Sleepless Messages from the Divine

Have you ever gone long stints of time without sleep? Where you keep thinking, “tonight’s the night I’m going to rest” and you end up laying awake again, too wired – no matter how tired you are?

You may be doing everything right. Removing coffee from your diet completely, herbal sleepy time tea at night, no electronics for X plus hours before bed. The list goes on and on and on. Still no sleep.

I’ve been going through this off and on for many months now, and I’m finally getting to the place of seeing that this in itself, is a Spiritual awakening.

What I mean by that is, that my body/mind/Spirit is going through some kind of energetic releasing and upgrading process, probably traveling through dimensions of universes and sub space in order to get me aligned to where I need to be as dictated by my Higher Self. And that I asked for this process all along. You know when we set intentions and ask for Spiritual awakening? To grow in mind, body, and Spirit? That not sleeping may be a part of that journey.

As I write this I am coming off of 12 days in which I’ve only slept 4 full nights. 8 of those days I was leading a healing retreat in Guatemala and was getting anywhere from 1 hour – around 4. Talk about a fast pace of Spiritual ascension!

The first night I couldn’t sleep on retreat I kept teetering back and forth from “oh my gosh, how am I going to lead retreat tomorrow when I haven’t slept at all?” to “well, not sleeping is where I am, so this must be where I’m suppose to be, and I know that the Divine has my back no matter what, so I guess I’m not meant to have a full night’s rest for tomorrow’s activities.”

I saw that my energetic state was a direct result of how I chose to respond in my mind. If I chose suffering, the “oh my gosh, this is terrible, how am I going to be able to perform X? Where am I going to find the energy to do Y?” That took me down a rabbit hole of low vibrational energy and I was caught in pushing, suffering and turmoil all day. On the other hand, if I chose to be curious and see how the Divine was working through me by providing this experience of not sleeping, my Spirit stayed high and I gently moved through the day full of ease, flow, and Grace.

There’s something interesting about leaning into the energetics of it. If I’m not able to sleep well, and knowing that all is in perfect, Divine order, then having a full nights rest and being fully energized tomorrow must not be the energy that will completely support me. I must need to be a little tired in body, mentally off in mind, and emotionally more sensitive.

Have you noticed after not sleeping for a night, or 2 or 3, you start to break down, perhaps into emotional release, that you were unable to get too when fully rested? That normally on full sleep, you may not be able to relax and move more slowly through the day, so Spirit’s way of answering your call to linger more, to take things more easy during the day is by withholding rest so you feel tired enough TOO slow down?

These are messages I’ve been hearing Spirit say to me through not sleeping. I hope this may help you make more sense of sleepless nights. Message me with your sleepless night experiences and what messages from the Divine you’ve been getting. Let’s be in the inquiry together <3