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Breath of Fresh Air.

Working with Lisa is like a breath of fresh air. Her compassion is evident on first meeting her and she sets you at ease, making it easy to be receptive to her healing. In our session, she uncovered… Read More

Most healing experience.

I am grateful for the opportunity to receive chakra healing from Lisa and I was compelled to share my experience. It was a stormy night with concerns for hail and high winds, lightening even struck all around the… Read More

Simple as that.

SPOT ON! All I need to say. Great energy, high integrity!

Mentor, teacher, friend.

I really have no actual words for the love and respect I have for Lisa, and how thankful I am that she reached out to me back in December. While I am the one that has to do… Read More

Healing arts professional.

LIFE CHANGING! Lisa is the most amazing healing arts professional I’ve ever encountered. Her gentle touch both physically and emotionally really has no words to describe. Her gifts are going to change the world and her smile, insight… Read More

Important transformative work.

Lisa is the real deal! Each time I see Lisa, I’m absolutely blown away by what she has to tell me and amazed at her ability to be a clean slate for the supremely powerful messages I’m meant… Read More

Unique and powerful delivery.

Lisa has such a gentle approach to tapping into your body and spirit. With grace and wisdom she offers a safe space for healing and awareness. Her services are tailored to the individual. She has clearly dedicated a… Read More

Settle in and relax.

Ok, whoa! Lisa’s work is the real deal. I wasn’t sure what to expect from my first session with Lisa, but any expectation I had was surpassed and then some! I loved the sequence and flow of the… Read More

Trust your instinct.

Lisa is AMAZING! Everything we worked on in my half wheel energy healing session was so helpful and spot-on perfect for improving me physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. Lisa is a very special healer and human, and I… Read More

Amazing healer.

Lisa is an amazing healer. Her channeling sessions and chakra work blew me away, a powerful and true oracle. If you are looking for healing and transformation for your spirit, mind, and body, I highly recommend you schedule… Read More