March Newsletter

Dear Beloveds,

Happy Spring Solstice!

I looooove spring. I love the whole concept – waking, birthing from the dead of winter, planting new seeds in the soft ground of spring (our hearts), and watching them (us) blossom and grow as the longer days carry on.

The seeds I’m planting in my spring garden this year are:

1. Boundaries:

For the longest part of my life, I had never even heard of boundaries and had no idea what they were. Give myself away to everyone all the time and therefore never have a center? Yep! That was me. But not anymore, and not because I don’t love giving myself to others – I LOVE CONNECTION – however as my energy healing business is expanding, I’m seeing that I can’t if I want to keep my sanity.

In order for me to stay healthy and serve my clients, I’m really having to get precise on my time. I have a long history of “going over” time with client sessions, and I really can’t afford to do that anymore. I’ve got more responsibilities than ever, and for me to stay in integrity to myself, my family, and my business, I’m setting clear intentions to the Universe to cut back on giving myself away.

2. Higher Consciousness

I took my second course in Higher Consciousness training this past weekend with Stephen Busby and the seeds I am planting from it are more noticing of the subtle energy realms. To notice what’s happening inside me, as I witness you – my friend, partner, or client. Our bodies are always reacting to the energy of our environment. This course reawakened my curiousity of the relational field in which “all things are happening” and where co-creation exists.

This course reminded me of the depth of healing that can occur simply through our quality of listening. To be fully present and with someone as they share their own wonderings of life, with no interruptions and interjecting of questions, creates a space for one’s own wisdom and insights to arise.

I found this work to literally be at the “edge” of what’s desiring to come through. All those things that aren’t said, but exist in the energetic. The spaces between the words and the response of the soul – just shy of breaking through…

I am dropping seeds in the collective for myself and others to be witnessed as the soul embodiment that I (we) are, and by this, are healed through an unknown quality of presence.

3. Ease

I’ve talked about this before and I feel like I need to bring it in again for myself and our world. I am sprinkling seeds of Ease throughout my entire life and wish to drop them along my path so that others can Exhale too. Have you ever noticed how you sometimes hold your breath? Me too. Ease is even missing in the most natural thing these days.

I desire to be more easy with myself. To be ease-full, to go with the flow more and Let. Life. Happen. To no longer question what happens to me as if it shouldn’t be happening. This insanity of questioning reality causes me lots of un-ease, anxiety, depression, and unrest.

I linked up with a lot of lessons these last few weeks and I found myself sooooo tired because I was literally fighting life at every corner I turned. I see this a lot with my clients as well. Many of us are so freakin’ hard on ourselves, with impossible expectations and so much pressure I’m surprised our heads don’t explode – until they do.

At the Higher Consciousness workshop I got 2 MASSIVE headaches. The pain came on so sharp and quick that I got nauseous and had to puke. This is what I’m talking about. The build-up of energy gets so intense that the only way for the body to release is to get sick, so it can get back to its normal homeostasis of Ease.

What seeds are you planting in your spring garden this year? What wants to be left in the dead of winter, and what wants to blossom anew?

Happy Spring-time you cute little bunnies!

With deep love and appreciation,