing down and enjoying life more —- while STILL getting everything done. (Crazy concept I know!) I’m taking pleasure in everything possible – my hot tea in the morning, my warm bed at night, massages from my beloved – YUM!!! I’m actually letting myself take naps! Something I’ve never really let myself do before, and I got to tell you – it feels SO. GOOD.

I’m letting my desires be known and allowing myself to receive them. And, one of the biggest ones, I’m practicing “Today, Not Today” – I don’t do anything unless the energy is there for it. Yes, I said ANYthing. So if my body doesn’t feel like it, my mind isn’t up for it, or my emotions need some down time, it ain’t happen’in. You feel me?? ;p

These practices are simple, however they don’t come easy for me. It takes conscious awareness to reframe my thoughts, intentions, mindset and behavior. But they are oh-so-worth it. Only 1 month into the program and I already feel more connected to my Feminine self and I’m excited for whatever else is already on it’s way!

Blessing’s dear ones!

PS: If you’re interested in talking about Feminine and Masculine Energy, give me a shout! I love juicy conversation and diving deeper!


Lisa <3

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