February Newsletter

Hello Beloveds,

Happy February to you. I’ve been procrastinating writing this as I’ve felt perplexed in how to even begin sharing my progression from last month’s newsletter about the Guatemala retreat I co-led and having so many tummy and sleep troubles (if you didn’t catch it, check out the repost on my website here). As I said at the end of my January’s newsletter, I was told I may have had food poisoning while on retreat, all to find out a week after I sent it out that I didn’t!

I’ve done a lot of feeling into what was going on and was confirmed by what Spirit told me, I was energy sick. My combination of being extremely energetically sensitive and my empathic senses were detoxing. The energy on Lake Atitlan provided a strong mirror of what needed to be released – and so often we get sick in order to let go of what is no longer highest and best. Another way of describing energy sick is I was going through a healing process of working through old energetic patterns and they were getting bunked up in my system as they were trying to leave (manifesting physically as stomach issues) and my mind was holding onto them (manifesting psychically as the past).

I also came across a term I had never heard of before upon doing my Enneagram test, (personality type indicators, check out more here) Somatization. I have been type’d as a 1 with a 2 wing, and if you know anything about Enneagram or 2’s, they are givers by nature and often can take on the diseases of those they support. Hello being an Energy Healer! However I’m a primary 1 so it’s not quite the same for me as I know I have to take care of Self first before I can take care of another (primary 2’s aren’t organized to do this, always denying self and putting others before them). But having 2 as my wing brought some things into awareness.

This word Somatization. It means, “the tendency to experience and communicate psychological distress in the form of somatic symptoms and to seek medical help for them. Somatic means any mental disorder which manifests as physical symptoms that suggest illness or injury, but which cannot be explained fully by a general medical condition or by the direct effect of a substance, and are not attributable to another mental disorder.”

Essentially what I took this to mean is I pick up the energetic stress of environments and those around me so much that they are created and manifest as physical symptoms or dis-ease in my body. WOW! This explains soooooooo much! LIGHTBULBS are going off! It makes sense why I contracted an Ameba, Parasites, Asbestos and other toxic diseases – always caught in energetic form through Quantum Biofeedback, thank Goddess (check out this link here for more info and my QB DR) because I’m pretty much an open vessel for anything to come in and have a seat at the table! (I’m working on shifting this as I type!)

Because of my sensitivity, it’s like I naturally don’t have any boundaries or energetic guards on duty monitoring what’s trying to come in, so anything – of any vibration high or low – get’s to invade my system. If you are the type of person who feels like they are always holding the energetic weight of a room or space for those around you, and you’re sensitive like me to people, places, things, foods, drinks, and also possibly fabrics, scents, and lighting – you most likely are – including all the sh#t that person/space is carrying as well.

It doesn’t mean there isn’t any hope and or that nothing can be done, it just requires the awareness that you’re sensitive and then taking the precautionary steps to clear and shield yourself habitually, as I am still learning to do.

By becoming aware of your energetic sensitivity, along with how you hold your own energy and take in – or not – the energy of another is extremely important to know. You could be carrying dis-ease’s that aren’t even yours. You may not be able to sleep because of high electromagnetic frequencies close to your bed. There are a whole SLEW of variables that could be contributing to your discomfort. And they all start as energy.

Low vibrational frequencies of self-hate, shame, guilt, un-healed trauma, etc. cause wear and tear to the body, even if we do eat right, sleep enough, exercise and meditate. At the very beginning of you when your Spirit was born, and at the end of you when your body dies, you are energy. You start and finish as energy, So let’s begin looking at the energetic root of our issues in order to liberate ourselves and stand in the powerful Being’s that we innately are.

This is the type of work I do as an energy healer. I have been working on my energy and developing my knowledge of the Chakra System (our energy anatomy) through my own experience so that I may help my clients with their own. This work is powerful and transformational. It has literally saved my life (along with my own healer’s and support systems) and I am ever so grateful to be put on this planet at this time to do, be, live and BREATHE my purpose.

And so it is – AHO beloveds! If you are interested in learning about your energy anatomy and how it’s all connected Mind, Body, Emotions and Spirit – you can schedule a private session or join me for 2 upcoming Chakra Classes – information below!




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