May Newsletter

Hello Beauties,

I love the month of May! 

I asked Spirit what wanted to be channeled for this month’s newsletter, and I kept seeing and hearing how the word Heal, is in the word Health.

You know healing is my favorite topic, and lately I’ve been tuning into etymology, which is the study of the history of words. I can’t help but think and feel that in the creation of the word health, they knew that one would undergo heal-ing.

This tells me that healing is literally in the DNA of what it means to be healthy. That’s pretty neat to me! Especially as I continue to take deep dives into my own healing and being of service to others.

The way my healing journey is appearing to me currently is like a spiral. I go round and round this red and gold threaded path, submerging myself deeper and deeper into the dark, light shining when I remember to lift my head. I am greeted by familiar faces of wounds I have long known, they may have a new haircut, but their eyes are still the same. They come here to teach me. They and I, we’ve made sacred contracts to help me grow and raise the vibration of consciousness. They are not here to take me down, quite the contrary, they are here to lift me up. Higher and higher, as I go deeper and deeper, into the depths of my own awareness.

Until I remember that I one with all. With Source Creator. That, in my essence, I am no different than the trees shimmering with the wind. I am majestic and tattered, light-filled and scorned, alive and still sometimes, feel dead.

That this is Earth school and I came here to learn. Experience is my teacher and you are my classmates. That we’re in this together and thank God for that.

So I bow to you. My sister, my brother, my opposite-yet-equal that doesn’t want to be gender identified. We are the creators and let us remember that we get to choose who we are, what we want, how we respond and what kind of world we want to live in.

This world needs healing. We all do. Let’s support each other in that and choose Health every day. For ourselves, each other, Pacha-mama and the Yoni-verse.


With deep love and appreciation,