July Newsletter

Hello Beauties,

This month, I have gone away to find myself.

Or at least, the next version of myself and my work.

To rest, relax and recharge.

My higher self has been calling me to slow down and take time for myself. To have fun and play and laugh and….do whatever my heart desires.

This is tough for me. I am a workaholic. By design and family of origin, I go-go-go, do-do-do, and try to accomplish as much as possible on any given day. Very masculine. There are good parts to it. I’ve created a successful business. I’m growing in clients and opportunities. I’m able to pay my bills and go on a vacation.

But I don’t say no very well and it’s hard for me to hold work boundaries. My central nervous system is usually pretty revved up and I feel anxious a lot of the time. Always thinking of the next thing I should be doing and creating, who I should be helping and getting back too. I’ve been finding myself constantly reacting to the requests of others, rather than responding to the needs and wants of myself.

I guess you could say I’m running into the next tier of what any successful, committed entrepreneur comes into. How do I manage the monster I built? How do I run the business instead of the business running me?

This, I am still figuring out, and I notice it’s quite difficult to Ask and Listen to Source for how to restructure something when you’re deeply inside of it.

So, I am going away. Hitting the proverbial Pause button so I can spend some time in fantasy-land, allow myself to dream, drop into my feminine, and flow.

Not to worry, I will be back. Refeshed and recharged. Hopefully with more clarity on how to serve myself first, so I can better serve you.

I will be gone July 8 – 28th and will not be answering emails, calls or texts until I return.

Blessings to you ~ Aho  

With deep love and appreciation,