December Newsletter

Dear Beloveds,

Happy Holiday season. I awoke at 4am this morning with mental activity and this need to create and share. Sleep has been sporadic lately and I’m trying to not make it mean anything, all the while longing for a solid nights rest. I know it’s coming and I also know the best thing I can do is move with the energy presenting itself, respond in kind and loving ways, be open to change and new flows, and make an active choice to enjoy the ride 🙂 

I don’t know about you, but I got struck with the need to slow down, rest, and hibernate the last 2 weeks. Winter is setting in for me and I’m ready for lots of quiet solitude, nurturing self-care, reflection, contemplation, reading and writing — and by the fire too as my fireplace is getting fixed today! I’m so excited to have this fireplace for the winter. I’ve never had one myself but have had friends have them over the years and I have grown to absolutely love them for the cold and dreary days. There is something so comforting about cozying up next to the fire with a good book and a hot cup of tea. 

This season to me is all about nourishing the Spirit. I’ve had a lot of inner, lively, creative energy brewing inside of me that just cannot stand the mundane tasks right now. I am the type that has a lot of natural drive and ambition, so plowing through my to-do list most days feels pretty easy, but not once we hit December. I’ve been yearning for lots of spaciousness to respond to my feminine creative flow as she arises, allowing myself to go off schedule, order or deadline. I’ve been really feeling my hierarchy of needs shift from my typical Yang energy (structure, order, drive, ambition, completing tasks, serving my business) to Yin energy with strong needs for creativity, expression, spontaneity, flexibility, quiet, peace, solitude, and Being. And this makes sense as I, and we, are a part of nature, and nature is in a death process, therefore, so am I in some ways. Now is the time for us to reflect the natural world and allow for more stillness.

Life moves in cycles and phases and I notice I feel my best and do my best when I follow the natural rhythm. I learned so much of this from doing years of wombyn’s work, teaching me how to surrender, trust my natural flow, to not push or do unless the energy is there, stay diligent in naming and feeling my feelings, allowing a lot of permission for my vulnerability and the need to express it, and then of course, make time to play, catchup and laugh with those I love. 

There’s this misperception in our American culture that when we aren’t being productive that means we are lazy and aren’t accomplishing anything. That is so far from the truth. Not doing anything, being, resting, and enjoying is actually doing a lot and is required to refuel us, inspire us and take action when we need to. In Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) this is called our Jing energy. Jing is the Chinese word for essence and is known as our life force energy. When we are resting, playing, in leisure and Being our Jing energy is restored and rejunivated, building our bodies energy systems and organs back up so we have natural energy to fuel our brains, body’s and normal day to day activities. In our culture, many’s Jing energy is getting heavily depleted since we don’t honor the unmet needs to restore this natural life force. 

Interestingly enough, Jing energy is stored in the kidneys and the kidneys are also known to be where we humans hold our fear. If you look at society, most are caught in survival and reacting from a state of fear response (fight, flight, faint, or flee) a lot of the time. I went through a huge upsurge in fear over the summer as I bought my home. It was a brand new process for me and it was quite overwhelming given it was the largest loan I’ve ever taken in my whole life, along with moving back in wth my partner. It was so much unknown, required change, and unforeseen events that sent me into survival, and soon enough, my kidneys started to give and so did my thyroid.

Do you pee a lot? Do some research and look into your kidney function. They may be deficient and therefore you’re not absorbing water. At this point in my life I probably pee anywhere from 20-30 times a day. 1: It’s freaking ANNOYING and 2: I finally have an answer to why I pee so much after asking this question to many doctors and healer’s for years, none of whom had an answer and just gave me “this is just something you’re going to have to live with” answers. I knew there had to be a reason though, because it hasn’t always been like this. It feels so good to know how they got so deficient — being in constant states of fear response and living in survival for the last decade and a half — and that there’s a way to restore them back to normal. By supporting my Jing. 

One thing I’ve really learned to understand and know on my Spiritual path is that when I listen to my shifting range of feelings, allow myself to flow with the energy present, and honor my needs without judgement, resistance, or guilt, my life tends to fall into a state of harmony even if my outer circumstances are challenging. I still feel in my center and feel supported from within and by Spirit. This requires me to be actively practicing trust and surrender. Trust that I’m taken care of and that also, I’m not in charge and don’t always know best. Surrender to Spirit.  

I’m wishing you a very Merry and wonderful Holiday season – however you celebrate it, recognize it or not. May it grow your Jing energy and may you allow yourself to fall into the death of winter with ease. 

As a sidenote – Clients and community, I will be leaving mid-January to lead retreats in Mexico and will be gone until mid-late February. If you try to schedule on my online calendar, you’ll notice the dates blocked off. If you’d like to see me before I leave, I suggest booking time after Christmas until Jan 10th. To book some 1:1 time with me, click HERE. In the meantime, check out my Healer’s Level 1: How to Channel class listed below that will be held late Feb. And if I don’t see you until after I return, have a Happy New Year.

Peace and Blessings to all!

In Deep Devotion to the Spirit Path,