March Newsletter

Hello Beloveds,

Happy March¬†to you and first day of Spring! (At least it was the day I wrote this) ūüôā

Spring is one of my favorite times of year. Everything starts to come back to life and bloom with vibrancy, much like how I feel after a long, dead winter. I naturally have more energy and feel extra outgoing in my work, social life, and desire to move and create. Yay for all that!

Last month I spoke a lot about my energetic sensitivity, and this month I’ve noticed a sense of Flow starting to seep in around that. The sensitivity is still there, but a deeper awareness has come through, allowing for more movement and grace. In my experience I don’t feel¬†we ever “get rid of or fully release” our wounds, more¬†it seems like we just¬†learn how to surrender to them.

Surrender then opens the wound for the pain to come out and love to come in. Love is light, and light is consciousness, which breeds integration through the full being. We may go through this process again and again on any particular wounding, depending upon it’s depth – ie: how many lives we’ve incarnated with this wound intact, if it’s a part of a long line of ancestral lineage, if it happens to be karmic in nature, etc.

Really this information isn’t even required to know with the exception that it provides access to compassion and grace. Knowing that a carried wound has been with us for a long time and that it’s¬†inherent in our familial lines, helps us to soften to ourselves in the healing of them. This is what Past Life Regression sessions are good for, to help us know more of ourselves in our totality, offering broader awareness and a deeper knowing of Self. If this is making lightbulbs go off and you’re interested in a regression, click here.

Speaking of karmic, ancestral wounding. I have recently been working on a wound carried through my lineage that I was able to heal on a level deeper then I ever have before, in regards to my relationship with food.

My partner and I just successfully completed Whole 30. A program where you only eat whole foods for 30 days. No grains, dairy or sugar. Let me repeat myself, NO Grains, Dairy, or SUGAR. This achievement still bewilders me! That I was actually able to only eat whole foods for an extended time WITHOUT CHEATING.

Anyone who knows me well¬†knows that I have a sweet tooth and it’s rare for me to ever go more then a week without somethinnnnggg sweet. And you know what’s even crazier? It wasn’t that big of a deal. Yeah¬†sure, there were 2 birthday parties where I really could have ate a piece of cake.¬†I was jones’n for wine on a few occasions, and we did have to get creative in the kitchen, but it wasn’t as hard as I thought it was going to be.

This is HUGE on so many levels. First, karmically, I’ve been told that I spent a lifetime as¬†a victim of the holocaust in a concentration camp where I was starving and without food for weeks. I know, I know, this may sound really “woo-woo” but it resonated and I’ve seen visions of this. Therefore any sort of “restriction” of food in this life, may trigger the wounds of that time.

Second, I shared a post the other day about how this is connected to my family, here’s a snippet in case you missed it:

“Food has always been hard for me ever since I was a kid. Growing up in a family of over-eaters that used food for everything – pain, pleasure, reward, and boredom – I quickly took on this behavior and never knew how to eat from my body. Eating was always mind-directed, never from an intuitive sense. When to eat, what to eat, and how much was all based on strategy and manipulation.”

As a child¬†I took on the eating behaviors of my family instead of eating from a connection to my own body. Click here to read full post. This disconnection between my mind and body created a lot of other issues, including developing anorexia in my 20’s after my father and good friend died. Losing them was not the reason why I developed an eating disorder – although you’d think it was – no, they were just the trigger to a wound already in place. A deep wound of unworthiness, self-loathe, and disgust. Deep breath after that, whooo.

Taking on the Whole 30 challenge required stepping out of this deep seated, ancient wound that held things in place that comforted me, yet were killing¬†me. You¬†know, how we want to be strong, abundant, and in our power, but are scared to fully do so? How playing small and not using our voice is comforting because it’s familiar? Yeah, stuff like that. Often we want to move on from these wounds, to lose all the weight and get our “bodies” back, before we’ve done any of the real inner work to heal the¬†trauma that’s holding the weight in the first place.

I was able to accomplish Whole 30 at this point on my journey because I was emotionally ready, not because I was physically capable or set my mind straight with the program. This is often the misconception. “If I can just get my butt to the gym X times a week,¬†eat nothing but carrots and celery, and force myself through the will of my mind,¬†I’ll get¬†there.”

Believe me, I tried that way many times and as a result have had many failed attempts at eating programs in the past. All because I refused (or was unaware) that I was cutting corners around the trauma, just trying to get to the finish line where my ego felt safe.

But¬†it doesn’t work that way. There are no shortcuts to healing. The only way out is through. We heal through the journey, not once we reach the destination.

I chalk this Whole 30 victory up to preparation (all the inner healing work I’ve done) meets good timing. I was finally ready to address this layer.

And all of this could shift again as I continue to heal myself and¬†go¬†into¬†deeper layers of my unconscious. Nothing is final or ever complete, that’s why Flooooowwwing, makes this ride much more enjoyable.

Blessings Beloveds!


Lisa <3

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