October Newsletter

Hello Beloveds,

Happy Halloween! How pretty it is outside in KC right now, wow the trees are on FIRE!!! It really awakens my system when I take my dogs out for a walk in the morning.

Oh beauties, how blessed we are to have these bodies, and how much they can teach us, if we only listen. My neck has gone out 4 times in the last 6 weeks – hello message from Spirit! – and I’m finally listening to what needs shifting and taking action where I need to.

In my life, I’ve had to hear somethings multiple times before I finally “got it.” I mean come one, my chiro and yoga teachers have been telling me for years that I need to stop manually cracking my neck and hanging out in my limbs. And I’m not bad or wrong because I didn’t listen, I wasn’t ready, the information wasn’t “clicking” yet. There was more for me to learn through the process and unfortunately, sometimes I learn through injury.

After the 3rd time my neck went out I finally saw what I needed to do in order to heal this chronic wound. I had to surrender. Fully. I had to surrender to what I thought I needed to do and follow my chiro’s orders. I had to surrender to what the healing process looked like. I had to surrender to the feminine softness my body craves instead of the masculine push/pull energy I’ve been unconsciously forcing my body through.

This word, surrender, has been coming up a lot this month. The Universe has also given me 2 big financial-responsibility lessons recently, and after I processed the majority of my upset and anger around the issues, I am hearing Spirit asking me to surrender to this too. To take responsibility of the hand I had in these situations, and surrender my feelings of unfairness, injustice and feeling like I’m a victim.

I was in my Feminine Magic course this past weekend and we studied the archetype of the Priestess. My teacher shared how a Priestess has no time for bullshit and she takes self-responsibility, even in the slightest of ways because she is for resolution. She is in a constant state of surrendering to what arises, because she knows if it’s arising, it’s for her.

As my friend Grant said to me of his own process, “Who am I not to have these issues?”

And both of them are so right. Who am I not to have these financial issues? Who am I not to have neck pain and adrenal fatigue? This really hit home. I realized, if it’s happening to me, then it must be mine. So often we don’t think something should be happening to us because we expect our life and problems to look different then what they are, and the resistance we have creates much more energetic entanglement then if we were to just be with the issue at hand.

A Priestess knows that God is in everything. And as a woman on the Priestess path, this is the tool I’ve been using to handle upset, intense emotions and challenging issues: God, I hand this over to you. I put this pain, this heartache, this exhaustion and deceit in your hands. I ask that you transform this energy of fear into energy of love. I surrender to your Divine will.

And so it is.

I’d love to hear from you beauties.

What energy entanglements are coming up for you and what’s been “clicking” or not “clicking” lately? What fear are you willing to surrender today in exchange for love? How can I do what I love and be in service to you? Let me know!

With deep love,


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