January Newsletter

Happy New Year Lovelies!

What an exciting year 2017 has been already. Only 13 days in and have one workshop on the books and many more scheduled, and in the works. I can feel that this is going to be a year of creation, empowerment, magic, and strengthening my craft. AHO to that!

As I look at 2016 I see that A LOT HAPPENED, like I’m sure many can relate. I found myself in uncharted territory – A LOT – as I continued to create Lisa Lola. Came up against many fears as I took risk, after unknown risk, in building a business from scratch, with only my intuition, Spirit, and a little experience in business myself, to guide me.

When I first envisioned Lisa Lola I saw myself holding workshops, however I never thought creating them would come so soon, especially within the first year! In August I held my first workshop on energy anatomy, in November were 2 Chakra Yoga Weekend Intensives, December was an Emotional Detoxing Class, a New Year’s Day Power Of Intention workshop, and a weekly Chakra Balancing Meditation at Karma Tribe Yoga on Sunday evenings. Wow! Talk about Spirit creating through me!

Not to mention, the countless brave Souls who I have had the honor to work with, call clients and soon, friends. I love working with people and helping them heal in ways they never thought possible. To witness transformation through the power of love is truly the most fulfilling and impactful “work” I could have ever imagined myself doing in this lifetime, and I am so utterly grateful for the experience.

On the personal side, 2016 was not without it’s hardships, and causes for mass celebration! Early in the year I battled a pretty deep depression – again – this one kind of hitting me out of nowhere. It felt heavy and seemed like no matter what I did it kept sucking me back in. Through faith, love, gentleness – and a lot of personal work – I continued on, making a new connection with depression – that it was my teacher here to show me a lot about healing, among many other things.

In April things really started to spice up as I met, and fell in love with whom I truly feel to be my beloved! I experienced love and partnership in a whole new way and continued to learn, learn, learn, – and more freaking learning ;p – from this amazing teacher of mine! As Spirit would have it, my beloved and I moved into my dream home – literally. I dreamed of living at this place 3 years before we met and then without knowing that, he sent me the link to the exact place I wanted so long ago. Wow! We got it and moved in together in July. MAGIC!

In September I turned 31 and really started to come into my womanhood. Releasing more of the little girl, and standing firmly in my feminine. Dropping more of the small self’s worries; specifically around eating, food, body, control and perfection. 2016 was the last of a major ego death that had been going on for a very long time. To say it’s “completely gone” or that I am egoless wouldn’t be accurate – and far from it – as we’re never fully “clear” of anything, however the power those things had over me is for the most part, gone, and I feel as free as I’ve ever been.

I feel a sense of fulfillment, humility, and grace as I close 2016 and open to an exciting, expanding, and loving 2017! I hope the same for you my friends.

May you be well, may you feel whole, may you experience magic and unconditional love. AHO!

Calendar Updates

  • Intro to the Chakra’s 4 Week Class Series: Jan 16, 23, 30th & Feb 6th from 7:15-9:15pm at Yoga Patch. There are still spots left. Register Here or contact me lisa@lisalola.net. Cost $125
  • Creating a Healthy Relationship with Food: Jan 28th from 12:30-3:30pm at Karma Tribe Yoga. Register Here. Suggested Donation $30-50.
  • Open Your Heart to the Love that You Are: Feb 11th from 12-2pm at Heart of the Dove KC. Register Here. Cost $35
  • Every Sunday Evening at Karma Tribe: 6-7:30pm Deep Stretch + Chakra Balancing Meditation. Suggested Donation $10-20
  • Every Wednesday Evening at KC Urban Yoga beginning Feb 8th from 6-7:30pm: Slow & Gentle Flow + Meditation.

Love & Light,