June Newsletter

Hello Beauties,

We must remember that we have Authority dear ones. Authority over our body’s, our minds, our hearts, our health, our relationships, our homes, our jobs……we have Authority!

It is when we forget that we have a say in this whole life game that we really start to get tripped up. We fall into the victim role often, where life is just happening to us, scarce of any power or control over our experience.

And life does happen. It can happen in really big, ugly, and beautiful ways.

But what if life were happening for us? All the big bad things were lessons to help us grow? So we can evolve and be better humans? Develop more of our heart space so we can reunite to the God within?

I was recently in a Trauma Elimination workshop where the leader explained authority in a way that really helped me dial it into my system and nail down this remembering.

That Source energy gave us Authority over our lives. That God originally inherited us with the power to be safe, authentic, and free.

Most of us don’t know this. From childhood, we are told we have to be cooperative and say yes all the time. We watch our parents, teachers and adults give their power away to their jobs and everyone else’s wants and demands. Inside of this landscape, we think we don’t get to direct our lives and believe that something else has greater power over us than we do of ourselves.

That any ‘ole energy can roll up into our field and curse and cast demons upon us, time and time again. That we are at the will of the negative forces of the Universe. But that is not the truth.

The truth is we have always had the power and we are strong. We are only caught in the illusion that our power has been taken away and that we’re powerless in taking it back.

We get to choose what we declare. And when we declare Authority, through the power of God, nothing can stand in your way. No negative thought, limiting belief, or fear too large can uphold it’s power in the face of our Source. No-thing.

New Mantra: I am in Authority of my life. Body, Mind and Soul. Now, before, and evermore.



With deep love and appreciation,