January Newsletter

Hello Beloveds,

Buurrrrrrrr……hello January! Hot-dang it’s cold outside! ;p If you know me I have never been one for the cold, however I will say something has shifted where I’m appreciating it more now. I’ve found myself enjoying the change of the seasons, and embracing winter while it’s here.

I’ve also noticed that my resting body temperature has gone up. I’m not as freezing cold as I used to be. I’m finding in groups that others are cold and I’m not, or I’m even too warm. I’m actually the hot one in some settings! This is astronomical to my historically FREEZING self.

I discussed this with a girlfriend over the weekend and my theory is that as I’m healing myself and creating more balance of all my systems – physically / mentally / emotionally / spiritually – my body is integrating this higher light frequency of healing and thus creating more equanimity between my Self and my environment. To me this is just another example how we can truly heal ourselves and create what we want and need in our lives. We have the power! But only if WE say so!

Speaking of healing, you all know this is my favvvv topic as a practitioner of Energy Medicine, and I realize some may not understand what it is. Even I have a hard time defining it. It truly has an essence of that which cannot be completely defined – like all Magic in life….(wink-wink, but for real 😉

However, the best way I’ve heard it said is this: “Energy Healing activates the body’s natural healing and energy balancing techniques to facilitate renewal and transformation of the body for optimal wellbeing and a Joy for life.” ~ Energy Medicine Practitioner Kim Wedman

During a session, I tap into your energy body and feel / see / ask what systems need clearing, what areas need balance, and what parts need restoration. I then work to create harmony and optimization of these systems through different energy healing techniques and methods. Our bodies are made of energy and are electromagnetic, and this forms the infrastructure of the body. When working within this infrastructure, balance, flow and harmony can be non-invasively restored and maintained.

I have found that Energy Healing sessions are good for anything and everything. Whether you’re dealing with a physical ailment or dis-ease, loss and grief, breakup and heartache, eating disorders, emotional upheaval, fear and anxiety, job loss or creating a new endeavor – Energy Medicine can help open up pathways of stuck energy, clear blocks that have been in place for lifetimes, and balance the systems of Mind + Body + Spirit to return the receiver to their natural, God-connected, loving state.

I’ve seen this happen first hand in my own healing journey and countless others through clients for the past 4 years.

Here’s one testimonial from a client who went through my 12-week Energy Healing Program:

I went through Lisa’s Energy Healing Program and it was amazing!!

I was a lost puppy when we met. I had been connected to myself in the past so I knew what that felt like but I was miles away when this program started. I really needed this. I wanted to get back to the place where I felt love for myself and I felt like that all started with meeting Lisa and going through this program. This year brought so much change for me as far as lifestyle and career and I don’t think I would have the success that I’ve had without her guidance and healing.

Lisa did such a great job of explaining what each chakra meant and I really liked how she incorporated yoga poses with each one. I think it’s extremely helpful for someone like me that didn’t have a lot of experience with the chakras to really break them down one by one. Her space is so warm and inviting and I always felt very comfortable. In the beginning of each session she would take the time to check in and gave me permission to spill out all the good with the bad. Lisa is such a good listener and had incredibly helpful feedback for what was ailing me. I found it really easy to incorporate her advice (cut the emotional chord!) and have shared with others to help them too!

I even brought my sister in with a visit with Lisa and she was blown away by the experience and went on and on about what a powerful and positive healing it was.

I can’t say enough good things about Lisa and what she does. She is such a genuine, powerful and kind person and I’m happy to say that she is now a friend as well. She is such a gift to this world and I will treasure each visit that we have together.

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If you’re ready to receive energy healing and would like to discover what this work can do for you, email me at lisa@lisalola.net!

With deep love and appreciation,