February Newsletter

Dear Beloveds,

Happy February Love Month <3 

I am a firm believer in practicing receiving and giving love every day, and notice how I said receiving FIRST, and giving SECOND. It’s the time old adage, but it’s still around because it’s true. In order to fill someone else’s cup, we first must receive love into our own.

Most of us, including myself, poo-poo’ed this idea for so long. “Yea yea, I have to receive first, ok, let me go back to giving all my energy and power away, become completely burn out, cry victim, and repeat the cycle all over again.” I get it, I was one of these people, and I am in receiving recovery.

In the US culture, most of us aren’t taught how to receive. We’re told it’s wrong to take and to always give more of ourselves.

But if you think about this in terms of energy input and energy output, how can this be truth? How can we actually give more energy than we have? Right, we can’t. Reality check.

After completing my Feminine Magic course in December, I am still fine-tuning my receiver. The first feminine principle is to Receive, and throughout the 10 month course, I became very aware how much I’m not receiving.

Not receiving life, pushing off compliments, not asking for help, not allowing others to care for me, not receiving rest, not receiving friendship —– this was an epiphany, no wonder I couldn’t relax, had anxiety, insomnia, and relationship issues – I was blocking the flow of energy!

And so many of us are. We are a world of over-functioning, over-achieving, over-over-over go-go-go more-more-more and it’s up to us to re-write the script, because all of this over-doing isn’t getting us anywhere but tired and sick.

So this month of love, I invite you to receive. How can you receive more love into your daily life? And by the way, you don’t need someone else to do this (that’s conditional love) we can all receive free love from the trees, the birds, God, a pet, a smile, a hug, a creative project – you name it.

Ways I receive self-love are by taking good care of myself. Rest, healthy food, hydration, movement, creativity, connection and FUN! Not to mention I love scheduling time with some of my favorite healer’s to work my body, bring peace to my mind and fill up my soul.

Then I’ve got lots of love to give to my partner, my pets, my peeps, and the world.

First 3 people to reply back with ways they’re receiving love this month get $20 off an 1.5hr Energy Healing Session!

With deep love and appreciation,